Start Your Day with a Healthy Shot of Hydrogen and Nitric Acid

Hydro Shot Is a Perfect Morning Drink for Your Heart and Whole Body

I first heard about Hydro Shot from Dr. Brian Ardis who is one of my heroes. A former chiropractor, he has become an ardent and outspoken warrior for truth, medical freedom and justice. I listen often to his interviews on other shows and also to his podcast, The Dr. Brian Ardis Show. On it, he has several sponsors, but not very many. One of them,, makes a product called Hydro Shot.

Dr. Brian Ardis drinks Hydro Shot every morning and so does his wife Jane. He interviewed the CEO of, Kurt Ruppman, who is also the creator of Hydro Shot, on his show to talk about all the health benefits of Hydro Shot. Photo from


Dr. Ardis and his wife love these hydrogenated beverages and now my husband Sharbel and I love them too. We drink Hydro Shot every morning on an empty stomach. In addition to the health benefits of this hydrogen-enriched beverage, it also has nitric oxide that is very beneficial for the heart. And it also has some green tea extract. I am not sure which one of the ingredients in Hydro Shot gives us an energy boost in the morning, but we really like and appreciate the noticeably different way each of us feels after drinking it.

Strawberry is my favorite Hydro Shot flavor! Photo from

This orange-flavored Hydro Shot is my husband’s favorite flavor. Photo from

Here is what Dr. Ardis recently said when announcing some of his show’s sponsors:
“ for Hydro Shot – nitric oxide infused – hydrogen infused sodas that I drink every morning. It’s carbonated, not really a soda, but everybody can benefit from nitric oxide in the blood and increased oxygenation throughout all of your tissues and I subscribe to it every day. I start out every day with one of those. It provides eight hours of nitric oxide production in your body which increases oxygen levels throughout your entire body which is nothing but a benefit.”
It comes in three flavors, strawberry, orange and lemon-lime. I like strawberry and Sharbel likes the orange flavor. Recently we tried the lemon-lime, but neither of us liked that flavor very much. Everyone’s taste is so different.
I liked Hydro Shot so much that I became an affiliate so I could tell others about it and get them a 10% discount with my promotional code — miracles222. Each case of 12 drinks is $40. If you decide to order a case of Hydro Shot with my promo code, you will pay $36 and that price includes shipping.
My affiliate link is It will take you to the strawberry flavor. You can click on the menu and then on the “products” tab to take you to all the Hydro Shot flavors. If you put my promo code in, you will get the 10% discount no matter what flavor you order.
I was listening to a podcast that featured Dr. Richard Bartlett. I was surprised when I heard him say that he had COVID and used Hydro Shot as one of the ways to help him heal from it. He said that the nitric oxide is what helped speed his recovery.
I recently spoke with the manager of an air purifier company and told him about the product. He is not a morning person and was very interested in it. When I next spoke with him, he told me he purchased three cases of Hydro Shot and loves it. He also felt a big difference in his energy. That is very gratifying to me when I am helping others with their health and the quality of their lives.
I also really like the company,, because it is a small, family-owned company. I have spoken with the daughter Shelli once and have corresponded with her several times via email. She is a lovely person, as is her father, the inventor of it. You can listen to an interview he did with Dr. Brian Ardis talking about the benefits of Hydro Shot. I was even happier that Sharbel and I were drinking it after hearing this interview.  Click on the link below if you are interested in listening to this relatively short but very interesting interview:
Dr. Ardis, DC, Interviews Kurt Ruppman, CEO of H2 Bev: NITRIC OXIDE! WHY DR. ARDIS LOVES HYDRO SHOT!
Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy when drinking Hydro Shot:
Nitric oxide, like oxygen, is essential for our cells. We cannot live without it. Unfortunately, the older we get, the less nitric oxide we produce. The link between cardiovascular health and nitric oxide levels cannot be underestimated. In fact, this link has been called one of the greatest discoveries in medicine.
According to, molecular hydrogen is the worlds’ smallest antioxidant whose anti-inflammatory benefits can help stabilize cholesterol levels and promote anti-aging. In addition, H2bev affirms, its neuro-protective features also support cognitive function.
What other health benefits does Hydro Shot have? Because molecular hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe, it easily penetrates cell membranes and even the blood-brain barrier. According to H2bev, “this gives it the unique ability to access DNA and mitochondria within the cell where it has protective action. Molecular Hydrogen, as the smallest antioxidant, does what no other molecule can do!”
With all of Hydro Shot’s health benefits, its good taste and affordable price, I hope you will check out all of the benefits of this tasty morning drink and make the positive health decision to try your first case of it. I also hope you feel the boost of energy in the morning that my husband and I so appreciate and that can last for up to eight hours.
So go to my affiliate link, and check it out. If you decide to purchase your first case of Hydro Shot, use my promo code, miracles222, to receive a 10% discount.

This is the favorite flavor of the creator of Hydro Shot, Kurt Ruppman. Whatever flavor you choose, you will be receiving many health benefits when you drink Hydro Shot every morning. Photo from


Check out this research study of Hydro Shot on Sports Performance and Brain Metrics showing some of the clear benefits of drinking Hydro Shot:
Check out the health benefits of hydrogen for the body in a post by Functional Medicine expert, Dr. Jill Carnahan, titled “15 Science-backed Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen You Need to Know About.” Check it out here at
And check out the benefits of nitric oxide in a post titled, “11 Proven Health Benefits of Nitric Oxide” by NeoGen Life at
Nitric oxide is known to have benefits for heart health. Check out this article by Dr. Stephen Sinatra titled, “Benefits of Nitric Oxide for Heart Health,” at
Here is another post on the many benefits of nitric oxide:
I share with you the same disclaimer that appears on H2bev’s website:
“Disclaimer: All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from healthcare practitioners. Please consult your healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product.”
I only decide to become an affiliate of products I use myself, that have clear health benefits and that I want to promote because I am confident that they can help others. So I hope you purchase your favorite flavor of Hydro Shot. Please comment below on how you like it if you do purchase it. Here’s to your Hydro Shot health! Thank you Kurt, Shelli and the Ruppman Team for creating such a wonderful product to promote health.
With gratitude, love and light,
Rev. Donna
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