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My husband Sharbel and I first heard about the BioPhotonic (formerly known as the “Trinity Pro”) bioresonance product from influencer and activist Sacha Stone. Sacha has often talked about his work with scientists, top researchers and inventors to bring leading-edge technology to help reverse disease and chronic illness as well as the negative effects of radiation and 5G on people all over the world.
In one special segment on his Arise Guerilla Network program, he devoted some time speaking about the “Trinity Pro.” My husband, who is always looking for ways to help improve our health, felt a strong intuitive push to order one. And so he did. We received it fairly promptly.
Used for bioenergetic correction, detoxification, and increased energy, I found it to be an extraordinary device with a vast range of programs to help with almost any medical condition or system within the body. I recently purchased the BioPhotonic and found it to have the same number of therapeutic programs as its predecessor. Both offer specific programs for unique brain wave functions, help with anxiety, fear, depression, sleep, and have programs for detoxing during the night and day, and so many other programs to help with a wide array of health issues.
Some other therapeutic programs include Solfeggio healing and Schumann wave healing. Offering specific programs for babies and ailments they can experience, from teething to colic, it also has other therapies specifically for pets, from clearing of parasites to one that has teeth, skin and joints as a combined therapy. Our dog Harry goes into deep relaxation whenever I gently rest it on his body no matter what pet therapy I select.

Biophotonic.UK’s Biophotonic device even has programs for pets and babies! Photo by Picsea on

I was amazed by the depth of each of its therapeutic programs. By clicking the bottom left arrow, the device reveals all the segments of each of its therapies. Some last for many hours and some for as little as a half-hour. There are also therapies for COVID illnesses and even one for the prevention of COVID. It also has programs to work on infections and viruses of all types, and also offers therapies to help you relax, sleep and ones to help energize you as well. There are some that work on immunity and others that work on each system of the body. There is even one for Alzheimer’s disease. It is the first one on the therapy list.

I believe when more and more people find out about this advanced patented bioresonance multi-frequency synchronization (MFS) technology and all that the BioPhotonic offers, it will become an indispensable household item. I predict you will be seeing many people wearing these devices around their necks or carrying them in their pockets.

Because I am so grateful to have this amazing technology for me and my family, including our dog, and believe so deeply in its many benefits, I became an affiliate. If you purchase the BioPhotonic using my link, at checkout you can use my promo code, miracles222, to receive a 10% discount. It is my honor and pleasure to promote the benefits of this advanced technology to many others.

I will always be sleeping with my BioPhotonic, selecting a therapeutic program every night to help me heal during the night, and wearing it during the day to improve my health in a variety of areas. I encourage everyone to purchase a BioPhotonic device or the company’s other bioresonance device called BioNexus. It works in two different ways. According to the company, “The BioNexus offers two modes of operation. In the first mode, the electromagnetic field that the device emits is reflected off the body and that is then read as a physiological parameter that is measured and amplified and sent back to the body.” That is also how the BioPhotonic works. The BioNexus also uses voice to gather information. As the company explains, ” In the second mode, the user’s voice physiological parameters are measured and amplified and sent back to the body.”

The BioPhotonic can work to help you heal for hours while you are sleeping. It even has programs to help you sleep better and to relax your brain. Photo by Bruce Mars on

