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“Sharing Our Light” with You in 2021

Last year was a very challenging one for people around the world. The New Year began with continuing challenges, violence and so much uncertainty. That’s why my husband Sharbel and I wanted to join forces to “share our light” in a much bigger way in the world. The website we will be creating for our podcasts will be called www.sharingourlight.com. We will also have another website, www.donnaandsharbelslove.com, that will tell our special love story and describe the services we will be offering together.
We did our first Christmas podcast in December. You can access it here in case you missed it. It made my husband’s heart very happy to know that we have taken the first steps to “share our light,” our hearts and our deep connection with God and the angels with those in need of our support. We are looking forward to creating a “Love Healing and Miracles” community of like-minded souls who are on a highly spiritual path interested in healing, miracles and of being in service to help others.
We recently did our second podcast. It was our New Year’s message that we wanted to share with you. Our hour-long podcast includes a discussion about how there are always blessings in the challenges. We provide several examples of those blessings in our own lives and the importance of remaining hopeful despite whatever is going on. You should tune in to our New Year’s podcast just to hear about the unexpected and almost explosive blessing of our former gardener firing us. I will probably be doing a future blog post on that topic because it offered so many great lessons. Sharbel talks about becoming a detective to search out what the blessings and gifts are in any of the challenges you are facing.
From gifts in the challenges, we talk about some interesting and fun surprises that happened to us in 2020. One of them was winning a seven-day trip to Cancun, Mexico. Because of the pandemic and other reasons we were unable to go. However, the sweetness of the memory of  our winning number being called on that fateful evening will always make us smile.
You can also listen to find out what showed up magically at our door when Sharbel was discussing how I should cut down on sugar this year. He is clearly right, but Spirit seemed to override him. You can also learn how Spirit overrode Sharbel another time during a meal at a Japanese restaurant after he told  me that we were not going to have any dessert at the delicious ice cream shop a few doors down from the restaurant after our meal.
What happy surprises happened for you this year? Think about them with your hands held gently over your heart. Take them in fully, breathe them in, and then send out lots of gratitude from your beautiful heart to God and the angels and to all the other beings of light working on your behalf to help and delight you.
Even in the midst of so many challenges, there is always grace and the ability to be grateful for what we do have and for our connection to God, our angels and so many light-filled unseen forces at work in our lives.
We also talk about Feng Shui inside and outside of our home. The changes and additions to our home improved not only the energy of our home, but also helped bring in more abundance and opportunity for us. Feng Shui is a simple, easy and also very powerful way to make some big energetic differences in your life. And what better way to do that then in a brand new year? Decluttering is another aspect of Feng Shui. We have been doing a lot of that too in this New Year. We have donated many boxes of items to the Goodwill store already.
When you clear out the old, you can make space for some new things in your life. What can you let go of to make some space for in your home and maybe even in your heart?

We added this beautiful canvas to our master bathroom and felt a big shift in the energy of the room. It makes our hearts happy whenever we see the lush garden, lovely home and couple enjoying their home and nature. It is by the French artist Claude Monet. Painted in 1873, it is called “The Artist’s Garden in Argenteuil.” In our podcast, Sharbel shares that whenever he sees this picture, it feels like “home” to him. Both of us imagine ourselves enjoying the beauty of nature in that extraordinarily rich and colorful flourishing garden in the French countryside. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2021. All rights reserved.

Talking about setting intentions, we ask you to look back at your previous year and assess it. Think about what went right and what needs improvement. You can make lists to help you or you can do some mind mapping, writing in a free-flowing way with diagrams and connecting links to review what you experienced.
You can also meditate about what happened last year and what you would like to see happening in 2021.
Go to a quiet place. Close your eyes and envision yourself walking through each month of 2020. You could also choose to do it in three-month intervals or even just have a vision about the first part of 2020 and the second half of it. Or just naturally see what comes up for you.
What happened for you? What went so well? What challenges did you face? When you had challenges, were you able to see some light even in the darkness? Were you able to shift and pivot? Were you able to reach out to anyone for guidance? What did you do and what could you have done better?
Did you have to shift course as so many of us had to do in this pandemic? If so, what did you learn? Did you shift into a new paradigm? Did you change any of your thoughts to create more positive outcomes? Whatever happened, at the end of this meditation, you should see God and the angels cheering you on, applauding all you have accomplished and learned. Perhaps you can see yourself being given an award for how well you met your challenges and came out whole and victorious on the other side.

The Groundhog Day Experience

This kind of looking back and reassessing what you could do better is called a “Groundhog Day” experience, named after the very popular Bill Murray movie where Bill Murray’s character, Phil Connors, works to keep improving himself and his relationships with others until he actually transforms from the negative, cynical, judgmental and sarcastic weather newsman to a totally new person. The life of the party, talented pianist and most sought after bachelor, he is beloved, adored and appreciated by all for his kind deeds. He becomes the leading man not only in this small Pennsylvania town, but in his own romance story. His journey of discovery has led him to successfully attract and woo the love of his life in an authentic way that he could never have experienced before his transformation. In working on himself, he rebuilt his own heart and forever changed the course of his life for the good.

