Your Beloved Pet is Missing – What Should You Do?

You are a wonderful guardian and always take good care of your pet. But sometimes the unexpected happens. A gate may accidentally be left open, a collar may be too loose, or the indoor-outdoor cat that always comes home never does.
Beautiful Cat

You are a wonderful guardian, but you never know when the unexpected can happen, when the cat that always comes home is missing and your world is turned upside-down. Photo by terec from

On the day of our most recent move from one part of San Diego, CA, to another, it was a day of many stresses and the house was almost all packed up. The two moving men left for what was supposed to be their first trip to our new home, with my husband following close behind in his car. It turned out that they never returned and a second set of movers had to fill in. It also turned out that our dog Harry almost went missing.
Shortly after they all left,  I went to take Harry out. We were in the entryway that has two doors, one to the garage and the other to the front of our townhome apartment. When I went into the garage to see what items still remained, I was surprised to see that our garage door was open. So I closed it and went back to the entryway only to find that Harry wasn’t there.
I thought maybe he went upstairs or that something might have scared him. So I searched the house and couldn’t find him anywhere. That’s when some mild panic set in as I raced down the steps, grabbed his harness and lead, and ran out my front door. I called his name very loudly, but Harry was nowhere to be found.
Then I turned the corner and spotted him midway down the street, sniffing some bushes. I got to him very quickly, put his harness and lead on and was so relieved. It could have been otherwise if he had chosen to use his considerable athletic ability to take off and just run. So grateful to have found him, I was upset at my own lack of attention that enabled him get out and about the careless way the garage door had been left open after the movers had driven off.

I ran upstairs and thought I would find Harry safe and sound, but he was not there. I ran downstairs and out the door so quickly to see if I could find him. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2017. All rights reserved.

Cat Samantha

Samantha, my black smoke tabby cat, once went out and didn’t come home. When she finally returned, we decided she would become an indoor cat.

Many years ago, when I was the guardian of two cats, each of them enabled me to personally feel what it is like when a pet is missing. Samantha, my black smoke tabby cat with beautiful yellow eyes, was an outdoor cat who kept visiting our home and sitting in our window boxes. We found her on our front porch during a big hurricane, so we let her spend the night with us.
She had a collar, but no information was on it. We decided to adopt her, as she clearly had chosen to adopt us as her family. She liked being an indoor-outdoor cat. Not knowing any better at the time, we used to let her out and back in. We did that until one morning she never came home. We were so worried about her. I don’t exactly recall what time of day she finally came back or how long she stayed away, but after that time, Samantha became an indoor cat and adjusted well.
About two years after adopting Samantha, Elizabeth, also known to us affectionately as “Dizzy Beth,” came into our lives. She was a beautiful thin cat with a shiny jet black coat and magnificent yellow eyes. Her disposition was pure sweetness and she was all about unconditional love. I found her abandoned in a parking lot back when I was a reporter. I even wrote a story about her in the hopes of getting someone to adopt her. But instead we fell in love with her and adopted her, much to the dismay of Samantha who wanted to be an only cat.
When we couldn’t find Elizabeth one day, we were heartbroken. We couldn’t figure out what had happened since she never liked to go out. She even had a fear of going outside because of her memories of being abandoned. She disappeared about two days before Christmas Eve. On the morning of Christmas Eve, I was weeping as I was folding laundry. She must have heard me crying and came out from behind a desk in our laundry room.
I was so grateful and relieved to find her, but she was in very bad physical shape. Her eyes hardly had any light in them. A trip to the vet revealed that she had a vicious form of cancer that would come back immediately even if the vet operated on her. So we lost Elizabeth on that Christmas Eve morning. When I think of courage and tenacity, I think of Samantha. And when I think of my sweet “Dizzy Beth,” I think of pure and unconditional love.
I share these stories to illustrate examples of how “stuff can happen,” and of how unexpected events can occur, especially when either we or our pets are stressed. I have heard several stories where pets, especially cats, decide to take off during a move because it is just too stressful for them.
The animals I have known are all creatures of routine who don’t like to have those routines disrupted. I have found this especially true of cats. However, my dog Harry seems to be able to tell time exactly and will come at the precise hour I usually feed him. I share these stories also to let you know that I understand on a visceral level what guardians are going through when their pets are missing.
When your pet has escaped, gotten loose from its collar or decided to forget about its reliable recall, it can be among the most stressful and trying times for any guardian. In addition to the grief and shock of losing a pet, there often is a lot of blame and shame surrounding the event and so much worry, fear and anguish.
Yellow-eyed black cat

