What is Rev. Donna’s “Break Through to Break Free Process™?”

The “Break Through to Break Free Process™” enables you to experience breakthroughs, so you can “break free” from limiting patterns and internal programs that are keeping you stuck. This “Break Through to Break Free Process™” will help you uncover blocks to success, prosperity, health and love, and let you know – no matter where you are on the path of your Divine Plan – that you are so loved and already have all that you need to move forward in your life. This process will help you love yourself more, as you open to forgiveness for yourself and others.
It will  also allow you to open to more love in your life and foster a deeper connection with God and the angels. With that deeper connection, your thoughts, consciousness and vibration will all be elevated. With a more open and receptive heart, the process of healing enables you to open to more love, healing and miracles and to more blessings and grace.
The Archangel guiding this process is Nisroc, the Angel of Freedom. He helps oversee the breakthroughs to freedom and miraculous epiphanies. In her “Angel Blessings Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration,” Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney, who created The Angel Ministry, writes:
Angel of Freedom, Nisroc
“Nisroc is known as “the great eagle.” His flight into the Heavens is the symbol of freedom. On the physical level, there is freedom to travel where you want and be safe from harm, to be able to say what you feel and make choices for yourself. As you go deeper into your awareness, freedom becomes the ability to feel the unconditional love of the Eternal.
“Freedom is an inner knowing of who you are and why you are here. You feel balanced, secure, and well loved, free from the shackles of guilt, fear, unworthiness, anger, and jealousy. In their place are love, compassion, and wisdom. You follow the call of your Eternal Self as you finally begin the work you came here to do. …
“Nisroc carries the power to uncover deep feelings that you don’t even know exist, the bars of your own self-made prison. This emotional baggage results in fixed opinions and judgments about how life should be and how you should behave. Illusions are difficult to perceive at first. With some practice, you will see how they control your friends and loved ones. Finally you will begin to recognize them at work in your own life. It takes courage, persistence, and intense desire to walk in truth. Break free! Unwanted circumstances are often an opportunity to notice a judgment or fixed belief that is ready to go. The key to releasing these judgments is through your feelings. Be willing to retrieve those repressed memories of abuse and betrayal.
“If you are afraid to feel it deeply, ask for courage and strength. Once you are willing to stop denying pain and face it, God can send transforming love to heal your broken heart and body. When pain and judgment leave, you have the opportunity to fill the space with love, creativity, peace, or whatever quality you desire. When you have the courage to face the intensity of these denied feelings and break through, Nisroc brings a feeling of elation and conquest. Carried on his wings of truth, you will find the freedom to reveal your Eternal Self.”

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Break Through to Break Free Process™

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