Having had the simultaneous curse and blessing of being able to repeat the same day over and over again, Bill Murray’s character, Phil Connors, transforms himself from the cynical weather newsman to the adored celebrity and center of attention of an entire town. Photo from www.amazon.com.

I wrote about this character and movie in one of my blogs. You can check it out here. After assessing 2020, its strengths and pitfalls, you can create another list of your intentions for 2021.
What do you want to focus on and what do you want to accomplish? To get to where you want to go, you need to have a vision for your trajectory. What do you want to accomplish in your career, in your relationship with your beloved, in your relationship with others and with yourself? Do you need any counseling or coaching? Would you like to get in deeper touch with your passions and your purpose? Or are you okay to just continue on with your status quo?
There are many coaches, counselors and healers that you can hire to help you. You can go into your heart and see if that possibility resonates for you. Sharbel is both a certified life coach and a Passion Test and Passion Test for Business facilitator. He would enjoy helping you through his coaching and Passion Test sessions. You can contact him at Sharbel@sharbelelhaber.com.
As an angel minister, counselor and healer, it would also be my privilege to help you on your life path to achieve more fulfillment and success. You can email me at info@lovehealingandmiracles.com or schedule a free half-hour get-acquainted session at https://go.oncehub.com/donnaelhaber.

Sharbel is a life coach and Passion Test facilitator who can help you set your intentions for what you want to focus on and accomplish in the New Year. You can also work with Rev. Donna for angel counseling and healing work. Couples especially and individuals as well can seek guidance and work with both Rev. Donna and Sharbel. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2019. All rights reserved.

Our goal is to be in service to others, using our gifts and talents to help those we are destined to work with feel better and live happier lives filled with more love, joy and grace.

An Angel Card Reading for You

During our New Year’s podcast, I did an angel card reading for those who will listen to the podcast. The two angel cards I pulled were perfect, as the angel cards I pull for clients always share important messages for their hearts and souls.
I will share one of the cards with you here. Charmienne, the Angel of Harmony, came forward to share an important message involving self-love and the releasing of fear. It was no surprise that this angel appeared after there has been so much ongoing discord in the world. Charmienne’s message was most of all about loving yourself and being kind and compassionate to yourself and others. This angel’s advice was also to be truthful to yourself and others and to find harmony even within the duality of our existence:
 “We all have both good and bad feelings. Bad is a judgment based on discomfort. Learn to accept your uncomfortable feelings as important messengers. In the balance of truthful, constructive expression, you will find Harmony.”
Charmienne asks you to be open to seeing the big picture in whatever is happening in your life. And she also asks that you be kind to yourself, loving and compassionate. This angel and her message of creating harmony are from Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney’s “Angel Blessings: Cards of Sacred Guidance.”
It was especially interesting that the evening before selecting this card, my husband and I were unpacking boxes still in our garage that we never got a chance to open since we moved into our home a few years ago. Many angels were found like lost treasures from my past. One of them was the Lenox Angel of Harmony. It was as though the angels were affirming very strongly this angel’s role for us and also for you in 2021.

The Angel of Harmony came through twice with strong messages about self-love and the releasing of fear while seeing the bigger picture of what is going on. Trust that the Angel of Harmony will help you find the truth and balance in any situation to help create more peace and harmony in your life. Pictured above is the Lenox Angel of Harmony that we unpacked from her box a day before I pulled the Angel of Harmony card for our podcast reading. Photo from https://www.etsy.com/listing/633845225/lenox-angel-of-harmony-from-1997-angels.

The Divine Plan Sacrament

In the final segment of the podcast, I talk about a Divine Plan sacrament overseen by Micah, the Angel of Divine Plan. You can learn more in detail about this sacrament here. Doing a Divine Plan sacrament can help you better understand different aspects of your life, from your current reality, what you need to let go of, gifts the angels want to share with you and so much more. An eight card reading, the Divine Plan sacrament is divided into two 1.5 – 2-hour sessions, sharing the messages from four angels in each of the sessions. All sessions are recorded and both the recording of the session and the cards that were selected will be sent via email so you can review the messages throughout the year.
As a gift for the New Year, we will be deducting $100 from the price of this sacrament until February 15, 2021. When you check out, you can apply the promotion code of 100off and $100 will be deducted from the sale price. You can click here to order your Divine Plan sacrament.
Sharbel and I look forward to connecting with you again in our next podcast. Until then, you are all in our hearts. We send you our best wishes for a much better year ahead filled with so much grace and so many blessings for you and your family.
The Angel of Divine Plan, Micah

Micah, the Angel of Divine Plan, wants to help you fulfill your sacred destiny. He oversees all Divine Plan sacrament readings. Each of the eight cards offers important insights into your life and your future. Photo from Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney’s “Angel Blessings: Cards of Sacred Guidance.”

With love, healing and so many New Year’s miracles,
Rev. Donna and Sharbel too!
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