The beautiful yellow-eyed black cat pictured here looks so much like my precious cat Elizabeth, who had such a pure heart and who hid in our laundry room when she knew she was so sick. She hid herself so well that we thought she had escaped from our home. Photo by Constantin Jurtec from

The first step I recommend is for you to release all negative emotional energy and instead get to work quickly to find your pet. If I tell my husband I am worrying about something, his response is often to tell me to stop worrying and to start taking some action to solve the problem. The more proactive you are and the earlier you get started, the better chance you will have of creating a positive outcome.
I would also recommend that early on you hold the vision of your pet returning safely home. While you are searching, you can send your beloved pet lots of love and compassion from your heart. You can also connect telepathically to let your pet know you will be looking for him and expect to be reunited with him very soon.
Then you can begin getting very busy, whether you begin checking the back yards of neighbors on your block, talking to everyone on and near your street, or asking them to stay alert for any signs of your pet. You can also scout out your neighborhood on foot, create a lost pet flyer, or put your pet’s picture on the internet in a variety of places.
Neighbor Back Yard

The back yards of your neighbors are among some of the first places to look for your missing pet. Timid cats are especially known for hiding in nearby back yards when they run away. Photo by Sue Byford from

If your pet is microchipped, you should quickly alert the company that provided the microchip. That company will email messages to everyone on its list in your area. My dog is microchipped by a company called PetKey that you can learn more about at
Microchipping your pet is a personal decision and there are reasons for and against doing it. I made the decision to do it, knowing, as in the case of buying insurance, that I would hope to never need the company’s services. The American Kennel Club (AKC) also has a microchip service. You can learn more about it at Here are several links to articles on the benefits and disadvantages of microchipping your pet:
Below is a list of internet resources that can be of great help when your pet is missing. I provide this list to my clients whose pets are missing. I am including this information here as well so it can serve as a positive service for other guardians with missing pets who will be able to find a wealth of internet resources in one location.
These links contain an array of information about how best to find your pet. There are a number of sites that allow you to post a picture of your pet and some information about where your pet was last seen. I am grateful to each of these sites that offer so many helpful resources for those that need them. My best suggestion is for you to take some time and read through this important material before you might ever need it.
What is included in some of the sites may help you prevent your pet from ever being lost. Also, if your pet is ever lost, you will already be well versed in the right steps to take as soon as possible. When we are shaken and upset, it is not the best time to concentrate and read or learn about new things.
My best hope is that by taking quick and comprehensive action, you will find your pet in a very short period of time. I recommend checking out what experts share about creating the best possible missing pet flyer. Creating a flyer that is too small or hard to read or one that does not have a current picture of your pet and other important elements could cost you a precious reunion with your pet. Those who often deal with the lost pet issue understand well what the best methods are of sharing your information with the public to get their attention and help.
There was a woman in one of the California developments where I lived whose beloved cat took off one night and never came home as far as I last knew. She was so heartbroken and put posters up wherever she could within our residential development, but she was limited to where she could do that. Those who enforce the laws of the Home Owner’s Association kept taking her missing pet notices down. So she put a big poster in the back window of her car for a while and parked it on the main street of the development. And for a time, she also had a big sign on her lawn about her missing cat.
I saw these signs often as I walked my dog in the development. I realized every time I read what she wrote on those signs, energetically the message kept affirming that her cat was “STILL MISSING!” Since our words and thoughts have so much power, I realized I would prefer a more positive reframing of the words by writing something like, “Help Me Find My Cat Homer!” Rather than emphasizing that Homer is still missing, it asks for help to find him. After you ask others to help “find” your pet, you can share other details about your missing pet.
Lost Pet Flyer

Here is an example of an excellent lost pet flyer that Donna Colletti created when the beautiful Shetland sheepdog she bred escaped from its new guardian. She has recent and clear photos and all the necessary information for anyone to contact her and Tango’s guardians. We were all so grateful when Tango was found in the back yard of a woman who contacted her local authorities about him. Because Donna did such a good job of getting the word out in all the right places about Tango’s disappearance, the authorities knew to call her.

