Decision-Making Counseling Session

Decision-Making Counseling Session


“Decision-Making” Counseling Session

This 1.5-hour Skype video session is designed to help you feel much more clear and confident about any important decisions you have to make. Whether you are facing a decision to accept a new position or not, move to a different state or country, sell or rent your home, this session can help. You may also be thinking about whether you should end a relationship or move forward with a new one. You also may have decisions regarding your health.
Together we can work on any decision that you are conflicted about or lack the clarity you need to progress. There are decisions large and small in life that we all have to continuously make. I have many tools I can use to help gain more clarity from a higher perspective.

There are decisions large and small in life that we all have to continuously make. If you are not sure what direction to go in, you might benefit from a “Decision-Making” session. Photo by Raja R from

I am lucky to have my brilliant husband, Sharbel, who is a very logical engineer, help me if I am conflicted about a decision. He provides his insights, but usually guides me back to my own intuition and dowsing technique.
We both thought it would be a great idea to offer this “Decision-Making” counseling session because many people do not have a close confidante they can trust. Or they may have someone close to them, but that relative or friend might not be objective enough.


“Decision-Making” Counseling Session

In this session, you will let me know about the decision you have to make and how soon you have to make it. You will explain why you are conflicted and whether your logical mind is telling you one thing while your emotional heart is saying something very different. Together we will sort it out using rational logic, exploration of the choices involved, and through higher wisdom from angels, my intuition and my dowsing technique.

Is your emotional heart saying something very different than your logical mind? We can sort the conflict out together. Photo by Mayumi Ueno from

I will share my spiritual wisdom and call in the angels for help. An angel card reading will also provide higher guidance for you. The angels are so wise and can see all through the lens of love and light.
The Archangel Zagzagel, the Angel of Wisdom, will help oversee the session, along with Uriel, the Angel of Ministry. Zagzagel will help bring clarity and light to whatever decision you have to make. Uriel will step in to make the process easier and help you resolve any conflicted feelings and release any heaviness from your heart. Your angel card reading will also bring in other angels to help guide you to the best decision for your highest good.

Zagzagel, the Angel of Wisdom, will help oversee your session. Zagzagel teaches us how to listen and see inwardly. From “Angel Blessings” Oracle Card Deck by Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney.

I will also offer some advanced quantum energy healing if needed. This can be sent remotely. The session will also include an opening prayer and angel meditation.
This session will include:
  • An opening prayer
  • Calling in the Angels Meditation
  • Listening to you tell me about the decision you have to make
  • Counseling and guidance
  • Advice from your angelic team through an angel card reading
  • Use of a dowser to calibrate if a decision is positively aligned with you energetically
  • Some action steps you can take to feel better
  • Advanced Energy Healing
  • Quantum Prayer
  • A downloadable recording of your session
  • Scans of the angel cards and messages emailed to you
  • Other resources and advice that can help you with your decision and whatever issues you are facing
You are a child of the most high God and deserve nothing less than to be happy and healthy. We can work together to help you feel lighter and more energized so you can make your decision with more ease and confidence.

When you get clarity and align with your heart and higher wisdom, it will be smooth sailing ahead for any decision you have to make. Photo by E Smit from

If you find this single session helpful and inspirational, click here to check out my other single sessions. To learn more about my packages of multiple sessions, click here.
You never have to go through anything by yourself. It would be my honor to help you with your decision. You are always guided to those who can help. Your angels are listening intently to your prayers.
I, of course, cannot make your decision for you or be responsible for any outcomes following our work together. I will just offer my best insights and use my varied divination tools to help you come to a decision that feels right and is in alignment with your heart, the true seat of all wisdom.


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