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Inspiration and Advice for Those Who Have Lost Jobs

During this time when so much of the world has been shut down, you may now be one of the many employees, managers or owners of businesses who have found themselves without either their former job or business. Although you might feel shaken and worried, it’s possible that the end of your former job or business might be the very best thing that could have happened to you. My husband Sharbel and I discuss why and share lots of inspiration, advice and some laughter on our latest podcast about job loss and renewal. You can check it out here. Or you can just click on the podcast’s purple button at the top of the page.
With offices vacant and businesses closing or struggling amidst lockdowns and governmental orders, and with online business owners trying to maintain their customer base amidst some tough economic realities, everyone has had to shift not only to survive, but also to try to thrive. Very few have been unaffected by the incredibly negative impact this pandemic has had in so many different ways, especially economically. If you find yourself among the large numbers of people who have lost their jobs, my husband Sharbel and I want to reach out to you to inspire you and cheer your heart.
In our latest “Sharing Our Light” podcast on “Job Loss and Renewal,” we want to uplift your spirit and give you great hope and positive anticipation for what is to come. We believe there is always something so much better awaiting you. So we actually want to invite you to join us in a celebration of your job loss and also of you and the new opportunities you will manifest in your life with ease and grace.
We share how important it is to keep a positive outlook and to be in your joy whenever and however possible. When you are laughing, feeling good, and looking at the glass as half-full, you resonate at a much higher vibration. On that frequency, you can attract better possibilities into your life. On our podcast, we share stories of others who have lost jobs. Like the mythical phoenix, each of them rose on the ashes of their former jobs to get new and better positions, working with more positive, generous and heart-centered colleagues, getting more money and feeling much more hope for growth and promotion.

When you are laughing, feeling good, and looking at the glass as half-full, you resonate at a much higher vibration. On that frequency, you can attract better possibilities into your life. Photo by Allef Vinicius from www.unsplash.com

Sharbel shares a story of a woman who joined forces with another woman to start their own business. Although it is not an easy road to begin a new business, they are both excited and will be able to play full out, using all their varied talents.
A number of years ago, that is how my freelance writing business began. I was working for a corporation and was “downsized.” While interviewing for new jobs, a large corporation said they would like to hire me for 25 guaranteed hours a week to start my own freelance writing business. I took them up on their offer and enjoyed my new-found freedom and independence.
As I ask Sharbel to share a little bit of his recent work experiences, I also ask you to summon your courage to speak up if you are not happy at work. That speaking up can be just to yourself to figure out where you want to land after you cut loose from an unfulfilling position. Or it can mean speaking up to a manager who has betrayed you and your trust. I also call on Cerviel, the Angel of Courage, to help you find your voice and courage.

Cerviel, the Angel of Courage, from Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney’s “Angel Blessings: Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration”

Cerviel offers you a kind of “tough love,” inviting you to open to the flow of change. Telling the story of Daniel in the lion’s den, Cerviel shares what can happen if you are unwilling to open to the new and move forward to receive new opportunities.
Here is the message this powerful angel shares:
“Angel Cerviel, the angel of strength, was with Daniel in the lions’ den. “My God hath sent His angel, and hath shut the lions’ mouths, that they have not hurt me.” (Daniel 6:22) Your crisis may not be a life and death situation like Daniel’s, but it usually feels that way. Crisis results when you are unwilling to change toward the natural flow of growth. When change is obstructed by old patterns based on false conclusions, and you do not have the inner strength to let go of them voluntarily, crisis comes to your aid.
“Surrender the belief that you are a separate being, alone and in darkness. In truth, you are united with God in wisdom and light. Allow yourself to feel loved and cared for, as you listen for the inner voice of wisdom, guiding your decisions. Feel Angel Cerviel’s presence as you open to receive his blessing of courage and strength. Choose the path that brings you more love, peace, unity and life!”
If you’ve been let go from your job, are you feeling insecure or unworthy? Sharbel talks about this and together we talk about stepping outside your comfort zone to be able to manifest something so much better in your life. You don’t have to take giant steps outside your comfort zone. You can begin with some small steps.
Here is what Sharbel shared on the podcast about stepping out of your comfort zone and the true meaning of a job for him:
“It’s really a lot to share because sometimes we feel unworthy and not confident enough to manifest something better in our lives or to ask for something better. As Donna shared, ‘it’s uncomfortable to step out of our comfort zone.’
“We all have the same feelings. And if you are someone speaking your truth, you don’t know if that will be accepted. You don’t know if you might lose your job. It can get very challenging and scary, but from my own point of view, I always felt very strong when I knew I was in my truth and I knew it was not just my truth, but the truth for everyone. And I felt better when I knew I was fighting a cause for the highest good of everyone. That gave me a lot of fuel and I never got scared because I knew I was doing the right thing. And doing the right thing, I’m protected. I am supported.
“And it’s more aligned sort of to your own purpose. You feel your whole being is aligned with what you believe in. It’s a very important thing. A job to me is only a small aspect of your life. I think the higher vision of the job is fulfilling your destiny. It’s about what you do with your life, how you affect other people, how you grow and learn. And you need the environment to be able to do so. It’s never about the paycheck. The paycheck is only a result of your job.

It’s not easy to step outside your comfort zone. The higher vision of the job is fulfilling your destiny. It is so vitally important to feel fulfilled.” Photo by Cam Adams from www.unsplash.com.

