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Our pets are so precious and are always healing our hearts.

Sometimes they need healing too, especially senior pets whose time here is limited. Some pets are lost and need
help being found. Rev. Donna helps pets on many levels and their beloved guardians too. See below what some of her
clients have to say about how she helped them and their pets.

Miraculous Breakthroughs

Judy Paterno-Skolnick
Judie and Josh Skolnick
“What a pleasant surprise I got the first time Donna came and introduced us to TTouch.
It was truly amazing how our very fearful dog Murry responded to the touches and Donna.
Murry was relaxed, just taking the world in, instead of being afraid of it. He even picked up a few toys and started playing with them (he never plays!). I had tears in my eyes watching these events unfold. For the first time, I saw the dog that Murry could be. What a beautiful, pleasant surprise.
Thank you Donna and TTouch® for changing our lives and the life of Mr. Murry. It is such a joy to watch him enjoy life and not be afraid of all the things around him.”
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Healing for Physical and Emotional Issues

Jana Socha
Jana Socha
“It was SO helpful to hear what you were receiving from both our sweet cats, Zuni and Houdini!! And I must say you pegged Zuni’s sense of personality perfectly! LOL. Loved all the info we received.
Zuni and I both are feeling better today — thank you so much for your healing efforts and prayers!! Zuni is visibly more comfortable this morning after your Reconnective Healing work.
It was so cute that last night she sat with me or on me all evening. It felt like a feline thank you for helping her!”
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Positive Shifts on Many Levels

Harriet and Calvan
Harriet Leff
“Donna’s Tellington TTouch® method is very effective and the animals responded to her as if they were drawn to a magnet. It was very impressive to watch her gentle and soothing style as she won the hearts of my two cats.
Calvan just accepted all the attention as he gravitated towards Donna who offered her calm and loving approach to soothe him as well.  Since he suffers with thyroid and stomach issues, I feel Donna was very helpful in relaxing him and helping him feel better. He loved every minute of it — that I can tell you.
After Donna did some TTouch body work on Gidget, my daughter’s dog, and wrapped her in a lovely purple TTouch wrap, she not only calmed down, but went into her bed and fell asleep. Calvan followed soon after and was fast asleep flat out on his back in total relaxation. We all had a great TTouch afternoon.”
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Helping Pets Relax and Feel Better

Lori, Tiki and Berrie
Lori Mollin
“Big news – Tiki really wanted me to put his wrap on this morning!  He is also getting used to his calming band.
Yesterday Berrie was very relaxed – she went into her crate with her bone (she usually doesn’t do this) and also went into her bed for a little down time.  New behavior. They both are enjoying the Touches and Tiki is really starting to love mouth work.”
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Deeper Bonding with Your Pet and Help for Behavioral Issues

Deborah and Paley
Deborah Cooper Roberts
“I was feeling very frustrated because my Whippet Paley was doing all her “business” in my home. It was becoming intolerable and I was not sure how to shift her behavior.
Donna connected with Paley and found that her nervous system was on overload. Paley shared with Donna other issues that were affecting her emotionally as well. Donna did some remote advanced energy healing work for both Paley and me and also made several recommendations to further help Paley.
By the next week, when we had our second session, I was so delighted to report that despite the cold, snow and ice in Rochester, Paley was now going outside to do her business. After working with Donna, Paley and I had a deeper connection than ever before.”
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Helping Find Lost Pets and Holding Sacred Space for Miracles

Donna Colletti
Donna Colletti
“Donna was of tremendous help when Tango, a beautiful young Sheltie I recently placed, went missing.
Donna prayed to God for his safe keeping and return. She also asked many angels to help him and keep him safe. I called Donna a couple of times and she said it is in motion and in God’s hands.
She had a very positive effect on me. It is hard to put into words, but I felt better each time I spoke to Donna.
I thank Donna for her help and we all thanked God and the angels for his safe return. I would highly recommend Donna for her many skills, but to me the most important one is what she can do for you in a terrible time.”
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Support during Times of Transition

Jeanne Heil
Jeanne Heil
“Donna is a wonderful person who not only has a miraculous gift, but a powerful respect for the animals she is in touch with.
Donna did animal communication work with my two wonderful mixed-breed dogs. She’s brought enlightenment and joy through those detailed communications. Together we helped my Mastiff/Lab mix Henry with his insecurities about swimming by providing him with a big orange life jacket…”
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Terry Hooretz and Jack
Terry Hooretz and Jack
“Donna was an enormous part of Jack-Jack’s healing journey. I do not know if his outcome would have been the same if you were not there to guide us.
I take the flower essences you recommended almost every day. With all my rescue involvement, it is so essential in my life.  THANK YOU for turning me on to them!
We are most grateful for your help, strength and support in the healing of our Sheltie friend, Jack-Jack.  Thank you for everything you have done for and with him.”
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Comfort for Guardian Hearts and Connection to Pets that Have Passed

Marge Piatak
Marge Piatak
“What is really great is the lightness I now feel – in my heart, my soul, my body, my mind. I don’t think I realized the heaviness I was carrying from unexpressed emotions and feelings of guilt. Being in touch with my beautiful dogs, including all those rescues who joined in the chorus, really made my heart sing.”
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Kim Carnevale
Kimberly Carnevale
“Your readings for me provided the healing and closure I desperately needed.  Validity is going to vary from one person to the next, especially the skeptics.  In my opinion, if you can help one person to heal the emotional wounds from the loss of a pet, then you have done your job.”
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Elaine Berg
Elaine Berg
“Donna has brought to light so many amazing concepts to me and my family. Her spiritual intuitiveness has been a healing presence and I am so grateful. Donna has done animal communication readings for both of my dogs. She has been on target during their lives and beyond.”
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