Here’s to a New Year of Magical Manifestation
and Dreams Come True!

Happy New Year!

As we usher in this New Year of 2017 with new hopes, dreams and aspirations, I want to wish you all a year of so many blessings, so much grace and so many miracles. May all unfold so beautifully for you and those you love.
The three angels whom I call my personal angelic trinity are Amarushaya, the Angel of Blessings, Ananchel, the Angel of Grace, and Hamied, the Angel of Miracles. May these angels dance all around you, offering their special strengths and gifts.
Dancing Angels

May angels dance all around you, offering their special strengths and gifts.

And may Jamaerah, the Angel of Manifestation, help you bring more health, joy, abundance and all you want to manifest so sweetly into your life. My best wish is for 2017 to be a magical year of inspiration and dreams come true for you.
Since the start of a New Year is a time for taking stock of what came before and a looking forward to where we want to go and where we envision ourselves at the end of 2017, I want to share some thoughts on manifestation, what powerful creators we all are, and the divine timing involved in all we create and co-create.
Know that you are powerful to create beyond your wildest imaginings. But know too that to ride high on a powerful frequency of creation, you have to release any resistance. And you have to have a lot of patience and keep your vibration high whether what you want to manifest is close at hand or spinning in your invisible vortex of desires.

To ride high on a powerful frequency of creation, you have to release any resistance and build momentum.

Towards the end of 2016, I felt called to return to the “Law of Attraction” teachings of Abraham Hicks. So almost every day, I listen to one of Esther Hicks’ workshops as she brilliantly channels the wisdom of the cosmic consciousness that calls itself “Abraham.” It seems that Abraham carefully monitors and records all of Esther’s thoughts, feelings and activities and serves these memories up to help illustrate some concrete examples of how the Law of Attraction’s scientific and metaphysical principles work.
I love the story Abraham shares about Esther and her husband Jerry Hicks, who has since made his transition, and their search to build the perfect rock wall in their San Antonio home. You can listen to what Abraham channels through Esther below in this excerpt from the October 22, 2016 Abraham Hicks workshop in Philadelphia, PA.
They both knew exactly what the wall should look like. Their contractor kept on finding stones and building walls. And every time they came back from one of their trips and saw the most recent example the contractor had built, they both knew it just wasn’t right. And down it would come. They were in no rush, but envisioned very clearly in their vibrational vortices exactly what kind of wall it would be and just how it would look in their home.
Then on one of their workshop trips, they ate at a restaurant. Jerry asked Esther to turn around to look at a wall in the restaurant. And there it was – the wall that both of them had in mind, although not exactly the right color. They got information from the restaurant staff and found out where the material for the wall came from. It turns out it was not really a wall made of rocks, but rather a wall of quartz tile that looked like stone. And finally, the wall they had dreamed about had finally found its way into their home. And it was perfect.
Rock Wall

Their contractor built several different rock walls for their San Antonio home, but none seemed right. And all came down. The Hicks’ would not settle for anything less than the wall they had both envisioned.

In a different workshop, Esther shared that on a certain day she was not seated in her usual way, looking out to the pool outside her San Antonio home. Rather she was facing the quartz wall. And in the moment she looked at it, after her beloved Jerry had already passed, she was struck by the way the light hit it and by its extraordinary beauty. She began savoring the moment, gazing at it in a way that transported her to a very high and sweet consciousness of love and well-being, where she felt one with all that is.
She explained to her audience that it was not just about this wall. After all, it was just a wall. Rather it was about the journey of co-creating that wall, not just with Jerry, but with Spirit. It was also about how they had built momentum with their hearts and in their thoughts to help actualize and attract all that had been waiting for them in their vibrational vortices. When she looked at the wall, she not only saw the beauty of its creation and manifestation, but also all that had happened along the way on the journey to that creation.
Marble Wall

A wall of quartz tile was able to transport Esther to a place of deep satisfaction and alignment with her highest essence when she contemplated the momentum that was built within her vortex and all the amazing shared experiences that had transpired before their magnificent wall manifested in their home in San Antonio.