Here are some of the BioPhotonic benefits listed on the website:
  • Mode 1 – Body Cleansing
  • Mode 1 – Detoxification
  • Mode 2 – Sleep Normalization
  • Mode 2 – Mood and Well-being Improvement
  • Mode 2 – Autonomic Nervous System Support
  • Can be used by all ages
  • Can be used on children and pets
It fits in the palm of your hand, is lightweight and responds easily to touch. There is a relatively easy learning curve to use it.
Biophotonic.UK describes the BioPhotonic on its website, www.biophotonic.UK, in this way:
“Unlike all other bioresonance devices on the market, the new BioPhotonic device, uses generated electromagnetic signals with the required energetic amplitude-frequency characteristics to form a circular, fractal polarisation of the field, which is one of the main factors in biological recovery.”
“Due to this, the generated fractal field has not only needed amplitude-frequency characteristics, but also a circular polarisation. The last factor is one of the most important ones considering the chiral properties of the biological tissues structure.”
Here is what is also shared on the Biophotonic.UK website about the BioPhotonic:
“The BIO PHOTONIC scans the body first and identifies the resonance absorption frequencies of the organism.
“Our body’s frequencies constantly change their values; therefore, BIO PHOTONIC constantly adapts to these changes and maintains an adequate frequency of influence. Due to this, the corrective frequencies penetrate the body without hindrance, and more efficiently.”
Here is what they say about selecting a complex and its duration:
“A session is a one-time impact of a specific of complex. If it is necessary, you can have several sessions a day depending on the complex length. To obtain the desired results, you need to do a course of sessions. 
“The average course of the therapy is 14-21 days. It is desirable to take a break for a few days between courses. You can combine several complexes, although it is advised that you first use the Detox basic day/night complex for at least 8 weeks before using more focused complexes.”
As someone who has been suffering with autoimmune issues for many years and who also is an advanced energy healer for both people and pets, this advanced bioresonance device was of great interest to me. You can check out my healing certifications here.
Since getting the Trinity Pro and now the BioPhotonic, my husband and I have used many of  the device’s therapies to help alleviate a variety of health issues. Our dog Harry also relaxes when we rest the device against his body. I especially like the skin, teeth and joints program for him and the Schumann Wave frequencies.

The BioPhotonic can easily be tucked behind Harry as he sleeps. Harry is the prince of relaxation. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2022, all rights reserved.

When I took a stumble late at night, missing the last step going down from the second floor of our home, thinking I was stepping onto a landing, I fell and banged my head hard against the wall and hurt both my hips. I was shaken. After taking a homeopathic remedy and using ice where I had pain, I scanned the BioPhotonic for a good program to use. I was not disappointed. I found the therapy called “Injury – Hematoma” and used it for a week. With all the modalities I used, including homeopathy, the B-body from BEMER, our 16-unit EE System and the BioPhotonic, I recovered quite quickly. What a blessing!
Detoxing programs are also very important for everyone who uses the BioPhotonic. As a Biophotonic.UK customer service rep based in England explained to me in an email:
“It’s a crucial time to realise that every disease has a primary cause, such as heavy metals, infections, poisons, geopathic stress, etc.
“The device assists the body in decreasing toxins and stress loads, restoring self-regulation, and enabling the body to recover itself.
“This is why we recommend the detox programmes also as this will detox the body.”
I wanted to share this product with you so you would understand why I am such an ardent advocate and fan of this product. Indeed, I believe it should be in every household and every person in that household should have one for their own personal daily and nightly use. The possibilities seem endless with the BioPhotonic and the BioNexus for help with healing.
I like this product so much that we bought two additional devices, one for my husband and another for our dog Harry so we all have access whenever we want or need one of the device’s many and diverse therapies.
To learn more about this very technologically advanced product, check out the Biophotonic website. The company offers a one-year warranty on the BioPhotonic. Accompanying the product are two magnets that can each be used to reset the device if the technology ever shuts down or freezes. We have used the magnets several times and the Trinity Pro always easily resets with one swipe of the magnet.
Those who visit our Center 4 Advanced Healing, in Vista, CA, will be offered the opportunity to use this advanced bioresonance therapy during their healing sessions to help enhance their healing process.
Here is what is written about Biophotonic.UK on its website:
“We are a small but dedicated team of seasoned professionals who share the same vision and objective.

“The BioPhotonic team has been committed to excellence for more than a decade, generating significant improvements in bioesonance and EMF harmonising devices by making complex technology simple, miniaturised, and accessible to the general public.

“We’ve developed multi-functional devices that can assist people in helping themselves. Biophotonic technology has come a long way after 10 years of innovation, research, testing, and feedback.

“Thousands of devices are now protecting people all around the world.”

I again encourage you to check out the BioPhotonic and the BioNexus devices. You can go to my link. Use my promo code, miracles222, to receive your 10% discount. I think after purchasing one of these devices, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. For all the benefits this device offers, I find the price to be a relative bargain for all the value it will bring to the lives of those who use it. In addition, you should also check out the Photonic Wave to help protect against the harmful effects of EMFs.
With gratitude, love and light,
Rev. Donna
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