Lost Pet Single Session

Lost Pet Single Session


In this one-hour single session, I will work with you to explore reasons why your pet is missing, connect with your pet,  hone in on possible places where your pet might be, and work with the angelic realm, saints, guides and the animals in your home to help you find your pet and to create a safe space for your pet to return to you.


“Lost Pet” Single Session

If your pet is lost, I can offer assistance to support you and your pet during this challenging time. I have a wealth of resources to share with you and will use my intuitive and dowsing skills and connection with angels, guides, and other animals in your home to help bring your pet home safely. There are never any guarantees. I always begin my work with great faith and have happily helped reunite a number of guardians and pets.
To help bring your pet home safely, I will connect with your lost pet. l will also engage other animals within your home to serve as helpers and guiding lights. I will also call upon angels and guides to help and hire a heavenly team of support to help your pet find its way back home or be found by you or others. I will call upon help from Hamied, the Angel of Miracles, St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, and other angels to help guide your pet back home.
So much also depends on taking a very proactive approach right after a pet goes missing. I can share with you many websites that tell you exactly what you should be doing and where you should be posting your pet’s description and picture both in your neighborhood and online. Although I have had many successes, sadly, sometimes pets do not return home. I hold a space of hope, faith and light and am always expecting miracles.
But sometimes, there are divine reasons why a pet will not return. It’s possible that you agreed to this separation so you could learn an important life lesson. There may be someone else that your pet has a spiritual appointment with to help and heal. Or another animal that needs to be with you in this lifetime is waiting to join you, but cannot until the other one has physically separated from you. And there are many more possibilities, for we cannot always see the tapestry of grace that is being woven even in the challenges or the light that can come from the darkness.
As in all the other work I do, I am in trust, faith and surrender to the will of the Divine. I trust that no matter what the outcome is that all is for a reason and for the highest good.
My best hopes and intentions are for your pet to return safely to you. I will do all I can to help make that happen. But I can never promise what the outcome will be. I would just ask you to enter into a space of faith and hope with me and together we will see what we can do to bring your pet back home.


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