So what else can you do to help bring your pet home safely? There are a number of animal communicators who can help, and some even specialize in helping find missing pets. You can go to for a listing of animal communicators in the United States. You can also go to Penelope Smith’s website,, where there is an international directory of animal communicators. You can access the Animal Talk directory at
I am also an animal communicator who has had some successes with finding lost pets. I have worked with guardians of dogs, cats and horses to help their animals find their way home. When you sign up for one of my Lost Pet Packages,  I provide an array of services and support to help you through this difficult time and to help your pet find his or her way safely back home. To learn more about my Lost Pet Packages, click here.
I can never guarantee, however, that your pet will come home safely. And even though my heart is deeply with you and your pet throughout the process of trying to guide your pet home, I cannot be attached to any outcomes, just as I cannot be attached to the outcomes of my counseling and healing work with clients. I can show up with a full and open heart, with my gifts and talents, and with my strong connections to unseen forces and guides, whether angels and ascended masters or other beings of light, and just do the work.

Tango is a beautiful Sheltie who slipped out of his collar one day and bolted. I helped his breeder and guardians find him. It took a number of weeks in some very cold weather, but his breeder never let her faith waiver during his absence. She remained hopeful and persistent. Photo by Donna Colletti, 2013. All rights reserved.

It is sad when a pet either chooses not to return home or moves on either to a new home where he or she is needed more or transitions to the other side. In addition to our own free will and our deep desires, like the deep desire to have our pets return home to us, there sometimes can be a higher divine plan at work that will override our desires.
I can try to help you find your pet through animal communication, prayer, healing and other metaphysical means. I am happy to report that most of my clients have been reunited with their lost pets. And I am always so deeply grateful when they are.
Some examples are three horses that were missing. I found out that one of them kicked down a fence when he felt threatened by a big storm that was approaching his area. Their guardian called me and asked for my help.
Through telepathic communication with one of her horses, I learned he thought he would be much safer in a different location and took some strong action to make that happen. The other two horses just followed him out after he kicked the fence down. I did some dowsing on where they were and their guardian found them in a field not too far from her home later that afternoon.
Three Horses

One guardian located her three missing horses in an open field not too far from her home. They thought they would be safer in a different area as a storm approached. Photo by Leslie van Veenhuyzen from

I also helped another guardian find her cat when her beloved cat escaped undetected out of her home. I learned that the feral cats she was feeding that were coming to her front porch area had spooked her cat and he felt it was time for him to leave. He felt very threatened by them.
It turns out that he didn’t go far. My dowsing showed that he was somewhere in the next door neighbor’s yard. She was so relieved to find him hiding there, but he was very frightened and his immune system had been compromised with all the stress and lack of nourishment. I was so grateful that she was able to find him quickly and in a relatively easy way.
In another case, a newly adopted beautiful Sheltie slipped out from his collar and bolted during winter in New Jersey. I communicated with and offered support to Tango’s breeder throughout the heart-wrenching ordeal that lasted many weeks.  She was so grateful when he was finally found.
Here is some of what she shared with me:
“Donna was of tremendous help when Tango, a beautiful young Sheltie I recently placed, went missing. I thank Donna for her help and we all thanked God and the angels for his safe return. I would highly recommend Donna for her many skills, but to me the most important one is what she can do for you in a terrible time.”
– Donna Colletti
Shetland Sheepdog Placement Services of New Jersey
Shetland Sheepdog Club of Northern New Jersey
New Jersey Dog Federation of Clubs
You can read her full testimonial on my testimonial page.
If you hire me to connect with and help find your pet, here is what you can expect:
  • I will connect telepathically with your pet and see what images come up and if I can detect what the environment looks like where I am seeing your pet. I often can also get a sense of how a pet is feeling and what his or her attitude is like.
  • I can direct your pet to certain locations.
  • I can enlist the help of the other pets in your home by communicating with them telepathically and asking them to help guide your pet home.
  • I will enlist the help of my angels and guides.
  • I will hire a heavenly team of angels and other beings of light to help find your pet and bring your pet home safely.
  • I will say a Quantum Prayer that has a powerful resonance for returning pets to their guardians.
  • I will send some remote energy healing to your pet, using some Matrix Energetics and Arcturian Healing Light techniques to help find your pet and guide your pet safely back home to you.
  • I can also hold a space of prayer for you and your family and help you maintain a positive attitude of hope and faith with the expectation of a divine reunion with your pet.
  • I can record your sessions with me and the Quantum Prayers I will say for your pet’s safe return.
  • I will provide a list of internet sites where you can post pictures of your lost pet and get an array of information on best ways to help find a missing pet.
When an event like this happens, know that it is now a time for you to redouble your faith and trust in a positive outcome as all is always so divinely guided. If you trust that all is well and that all is always for your highest good and the highest good of your pet whether your pet returns or not, that’s the best possible place for you to be. I understand that it isn’t easy to do that. That’s why I created my Lost Pet Packages, so that I could offer my support during such a trying time.
White Puppy