It reminded me of the journey that my husband and I have been on to create my new website. Ironically, when my husband Sharbel and I first connected online in a virtual spiritual community in November 2011, the first gift he sent me on Christmas Eve 2011 were the services of a website developer to help me build a new website. But it never worked out for a variety of reasons.
Throughout the course of our relationship, this idea of my new website remained in both our vortices, but always seemed stalled. I took a year-long business marketing class that helped guide me to the right ingredients for a client-attractive website. I did my coursework diligently. And just as we were about to get going on creating it, putting all the elements I had worked so hard on into place, something else would divert our energies to more pressing matters.
And then there was the issue of my husband’s procrastination to learn WordPress. After I sent him a link for a WordPress telesummit that we purchased, he gained some momentum and began the process of creating it. Then life got in the way again as we moved from New Jersey to California where he began a new and demanding job.
Gigantic Rock

All of the obstacles felt as though we were trying to push a gigantic rock up a big hill. For a time, I wondered whether my new website would ever be published. Have you ever felt that way about any projects in your life?

The timing wasn’t really right for me anyway, as I was involved in the moving and resettling process and so much more. We had a special vision for this website, what we wanted it to look like, and how we wanted it to affect the hearts that landed there. It was like Esther and Jerry’s wall. They knew what they wanted, but they had to be patient. When the timing was right, the wall they envisioned appeared.
I was also busy creating two free gifts for my website that can help and uplift those who read them. And that effort kept me very busy.
We both felt a lot of frustration. My husband had started this project and was enjoying working on it and learning WordPress, so he did not want to give up the reins to another developer. It probably would have been cost-prohibitive anyway considering the number of hours we both put into this project.
Running Horses

Sharbel wanted to run his own race in the creation of my website and see it through to the finish line.

To speed the process, we set some deadlines, but didn’t quite make them. So during this holiday season, we both worked tirelessly on putting some finishing touches on it. Unlike Esther and Jerry’s wall, my website will always be a work in progress, as I change, evolve and fine-tune, add and delete. All websites should be living, breathing interactive manifestations and always evolving.
The timing was finally right to launch the website officially on New Year’s Day 2017. And it made our hearts very happy. When we look at my website, we understand what Esther felt when she looked at her wall. Esther shared, “It’s only a wall after all! But it’s not just about the wall.” For us “it’s not just about the website.”
For me and Sharbel, a novice web designer who did an outstanding job on such a big project, it’s about our journey to manifest and co-create something we hope will uplift hearts and offer a place where those who visit can see beauty, go inward, reflect and ask important questions.
We also hope it will direct those I am meant to work with to schedule their free get-acquainted phone sessions at to see if I can help them.
What do you have going on in your life that is like Esther and Jerry’s wall and my website? Is it the perfect couch you finally purchased, the perfect vacation you took at last, the book you finally wrote or published, the course of study you finally began or something else?
As you move forward in 2017, I encourage you to keep your spirits high even when what you want is not yet manifesting in the way you want. Keep on dreaming about it and searching for exactly what you want, while not engaging in what my business teacher calls “perfection paralysis.” There was certainly some of that going on for us, but I think the divine timing overrode all else. Sometimes Spirit takes hold of that wheel you are trying so hard to steer in the direction you think is for your highest good.
Steering Wheel

Are you trying too hard to accomplish something and steering in the direction you think is best rather than letting Spirit effortlessly guide you to where you need to go next?

Know that you are a powerful creator and co-creator capable of manifesting your dreams and your heart’s desires. As Abraham often shares, we keep “launching these rockets of desires.” Just keep launching them and keep your vibration as high as possible as you stand in amazement, watching so many miracles and blessings manifest in ways you never thought possible.
Rockets of Desire

Keep on launching your rockets of desire and maintain your momentum to help manifest your heart’s desires.

If you think I can help you with what you are longing to manifest and interested in my services for people and for guardians and pets, you can schedule a free half-hour get-acquainted session at
May you manifest all that your heart desires and may the angels bless you with so much love, joy and encouragement. Be patient and optimistic, knowing as Abraham so often shares that “all is well and always working out for you,” even if we are not seeing that clearly in any given moment. Just trust that there is a higher power that loves you so much and always wants you to expand, grow and manifest all your dreams.
If you get the chance, please check out the two free gifts I am offering, 25 Ways to Attract More Love into Your Life E-book for people who want to attract more love into their lives, and 25 Ways to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Dog E-book for guardians who want to learn more about how to maintain a happy and healthy dog.
With love, healing, miracles and so many magnificent manifestations in 2017,
Rev. Donna
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