“Embraced by Twin Flame Love and Wisdom” Package with Archangels Hadraniel, the Angel of Love, Soqued Hozi, the Angel of Partnership, Zadkiel, the Angel of Prayer, and Hamied, the Angel of Miracles

Come join us in our home for an afternoon of Twin Flame love, healing and wisdom. Rev. Donna and her husband Sharbel, along with their beautiful English springer spaniel Harry, will share their love and wisdom with you and the wisdom and guidance of the angels. You will get an angel reading, counseling and advanced healing from Rev. Donna, and coaching, healing, and deep wisdom from Sharbel, who is a certified life coach. Harry always offers his love and uplifts the hearts of those he meets and greets.
Harry on Carpet

Harry always knows how to heal hearts. Can’t you just see that in his beautiful eyes? Photo by Donna El Haber, 2014. All rights reserved.

Sharbel and Donna Lighting Unity Candle

Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Sharbel El Haber, Donna and Sharbel light their unity candle during their wedding ceremony on June 21, 2014. Come join them for an afternoon where you will be embraced by their love and light. Photo by Joseph Mendez, 2014. All rights reserved.


If your heart has been wounded by love, if you are not feeling well, if you have been focusing on what’s lacking in your life, come for guidance and inspiration. You can also bring a friend or family member. Together the chemistry of Donna and Sharbel can create some alchemical magic. And Harry’s essence alone can easily transform hearts.
If Spirit is whispering in your ear to give yourself this gift of love, then don’t hesitate and just come with an open heart and mind. You and your soul will be bathed in the sweet energy of Twin Flame love as Rev. Donna, Sharbel and Harry all set the intention to provide so much love and healing for you and anyone else who is important in your life. Be prepared for transformation and for some dancing. Rest, relax, enjoy, go deep within, and watch so many beautiful miracles and so much abundance flow gently into your life. Rev. Donna and Sharbel want to celebrate the true miracle that you are and always will be.
Twin Flame Love Archangels
This special half-day of counseling, coaching and healing will be a love fest for your heart and soul. Your soul will feel bathed in Twin Flame wisdom and love. You will come out feeling lighter, refreshed and wanting to dance and sing.  It will be an afternoon of love, healing and miracles. Powerful angelic energies will be present to assist with counseling and healing. Miracles begin to manifest when Twin Flames concentrate their energies on love and healing for the highest good of your soul.
Clients can be individuals, two family members or couples in need of counseling. Rev. Donna and Sharbel have channeled some miraculous transformations for couples in need of counseling and healing. Marriages have been revitalized in the light of Twin Flame love and wisdom.
Whatever issues clients have, Donna and Sharbel will counsel, coach and use healing modalities both for those present and remotely for those in the client’s or clients’ lives in need of healing.
This package will also include:
  • Use of a variety of powerful advanced energy healing modalities that include a rich array of leading-edge quantum and other healing techniques
  • Music and meditations
  • Powerful prayers
  • Light refreshments and tea
  • Angel card reading
  • Mp3 recording of the session
  • Scans of all angel cards and messages
  • Relevant information and resources to support you
  • Hiring a heavenly team of angels to uplift you
  • Music and dancing to uplift your soul and heart

Come bathe in the warmth and healing power and wisdom of Twin Flame Love. Photo by Stachoo from www.freeimages.com.

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