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Welcome to my Meditations and Events page. I have excerpted some meditations I have done in talks I have given, in sessions with clients, in teleseminars I have led, and ones created for ministerial events. The one called “Walking on Water” is a very special one that includes channeled guidance from my angels. It is a good one to use before having an angel reading or counseling session, especially if you are not sure what questions you want to focus on to receive angelic guidance.
The one called “The Goats of Jamil” is a sweet sharing of one of my favorite poems. The reading and my thoughts on it were given during a joint ministerial teleconference just before the Easter holiday.
You can also check out my meditation for Guardians and Pets that is for sale in my online shop. You can access it here. It’s a wonderful way to go into deep meditation with your pet and take a sweet journey together to help deepen your relationship.
May these meditations both relax and uplift you. I will continue adding more of them, so please check back for new ones. Please feel free to let others know about these resources to help uplift hearts and souls and spread more light in the world.
I will also be adding excerpts from future events. I hope to see you at one of them and wish you and your family so many beautiful blessings.


Walking on Water Meditation

At an Angelic Healing Circle I led, I did a meditation to get participants to focus on an issue they needed help with. The theme of that Angel Healing Circle was “Walking on Water” and the meditation beautifully reflects that theme. This meditation is my gift to you. You can use it to call in your angels and guides, to help boost your faith and face any challenge ahead. You can also use it to just relax and receive.
While in meditation, I had a profound thought. My life this past year and currently has been like walking on water. I heard the applause of angels who agreed. Indeed I have and had been walking on the water with God and the angels guiding each of my steps.
You might wonder what that actually means for me. It means I have been in total trust and faith that I am being supported and protected by the Divine. It means that exactly who and what I need keep showing up to help me and move me forward on my divine path of service. Walking on water is a total embodiment of faith, surrendering any doubts and fears to God and the angels and just gliding on the water with the exhilarating feeling that someone might feel who is staying up for a long time on water skis and doing some impressive stunts.
Walking on Water Meditation

When God beckons you to walk on water, accept the invitation. Step boldly into your faith as you fearlessly walk on the water, expecting only abundance, grace and miracles. Photo by Rev. Donna El Haber, 2014. All rights reserved.

After you realize that God and the angels do indeed have your back and have proven that to you time and time again, the fear that you first might have had to walk on that water – to trust and take those first steps — slowly ebbs away. And then you begin to relax and have more fun, moving into a deep place of gratitude and humility, knowing that God is always working to solve any and all of your challenges and make your life happier and more abundant. Your surrender, trust and faith and expectation of nothing less than amazing divine solutions are what make that walk on the water possible.
May all your dreams come true. May all fears fall away as you embrace an unshakable faith that you are always loved, guided and protected and that there are always blessings even in the challenges. As you move forward on your divine life path, hold an image of yourself walking on water with a faith that is so strong and so clear – an unshakable faith that all will be well. Just imagine the brilliant vision of what you would like to manifest and imagine yourself walking on water with so much ease and grace knowing you are so loved and supported.
– Background music by Dr. Wayne Dyer,  from “Introduction to OM Meditations,” from Meditations for Manifesting 
Ramaela, the Angel of Joy

Call on Ramaela, the Angel of Joy, to it remind you that whatever is happening in your life, you can still find joy. It is your joy that can transform and heal so much for you.

Angel of Joy Meditation: Calling on Ramaela to Uplift Your Spirit and Receive All the Joy You So Richly Deserve

In this guided meditation, I call on Ramaela, the Angel of Joy, to share her message with us. She offers some profound wisdom and guidance. This meditation is simultaneously relaxing and uplifting.
In asking you to recall times of greatest joy in your own life, and in sharing examples of joy, Ramaela raises the vibrations of all who listen to what she has to share. She reminds us about the simplicity of joy and also of its keen importance as our birthright.
When we are in joy and vibrating at higher energetic levels, we open the door to our vibrational vortex where so many blessings and so much grace await us. May your heart open to joy as you listen to this meditation. Ramaela is just a thought away to uplift your spirits and help guide you emotionally and energetically to receive all the joy you so richly deserve.

