“Pets in Transition and Beyond” Single Session

“Pets in Transition and Beyond” Single Session



“Pets in Transition and Beyond” Single Session

This 1.5-hour Skype video session can support pets going through challenges that many senior dogs and cats that are very sick are facing. This session can also help provide comfort, support and guidance for guardians who are doing their best to help their pets at this difficult time.
I was grateful to have been there for Jeanne and her beloved Matty Rose, 14, when she was nearing the end of her time here. My work with Jeanne and Matty Rose inspired the creation of this kind of session. I also helped Jeanne when her beloved sweet young dog, Henry, developed cancer. You can read her testimonial on the pet testimonial page.

Henry Swimming

Sweet and handsome Henry was very young when he developed a kind of aggressive cancer. I helped Henry and his guardian Jeanne during this challenging time. Henry and his sister Matty Rose will always remain in my heart for the courage both showed and the deep love they had for Jeanne and each other. Photo by Jeanne Heil. All rights reserved.

I also understand deeply what guardians of senior pets are going through as I faced that too when my senior dog Socrates, almost 14, was approaching his final years, months and days here.  I wish I had known of someone back then that I could trust who was offering this type of session and support for Socrates and me. Through counseling, health consult recommendations and referrals, animal communication, advanced energy healing, prayer work and other offerings, I will provide guidance, love and support for you and your pet.

My dog Socrates was almost 14 in this picture. He was greeting his new brother, Harry, 8 weeks old, for the first time. Socrates would have only three more weeks to live before Harry would step in to help heal my heart. I wish I had known someone who could have provided different ways to support me and Socrates through this difficult transition.



“Pets in Transition and Beyond”

You don’t have to go through this difficult time alone. The angels and I can help you. Archangel Uriel, the Angel of Ministration, and Archangel Rafael, the Angel of Healing, will help oversee the session and will be called in to help with physical and emotional pain for you and your pet. Other angels will be called in as needed.
This session will include recommendations to help your pet feel better and have a better quality of life for however long your pet will be here.
By using my animal communication skills to connect with your pet telepathically, I will intuit what your pet wants to share about how he or she is feeling.
The advanced healing modalities I can offer will help your pet relax and feel better. This can be done remotely in the session. While doing my healing, I will play some soothing music.
During the session, I may also pull an angel or power animal card from an oracle deck to help get higher guidance. One card may be what your pet wants to let you know. Another may be what the angels want you to know to help support you on your path with your pet.
From my wisdom about pet health to my experience communicating with pets, my advanced energy healing modalities and ability to channel angelic guidance, this session can offer an array of benefits for both guardians and their pets.
I may also send you articles and resources to support you and your pet during this challenging time.

The Archangel Uriel teaches you to develop stability and guides you through difficult times without fear. He takes the weight off your shoulders and helps you feel lighter as you navigate challenging times together. You can always lean on Uriel for support and love. Photo from “Angel Blessings” Oracle Card Deck by Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney.

Rev. Donna can choose from an array of advanced energy healing modalities to help your pet feel better. Photo by Flavio Takemoto from www.freeimages.com.

This session will include these possibilities for your senior pet or pet who is ill:
  • Discussion of what your pet’s health issues are and how I can support both you and your pet at this time
  • Possible recommendations of supplements and holistic practitioners that can help your senior or sick pet
  • Animal Communication check-in with your pet
  • Counseling and guidance on any issues you want to discuss
  • Message for you from the angels
  • Power Animal message for you from your senior or sick pet
  • Advanced energy healing for your pet (and for you if requested)
  • Some action steps you can take to help both you and your pet feel better
  • Quantum Prayer
  • A downloadable MP3 recording of your session
  • Scans of the angel and power animal oracle cards and messages emailed to you
  • Other resources and advice that can help you with whatever issues you and your pet are facing
If you find this single “Pets in Transition and Beyond” session helpful for your pet, you can decide if you would like to continue working with me and select a “Pets in Transition and Beyond” package of sessions. Click here to learn more about these packages. I can also create a Bronze, Silver or Golden Custom Package to accommodate you and your pet’s needs at this challenging time.

What can you do to help your senior or sick pet feel better? In difficult times, both you and your pet deserve support and guidance. Photo by Rodrigo Müller from www.freeimages.com.

Our pets provide so much love and grace in our lives. They deserve so much love in return. They are our family. We always want to do what’s best and whatever we can to help them feel better.
It would be my honor and privilege to help both you and your pet feel better at this time. I look forward to meeting you and your pet on Skype if you decide to work with me.
I send so much love and light to you both. Know that you are always loved, guided and supported. And so is your wonderful pet who has come here for you as an Earth angel to love you unconditionally.


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