Sage Advice from My Beloved Mother for You on Mother’s Day


On this Mother’s Day, I’d like you to take my mom’s advice. Know that you have the inner strength of a Viking that will see you through the challenges you face. Give from your heart because it will bring you so much joy. Take time to be creative and do what you love to do whether it’s hiking, dancing, singing, sewing, going to the ocean or sharing time with those most precious to your heart. Stay open to your intuition and take a long vacation from any worry, doubts and fears that have been blocking your light and creativity. If you are seeking a love relationship, just know that your beloved will always find you no matter what you do or do not do. It is already written and your soul will know how to find your beloved. I encourage you to select a song that you want to be your special song with your mother whether she’s here or has already made her transition. After she passes, when you hear it, you will know she is around. My song with my mother is “Wind Beneath my Wings.” She loved Bette Midler's version. My mother was indeed the "wind beneath my wings" as I was hers. Now my fiancé has so gracefully taken on that dynamic as we support and champion each other. Know also, as my mother so often affirmed, that someone is always watching over you, caring about you, protecting you, guiding you and loving you. On Mother’s Day, perhaps you might like to buy your mother an angel card reading or angel counseling session or an Akashic Records reading. Or perhaps your mother would benefit from the advanced energy healing work I do. Just click here to book a session.