Nisroc’s Freedom Sacrament


Nisroc’s Freedom Sacrament

This 1.5-hour session is designed to help you break free from whatever has been holding you back, especially from illusions that do not serve you. Together we will explore the current reality of your life and whatever you believe has blocked you from a sense of freedom. Five angel cards will be selected.
This sacrament will also help you find ways to shift your thinking. When your thinking and attitude shift and become more positive, you will attract more of what you desire into your life.
Nisroc, the Angel of Freedom, will oversee this sacrament. This angel will help you unlock the door to new ways of thinking and being. This angel helps free you from the prison of illusion. Illusions are judgments, beliefs and behaviors that serve to separate you from feeling the love of others and of Source and from the realization that you are part of Source energy.
When you realize that you are the creator of your own reality, you can always tap into your own well of creativity to break free and move into great expansion.


Nisroc’s Freedom Sacrament

This sacrament will, through angel guidance, reveal what is going on within you and in your life, both in the present and in the past. At the same time, it will help you rewrite the future path of your life and allow you to invite your dreams and a sense of freedom back into your heart.
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Nisroc, the Angel of Freedom, will help you unlock the door to new ways of thinking and being. Photo by Miguel Saavedra from

Five cards will reveal how to help you move forward and gain a sense of freedom and joy. The cards will represent five angels working together to help you.

First Angel Card – Illusion

What is your relationship to love in your life? Do you give it freely? Do you withhold it? Are you angry about not having enough love in your life? If you are pushing love away, what are some of the reasons why? True freedom has more to do about love than anything else. The angels themselves are always radiating love and are always open to receiving our love. We can more easily connect with them when we are in this kind of loving state.

The angels themselves are always radiating love and are always open to receiving our love. Photo by Roma Flowers from

Second Angel Card – Current Reality

What is happening in your life now? We will look at different areas of your life as we follow the guidance of the angel message. This angel will offer a clear glimpse into what is and what is not working in your life. There will be recommendations on how to proceed to improve your current reality. How much freedom do you have and feel within this current reality?

Third Angel Card – Nisroc’s Gift

This angel offers you a special gift to help you release any illusions you may have about freedom and love. The gift will help you further identify the illusions that have been holding you back.

The release of illusions holding you back from living your best life will be Nisroc’s special gift for you. Photo by Alex Ling from

Fourth Angel Card – Freedom

We will explore what you will gain by releasing illusions. This angel will help further clarify any illusions you have and will show the way forward to release them. For instance, if you have any negative habit you want to release, what would that mean for you?  What kind of freedom would you gain?
Someone who wants to lose weight would experience more freedom to be healthy and possibly more freedom to engage in different activities that were not possible before. Someone who releases the fear of commitment might experience deeper and more fulfilling relationships.

Fifth Angel Card –Gift from Your Eternal Self

The message from this angel helps you experience freedom on a deeper level. This angel will know what you need to hear from yourself to help you move forward to a much more fulfilling life free from illusions that no longer serve you.
This sacrament will help you open to a more expansive vision of your life. You will understand the forces that have held you hostage within your heart and mind. Nisroc will help open your heart and free your mind so you can let go of limiting illusions and open to your deeper connection with Source and all that is possible and limitless in your life.


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