“There is a lot happening in your daily interactions. It is so vitally important for you to feel fulfilled. You feel you are using your talents, growing, helping other people. You are engaged. And if you are not doing so, even if you are in a job right now, you should look for new one because life is so short. People need your gifts and talents and what you are destined to share with the world. And if you are hiding that, that’s a loss not just for you, but for so many who would be benefiting from your gifts.”
In this podcast, we remind everyone that no job is really your source of money. Rather God is the Source for everything, along with the angels who always love to surprise us with abundance of all sorts.
Our wise and handsome English springer spaniel Harry, a nine-year-old champion, interrupted the podcast to request both his dinner and his walk. I asked Harry for some canine advice for those who have lost their jobs. He was very happy to share his wisdom. Telling everyone not to forget to play, he also advised those who have lost their jobs to have fun and share a lot of love.

Our dog Harry interrupted the podcast to add his canine wisdom. He reminded everyone who has lost a job to remember to play, have fun, relax and get cozy on a comfortable couch. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2020.

We talk about two different ways to go about attracting a new job into your life. One is by taking specific action steps and the other is by a non-linear metaphysical quantum way. We also discuss some of the tactical action steps you can take to find your next job. Then we provide ways for you to meditate and set your intentions to attract a new job into your life. As the French poet, aristocrat, journalist, pioneering aviator and author of  The Little Prince, Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger, comte de Saint-Exupéry, simply known as de Saint-Exupéry,  wrote:
“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”
Sharbel also shares about the importance of your passions that should guide you on your path to a new job. A life coach and facilitator for The Passion Test for Business, he talks about the three important action steps within it that can help you get clarity on your passions. Check out our podcast to learn more about how the processes of “attention, intention and no tension” can help you in all areas of your life. You will also hear the story of how Harry’s lost snood that keeps his spaniel ears clean when he eats served as an example of taking action and also of releasing tension. Sharbel talks about how what happened as a result of losing something can apply to finding your next job.
I share my favorite story I heard at Dr. Joe Dispenza’s weeklong retreat last year. Told by Dr. Joe himself, I liked it even better than my team leader’s amazing story of magically being surprised with a very big sum of money from a client who wanted to give him a bonus. See if you like Dr. Joe’s story as much as I do. And see if you can use that story to compare it to your own quest for your next position.

Can you guess how a delicious loaf of bread was part of a manifestation story that Dr. Joe Dispenza told at his weeklong retreat in Indian Wells, CA, in 2020? I love this story. It is my favorite story from the entire retreat and one of my favorites of all time. I compare this story with how you can manifest your next job. Photo by Maria Orlova from www.unsplash.com.

Sharbel also shares one of Dr. Joe’s exercises for manifesting what you want through metaphysical techniques. It is something fun and exciting that you can try out. Using this technique, Dr. Joe was able to get in touch with a woman who owned a winery in Tuscany after he had lost her card and did not even remember her name. And his son was able to manifest his next perfect job using this technique as well. The job he magically manifested involved engineering and surfing. So how cool is that?
We also talk about Esther Hicks who channels the wisdom of the collective consciousness of Abraham. One of Abraham’s main messages is to be in your joy. When you are happy, feeling relaxed and “allowing,” all begins to flow easily from that emotional state. In the teachings of Abraham, it is often shared that “joy is the key.”
Here are just a few videos on jobs and careers that are excerpted from Esther Hicks’ channeling of the wisdom of Abraham:
Abraham will always focus on how you are feeling. The more positively you feel and the more you are in your joy, the easier it will be for you to manifest whatever you want and have it flow effortlessly into your life.
We end with a very inspirational song, “Rise Up,” sung by Andra Day. You can click on the link below to get some instant inspiration. I hope you will feel in your heart some of the encouraging words I also shared while playing this special song. I do believe you will “rise up” and move into your destiny with hope and the desire to attract all the abundance you so richly deserve. I call upon the Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Resurrection, to help you regain your power and momentum. May this song and my prayer help inspire and encourage you.
During these challenging times,  please reach out to us if you would like coaching, counseling and healing.  As a life coach, Sharbel can offer you many insights and skills to help you navigate forward. You can reach out to him at elhabersharbel@gmail.com. You can also click here to view a list of my various possible single sessions to help you, from a Divine Plan reading and Decision Making session to one about your Soul Purpose.
I ask for Phanuel, the Angel of Hope, to be around you, along with Michael, the Angel of Protection, Uriel, the Angel of Ministration, who can lighten your load, Fortunata, the Angel of Prosperity, who brings gifts of abundance, Jamaerah, the Angel of Manifestation, who can help you manifest what you want, and Hamied, the Angel of Miracles.
We hope you get a chance to listen to our podcast. It is chock full of great information for those of you who have lost your jobs. It also has wisdom you can use in any area of your life.
Feel free to email us and let us know if you enjoyed our podcast. Please share it with anyone you know who needs some inspiration and encouragement in their lives at this time. Please also share it on social media by clicking the links below on this page. Help spread our light, along with the love that comes from our hearts. It is our mission to keep “sharing our light” and encouraging others to be in their joy and succeed beyond their wildest imagination.
Wishing you so many new opportunities, so much success and great prosperity,
Rev. Donna
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