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    My Clients are Willing to Face “The Elephant” in the Room

    Together We Can Shine a Light of Love on any Dark Spaces

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    Array of Advanced Energy Healing Modalities

    I Channel Love, Healing and Miracles from God and the Angels

  • Light

    Advanced Quantum Energy Healing Work

    Known as the “The Healer of Healers”

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    You Can Move Forward with Success, Joy and Fulfillment

    Break Through from Feeling Stuck and Frustrated

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    Advanced Energy <br>Healing for Pets

    Donna and her Dog Harry



Okay, I am ready to do this for myself, but have a couple of additional questions. Can I contact you?2016-10-09T15:39:57-07:00
Yes. You can email me at info@lovehealingandmiracles.com. You can also check to see if any of your additional questions might already be answered by going to Interview with Rev. Donna. If we have already had our get-acquainted session, you can also schedule a 15 – minute call by going to www.meetme.so/donnaelhaber.
I have a family and a busy life. Although I want to feel better and “break through” to “break free” from my limitations, I don’t have much time to spare. How much time will I need?2016-10-09T15:24:39-07:00
Saying “yes” to this kind of counseling and healing work is a gift that you have to be willing to give to yourself, knowing it will involve some time and commitment. When you receive that gift, you need to make it a priority and carve out the sacred time that will help energize and recharge your life so you will have more to give and also will be able to receive more. Sessions will usually be for an hour. There will be an action plan offered at the end of the session. It is up to you to decide how much or how little you will do between sessions to help you achieve your goals.
If I’m not sure I’m ready to get started, how can I sample your work to see if working with you is the right next step for me?2017-01-01T16:27:16-08:00
To listen to some excerpts from client counseling and healing sessions, click here. To listen to some meditations I have done, click here. You can check out some online teleseminars and interviews I have done by clicking here. You can also download for free 10 of the 25 ways from each of my two e-books located on the home page.
If you are not sure you are ready to get started, I would also recommend reading the answers to FAQs about client resistance to taking the next positive steps in their lives.
You can also talk with me personally in a free 30-minute get-acquainted session by scheduling an appointment at www.meetme.so/donnaelhaber.
Okay, I know which program I want. How do we get started?2017-01-02T02:12:19-08:00
We should first have a free 30-minute get-acquainted session to see if I can help and if the chemistry is right between us. If we agree we are a good match, you can go to PayPal or Dwolla to pay for the package that best meets your needs. Then you can schedule your first session at www.meetme.so/donnaelhaber.
Do you accept credit cards?2016-10-09T15:41:39-07:00
Yes, you can pay via PayPal (www.PayPal.com using my email address, donna@lovehealingandmiracles.com) and use a credit card there. You can also use Dwolla (www.Dwolla.com using my Dwolla ID Number: 812-270-4350) to pay via credit card.
How will we work together and what does each package entail?2016-12-01T02:01:05-08:00
We will work together either on the phone or more likely via Skype with video. I can work with people from all over the world using Skype. For the Twin Flame Love Package, clients will be invited to a counseling and healing session in our home. We can also modify this package to work with people on Skype as well.
I offer three levels of each package for your convenience so you can select which one best suits your needs. Each package offers a certain number of one-hour sessions, along with added-value extras to make each a good value for you.
You would schedule an appointment with me at www.meetme.so/donnaelhaber and our sessions would begin. You could conveniently schedule your sessions weekly, biweekly or monthly. For the best results and consistency, I would recommend setting up sessions either once a week or once every two weeks, depending on your schedule and availability. I have found that with the consistency of weekly sessions, more progress is likely.
Will I receive positive value for my investment in one of your packages or programs?2017-01-01T16:44:01-08:00
I can never guarantee what value anyone will receive. What happens depends not only what I offer, but also on your own commitment to the process. And there is always the unknown quantum factors of magic and mystery that may occur as God, the angels and other beings of light add their light to help clear blocks and offer their grace.
The value that so many of my clients have received is to feel so much better and lighter on  many levels. What each person gets from our sessions is so sacred and personal. I think the value of the angelic guidance, deep wisdom and counseling shared, along with the advanced energy healing I offer provide great value. I have found that so much good can come from opening to love, healing and miracles.
Why do you have different levels for each of your packages?2016-12-01T02:01:05-08:00
Every person has different needs, schedules and financial situations. The three levels offer clients the opportunity to select what will work best for them and to determine how they can get the most value from our sessions together.
Why do you have packages instead of single sessions?2016-12-01T02:01:05-08:00
Ihave packages instead of single sessions because it a way to bring much more added value for my clients. If someone is hiring a coach or a counselor, he or she cannot receive much value or go very deep if that person signs up for just one session. And it is the same for the improvements that are possible for pets. One session will not provide as deep or as powerful a result as a package of sessions.
When someone hires a personal trainer and sees that trainer just once a month, he or she will not have as much success or improvement as someone who sees that trainer every week for a few months. By creating packages, I am actually being of greater service to those I work with. That includes not only people, but pets as well.
Working at a Gym
How can you guarantee that I will feel better?2017-01-01T16:45:26-08:00
I cannot guarantee how you will feel during or after a session. Each person is affected so differently and each has unique issues to work through. What I can say, though, is that the predominant number of clients I have worked with experienced many benefits and results after our sessions together or even after I did remote prayers and healing.
 The benefits also vary widely, from someone gaining clarity on an important issue, someone feeling so much better physically, someone being uplifted from a deep depression, to someone healing a deep issue from  his or her past.
Usually with the combination of the creation of a safe and sacred place, the calling in of angels and other beings of light, counseling and guidance for the heart, mind and soul, and advanced energy healing, there are almost always some positive shifts for those who are open to receiving and to healing.
People Jumping Out of Joy
How quickly can I expect results?2016-12-01T02:01:05-08:00
Since we are all so individual, and there is a divine timing always at work, I cannot say how quickly you can expect results. What I can share is that most often, after sessions with me clients have a look of radiance on their faces, feel lighter in their hearts and more hopeful. And in many cases, I have been amazed myself at how quickly Spirit works miracles as the right guidance and healing are channeled through. In creating a sacred space of love and safety, it paves the way for more open and trusting hearts to receive love and healing.
Angel in Garden
Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?2016-12-01T02:01:05-08:00
Yes, if you are interested, I can provide some names of clients who would be happy to share their experiences with you. You can also check out my testimonial pages with the names and pictures of former clients who share their positive experiences by clicking here.
Does this really work and what results can I expect?2016-12-01T02:01:05-08:00
Yes, it does really work and I feel so blessed to be the channel through which so much love and so many miracles flow. You can check out some of the results that others have shared who have worked with me when you click here.
As for results, when in sessions, together we are uniting spiritually and co-creating love, healing and miracles together. If you are open and the divine timing is right, you can expect breakthroughs and transformational healing that can positively affect you on many levels and in all areas of your life. You will be empowered to move forward as you uncover and release negative emotions and open to more joy, ease and grace in your life. You will also open to more love, compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others, healing deep hurts and old wounds. From this empowered and heart-centered space of love, you can break through old patterns and experience deep transformation. Then so much healing and so many miracles will naturally flow into your life.
Sacred Spring

