The Importance of Sharing Your Unique Song and a Message from the Angel of Love


It is the same for you and for all of us, each in our own ways. We all have our special “music” to share with the world. It would be my pleasure to help you share who you are in a bigger way. And in doing so, you will help me shine my own light more brightly. I look forward to working and “playing” with those of you called to connect with me and to those who contribute to my crowd funding campaign. Please feel free to share this blog post, this gift of love from Hadraniel, and my crowd funding page and movie with others. I so hope I get the wonderful opportunity to share my gifts with you. Perhaps I can help you pave a smoother way for you to share your magic and music with the world. My ministry is about letting people know what miracles they are. And you truly are a miracle and blessing.