Tellington TTouch® Single Session

Tellington TTouch® Single Session


Single Tellington TTouch® Skype Video Session

This 1.5-hour Skype video session is designed to familiarize you with the philosophy of Tellington TTouch and to teach you how to do some Tellington TTouches that include circular touches, slides and lifts. These will all help your pet feel better and also  create a deeper bond between you and your pet.

Linda Tellington-Jones

Linda Tellington-Jones, creator of the Tellington TTouch Method, works on Pearl who is wearing a Tellington TTouch wrap at a Tellington TTouch training. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2009. All rights reserved

In this session, depending on your pet’s needs, I will select a minimum of four touches to help your dog or cat feel better. Working on different parts of your dog or cat’s body from ears, mouth and tail to the back, belly and legs, you will learn different ways of relaxing your pet and helping your pet get used to new experiences.


Single Tellington TTouch® Skype Video Session

I will show you how to wrap your dog or cat to help calm your pet’s nervous system. You will have to purchase several non-adhesive ace bandages that we can work with during the session.
Socrates with Wrap

Socrates has on a Tellington TTouch half-wrap and looks like a very happy model. Photo by Donna El Haber. All rights reserved.

I will also talk about the Tellington TTouch confidence course, how you can set it up and guide your dog through it to boost his confidence using a labyrinth and different textures and objects for your dog to navigate while on lead and walking beside you.
Using either my own dog or a stuffed dog or cat, I will show you exactly what to do and watch you do what I have taught and make suggestions and modifications to improve the work you are doing in real time on your pet.
I will also talk about recommended equipment such as harnesses and leads that have two points of contact on them and products such as the Thundershirt to help calm your dog’s central nervous system.
What is included in this session:
  • Discussion of the Tellington TTouch Philosophy
  • Demonstrations and teaching of a minimum of four Tellington TTouches
  • Discussion of Tellington TTouch wraps
  • Help in wrapping your dog with a non-adhesive ace bandage
  • Discussion of equipment to help both you and your dog
  • Discussion of the TTellington TTouch confidence course
  • Resources such as YouTube videos, books and documents with more detailed explanations of each of the touches I will teach you
Since going out on a confidence course is such an integral part of Tellington TTouch work, I would recommend that you also consult with a Tellington TTouch practitioner who can work with you in person, create the confidence course and work with you and your dog. You can find a listing of TTouch practitioners at
This single Skype video session with me would be a good introduction to Tellington TTouch. I can also do in-person visits for those who live in the Northern County of San Diego, CA.

A TTouch training participant walks with confidence through a labyrinth, navigating turns well, to help build his confidence and balance on a Tellington TTouch confidence course. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2010. All rights reserved.

TTouch is an amazing way of working with your pet to help make your pet feel so much better on many levels. I encourage you to try it out. You can learn more about Tellington TTouch at There are also many articles and videos about it.
To learn more about Tellington TTouch and my Tellington TTouch packages, click here. These sessions are ones that are done in person.
Linda Tellington-Jones always sees the “potential” for perfection in all of our pets. As you learn and use some of these proven positive ways of working with your pet, you will see that “potential” blossom and your pet’s health and well-being will improve. You will find that your pet is calmer and much more relaxed. The good news is that anyone who does Tellington TTouch for others also reaps the benefits of becoming calmer, more relaxed and more focused too.


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