     – Background music for Donna’s Angel of Joy Meditation, Lee Rosevere – Soft Euphoria,

Quantum Prayer Healing

Call on Uzziel, the Angel of Faith, to strengthen your faith and help you surrender to a higher wisdom while stepping into your power, knowing you are always so loved, guided and protected. Photo by Mario Alberto Magallanes Trejo from

Angel of Faith Meditation: Calling on Uzziel to Help Strengthen Your Faith in Times of Challenge and Struggle

Uzziel is the Angel of Faith. The picture on the Angel of Faith card is one of Jacob wrestling with the Angel of Faith all night before letting go and surrendering his will in faith to God’s will. If you are in a time in your life when your faith is being challenged and you would like it renewed, let Uzziel help you strengthen the faith that will help chart your powerful course and see you through to better days ahead filled with the grace that faith always promises.

     – Background music for Donna’s Angel of Faith Meditation, Utsyn by Robert Ronnes, 

Gratitude Meditation

When you shift your heart to gratitude, blessings begin to flow into your life. Call on Ooniemme, the Angel of Gratitude, to help you open to more gratitude in your life. Photo by Bill Davenport from

Gratitude Meditation: Call Upon Ooniemme, the Angel of Gratitude, to Shift Your Mood and Raise Your Vibration

Ooniemme is the Angel of Gratitude. Listen to this meditation to help shift your focus and mood to one of gratitude. When you do, you always lift your vibration and invite the Universe to gift you with so much more grace in your life. Gratitude can become a powerful force to help all the good that awaits you in your metaphysical vortex to manifest more quickly. Gratitude is a way to give thanks to all the blessings, both simple and grand, that are already in your life. Shifting to gratitude is just a way to begin seeing your life anew as though you put on new glasses with a different focus. What you see can raise your vibration and help shift your mood and emotions as well. To read more about the blessings of gratitude, you can read one of the first blog posts I wrote on gratitude here.

   – Background music for meditation by Stellardrone,

If some baby goats transformed the hearts of an entire village, what in your life can help shift your heart to open to more love, gratitude, wonder and awe? Photo by Loretta Humble from

The Kid Goats of Jamil

This is a very special poem, one of my favorites, written by a Palestinian poet named Taha Muhammad Ali, who has since passed. I read this poem and shared my thoughts about it during an angel ministry Easter teleseminar while still a student studying to become an angel minister. I hope this poem filled with renewals of hope, joy and love touches your heart as it does mine. May it help lighten any burdens and may it help shift your thoughts to ones of grace and abundance that are always all around us.

Message from Hadraniel, the Angel of Love

Rev. Donna channels a message of love from Hadraniel, the Angel of Love. Take a few minutes to bask in the beauty of this loving energy.


Talk at the Love and Light Healing Center

Rev. Marcella Jones invited me to do a brief talk before an intimate spiritual group in San Diego, CA at The Love and Light Healing Center. In my talk, using some beautiful slides to accompany what I share, I let them know who I am, what I do, and the variety of ways I can help both people and pets. I also share about my Break Through to Break Free Process® and how it can help clients “break free” from past limitations and “break through” to more joy, health, abundance and love.
My “Break Through to Break Free Process” is overseen by Nisroc, the Angel of Freedom. At the end of my talk, I picked an angel card for the group. Can you guess which angel showed up? Listen to the wisdom shared in the angelic message that I asked Rev. Marcella to read to the group. Perhaps it will be an important message for you too.

Rev. Donna El Haber Opening Prayer

Talk at the Love and Light Healing Center – Part I

Talk at the Love and Light Healing Center – Part II

If you need help in breaking through to more joy, health and abundance, check out my packages for people and see if any of them resonate for you. It would be my honor and privilege to help you to break through to living a life where you can fulfill the promise of your potential. To schedule a free half-hour get-acquainted session with me, go to As I shared with the audience, I want to thank you for incarnating at this time and I want to let you know what a blessed miracle you are.
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