Stay positive and imagine your precious, cat, kitten, dog or puppy returning home to you soon. Photo by Kim Werker from

Sometimes pets do not return for a variety of reasons. One client was deeply disappointed when, despite my best efforts and my request for her to hold on to her faith and the possibility of a reunion with her cat, her beloved cat never came back.  She later told me that a boarder came into her home who had obviously changed the dynamic of her household. I got that her cat didn’t like this boarder’s energy and had hooked up with an elderly woman who would dote on the cat and provide a place of peace and quiet.
I can recall a neighbor who had a beautiful long-haired orange cat. When an energetic Golden retriever puppy became a part of the family, the cat went out one day for its walk and never came back, leaving the children very sad.
Golden Cat

A former neighbor’s beautiful orange-colored cat left his home and never returned when a vibrant, fun-loving Golden retriever puppy moved into the house unexpectedly. It was not easy for this cat that was used to being the center of the children’s attention and affection. Photo by Denis Bezrukov from

Another friend brought a new cat into her home. Her first cat did not like the second cat and left for a very long time. He showed up months later, but when the other cat was still there, he left yet again.
You should not give up hope too early as many pets that are gone for a relatively long time make their way home to their beloved guardians.
I can recall spending a Thanksgiving holiday with my friend Harriet and her husband Al. Before leaving to visit family, Al suggested lighting what is known at a “Yahrzeit” candle. The “Yahrzeit” candle is one that is used to burn in honor and memory of the deceased. I was puzzled and asked “Why?” They said they were lighting the candle for their lost cat Chloe, who had escaped from their home a few weeks before.
I said some special Quantum Prayers for Chloe to come home. And when I went out walking with my dog in their neighborhood, I sometimes called out Chloe’s name, entreating her to stop hiding and come back home where she was terribly missed.
I slept over at their home that evening. When I came downstairs the next morning, Harriet said she had a surprise for me. It seems that the angels heard my prayers and Chloe may have read my thoughts or heard me calling for her to come home. Whatever metaphysical magic happened, Chloe had reappeared at the back patio door, meowing to be let in.
Whatever the outcome of your situation, know that everything happens for a divine purpose that we sometimes cannot discern with our limited vision. You may understand the reason why all unfolded as it did some time after the event. There are so many miracles and there are always great blessings even in the challenges.
My hope is that you will never need the information in this blog post. However, if you do, my wish is that your pet returns to you safely and quickly. There are some things we can control and others that are totally out of our control. I recommend you let go of whatever is no longer in your control and focus on the work that is yours to do if your pet is ever lost. And if you think I can help you and your lost pet, please check out my Lost Pet Packages.
I recommend that you remain in surrender, trust and faith regardless of the outcome and know that there is a higher plan at work at all times. Sometimes our pets are sent to teach us lessons that are not easy for us at the time, but ones we will be so grateful for and understand more fully in the future.
I also want to share about how extraordinarily powerful our thoughts are. The more you can keep your thoughts in a state of positive hope and expectancy, the Law of Attraction will help to fulfill your wishes. If you are continuously affirming the negative, the Law of Attraction may send you the bad news you have been anticipating.
Perhaps it is best at the very least to try to stay neutral and connected via your heart, the seat of true wisdom, with your pet while you actively do all you can to bring your pet safely home. I believe, however, that in addition to the Law of Attraction, there are also divine appointments and seasons and reasons why pets and people come and go from our lives.
So regardless of whether your pet is meant to return to you or not, if you can, at the very least, remain neutral, and, at the very best, remain hopeful, you will be creating a vibrational space for the highest potential for your pet’s return.
Shine a Light

There is a divine plan and all happens for a reason. Sometimes people and pets come for just a season and a reason. By remaining in surrender, trust and faith, you open a space for positive potential. Whatever happens, there are always rays of sun and silver linings in the clouds that are always passing by in our lives. Photo by Matthew Bowden from

And finally, please release any and all guilt you may have over whatever happened. We are all human and we all make mistakes. Our pets love us unconditionally and always see the beauty of our loving hearts. They also are always so forgiving of any mistakes we make and always want to see us happy and healthy. My best advice is to treat yourself as lovingly as you would treat your pet especially in times of stress. I know that’s what your pet would want for you.
Tonight give your beloved pet an extra special hug and kiss because they are safe, by your side, and are always sharing so much magic, grace and love with you.
Wishing you love, healing and miracles, and so much fun and joy with your pet,
Rev. Donna El Haber
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