The Grace of Beloved Pets in Our Lives

During this season of Hope, Love, Light and Grace, I recorded a channeled message from Ananchel, the Angel of Grace, that you can access here. I also wrote a blog post about Grace in our lives, sharing how the connection I made with my husband in an online spiritual community was one of the best examples of totally unexpected Grace coming into my life.
Donna and Sharbel at Wedding

My husband Sharbel’s entrance into my life was a magical gift of God’s Grace. Photo by Joe Mendez, 2014. All rights reserved.

The way my beloved dog Harry also unexpectedly came into my life is another way Grace manifested at the perfect time for me. Our pets are all reflections of God’s Grace in our lives. They share so much wisdom and love, uplift our hearts and never judge us. They offer their unconditional love so freely and are happy to just be part of our lives.

The Grace of Harry in My Life

Harry’s entrance into my life was nothing short of pure Grace. He was so clearly a gift from the Divine, as I believe all our pets are. Interestingly, his mother’s name is Grace, also known as “Gracie.” Her more formal name is Ch. Springwest’s “Amazing Grace.” She was a national champion known not just for her beauty and sweet disposition, but for the magnificent way she moved in the ring.
It took a long time for her to get pregnant. I think that was because the Divine timing was not quite right. Each dog in the litter had a special purpose and the timing had to be just right for each to carry out its Divine mission.
When my sister Linda called to tell me that Gracie had given birth and that one of her male puppies was meant for me, I declined her generous offer. The timing did not seem right. I had an ailing elderly dog, a liver-and-white English springer spaniel named Socrates from the first litter my sister and brother-in-law bred, almost 14. And I also had my elderly mother to take care of.
At the time, I was also wrestling with some health issues of my own. Not only did it not seem like the right time, but I wondered how I could possibly even think of inviting a puppy into my world. So I politely said I would take a “rain check” for a future litter even though it was so hard to say “no.”
Gracie Harry's Mother

Ch. Springwest’s Amazing Grace, “Gracie,” my dog Harry’s mother, won Best of Breed in the AKC Eukanuba Championship competition.

Gracie Feeding Her Puppies

Gracie relaxes with some of her puppies. Photo by Linda Schuster, 2011. All rights reserved.

Linda called the next morning to let me know that saying “no” to this puppy was really not an option for me. Very gifted psychically, my sister heard a clear message when she lifted Harry from the whelping pen and held him in her arms. She heard that this puppy was to go to no one but me. Looking at this puppy, she said his aura was unlike any other she had ever seen before. It was much brighter and very distinctive. So she overrode my decision and told me she and my brother-in-law would be arriving in a few weeks with my new puppy.
I was literally shaking when I got off the phone with her in total amazement that my destiny was moving forward in ways I never thought possible. There was clearly some higher power at work.
That afternoon I had to drive to my veterinarian’s office to get some medicine for Socrates. When I arrived, I looked up and saw a beautiful heart in the sky that had a mystical kind of feel to it. This heart was like my personal Valentine’s message from God and the angels. It felt like a positive affirmation of Harry’s future arrival.
Mystical Sky with Heart

This is the mystical heart that appeared on the day I knew Harry was coming to be with me. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2011. All rights reserved.

Harry and Socrates Plate

The decorative wood board I received as a gift with a picture of a liver-and-white English springer spaniel and a black-and-white English springer spaniel puppy seemed to foretell the story of Socrates and Harry.

My mother had a walker and kept a bag with pictures of dogs on it to carry items in. While we were awaiting the birth of Gracie’s litter, my mother pointed out that there was a black-and-white English springer spaniel puppy on the bag. She affirmed that this puppy was coming and that it would be mine.
I also had a decorative wood board that I received as a gift. I hadn’t realized its importance until after Harry arrived. On it was a picture of a liver-and-white English springer spaniel and a black-and-white English springer spaniel puppy with him. It seems to have foretold the story of Socrates and Harry.
Gracie and Ginger

My mother and Gracie share a sweet embrace at a dog show. At the time in 2007, my mother had a different dog bag on her walker. The bag she was using in 2011 shortly before the birth of Gracie’s litter showed a picture of a black-and-white English springer spaniel puppy. She was sure it was another alert from Spirit about an English springer spaniel puppy coming into our lives. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2007. All rights reserved.

The Blessing of Unexpected Grace

When Grace comes, it can override so much and catch us off guard. It can surprise us with its abundance and joy. I think anyone who has held a puppy or kitten in his or her arms has felt the power and beauty of Grace. Babies can have a similar effect on our hearts.
Sometimes we can deflect the Grace that is coming to us as I tried to do. When I was in my mind, the decision to accept a puppy did not seem logical. But when I went into my heart, it was clear that it was the right decision to accept the puppy. Spirit was clearly supporting this big shift in my life.
I will always recall the day that Harry arrived on July 2, 2011. We had a wonderful afternoon visit with Linda and my brother-in-law Larry and two of Harry’s sisters. Socrates and Harry got along so well and were very sweet together. But they were to be friends for only three weeks. On July 25, Socrates made his transition with peace in his heart that he was leaving me in good “paws.” He was waiting for Harry to come and making sure I would be okay before he left.
Donna and Puppy Harry

Harry’s arrival into my family brought so much Grace and Joy. Photo by Linda Schuster, 2011. All rights reserved.

Socrates and Puppy Harry

Socrates and Harry exchange a sweet greeting on the day Harry arrived. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2011. All rights reserved.

Harry helped me not only through the grief process of Socrates’ passing, but was also there to help me through the last year of my mother’s life. He was even my constant companion on the night of her passing.
I continue to be surprised and amazed when unexpected Grace flows so effortlessly into my life. I was not looking for a boyfriend or spouse at the time that Sharbel came into my life. And I was certainly not looking for a puppy when Harry arrived in my life. Spirit often knows so much better than we ever can what is right for us and what Grace should be sent to help heal our hearts.
Harry and Ginger at the hospital

Harry often accompanied me to visit my mother in rehab centers and cheered not only my mother, but other patients and visitors as well. He was a blessing of Grace in so many lives. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2012. All rights reserved.

I am sure many who read this blog post will have their own special stories of how cats, dogs, horses and other animals came into their lives and enriched them in immeasurable ways. I wrote a blog post about a contestant on the TV show “America’s Got Talent.” Sara Carson’s dogs were all gifts of Grace in her life. You can check out the blog post here.
I want to wish you and your pets a New Year filled with so much Grace, fun, laughter, blessings, abundance and sweet moments to treasure.
I have selected two cute videos that you and your pets can enjoy together. One is a little late, since Christmas 2017 is over. But it’s still fun to watch a pack of very clever dogs trim a Christmas tree. You can check it out at here.
And for those of you in warmer climates at this time of year, I have selected a video showing dogs and a cat having a fun day at the beach. You can watch it here.
May 2018 be a year of untold Grace for you and the pets and animals in your lives. Those of us who have pets in our lives are immeasurably blessed to be able to share their unconditional love and pure and honest hearts.
I will be forever grateful to Harry, Socrates and my two cats, Samantha and Elizabeth, for bringing so much love and joy into my life. And I am grateful for Spirit’s Grace in sending them all to me.
With love, healing and miracles and great gratitude for the grace of pets in our lives,
Rev. Donna El Haber
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