Then so much healing and so many miracles will naturally flow into your life.

What exactly is your “Break Through to Break Free Process™” and what does it include?2017-01-01T16:48:24-08:00
The “Break Through to Break Free Process™ enables you to experience breakthroughs so you can “break free” from old limiting patterns and internal programs that keep you stuck. The process enables you to connect with God, the angels, ascended masters, star beings and your eternal soul for healing on many deep levels.
This “Break Through to Break Free Process™ will help you uncover blocks to awakening, success, prosperity, health, life purpose, divine potential and love. In this process, you will also discover that no matter where you are on the path of your Divine Plan, you are so loved and already have all you need to move forward in your life.
This process includes preparing sacred space, counseling, angelic guidance, meditation, music, advanced energy healing and Quantum Prayer, among other possible components. It will help you love yourself more, open to forgiveness for yourself and others, and then allow you to open to more love in your life and a deeper connection with God and the angels. With that deeper connection, your thoughts, consciousness and vibration will all be elevated. With a more open and receptive heart, this process enables you to open to more love, healing and miracles and to more blessings, abundance and grace. You can see a chart and further description of this process by clicking here.
Niscroc, The Angel of Freedom
What type of person might not be a good fit for the services Rev. Donna offers?2016-12-01T02:01:05-08:00
My work would probably not be right for anyone who holds tightly to rigid belief systems and who is not comfortable connecting with God, the angels and other beings of light. It probably would not be the best fit for anyone who is skeptical about either our connection to the Divine or the magnificence of quantum physics and the manifestation of miracles. It would also not be right for anyone who is not willing to look with new eyes at some of their life situations. And it would not be right for anyone who does not put any time or effort into their transformation and does not take some positive action steps in between sessions.
Red Energy for Quantum Energy
What is expected of me?2016-12-01T02:01:05-08:00
When you request a get-acquainted session with me, I will send you links to my Frequently Asked Questions page, the Interview with Me page and my Testimonials page. I request that you read each of these pages thoroughly before speaking with me so you are clear about who I am, how I might help you, and the services and packages I offer.
I will also send you a brief list of questions for you to answer and send back to me at least a day before our scheduled call. That way our call can be focused on the answers to your questions and any additional questions you may have. I especially appreciate clients who are  willing to make a commitment to themselves and to me, are excited about diving deep and  exploring issues in their lives, while making progress and moving forward on their divine life path. After reading the pages, answering the list of questions I send you and emailing them back to me, you can then choose a time to meet with me at www.meetme.so/donnaelhaber. Then all you have to do is show up on time for your get-acqainted session with an open heart and mind. If all goes well and we find the chemistry to be right, then we can select a program that would best match your needs and schedule your first appointment.
Diving Deep
What type of person do you work best with?2016-12-01T02:01:05-08:00
I work best with clients who are spiritual seekers and those who are divinely sent to me by Spirit. Most come with an open heart and mind with no attachment to outcomes, and yet who understand that miracles happen every day. Those clients usually have a deep connection with God and the angels.
I work best with those who are willing to open up and face “the elephant” in the room, so we can both shine a light of love on it and any dark spaces waiting for this healing light.
I also work best with those who are committed to their own success and take the work we do together seriously. They show up on time, with an open heart and mind, and leave with an action plan they will carry out in the time between our sessions.

I work best with those who are willing to open up and face “the elephant” in the room, so we can both shine a light of love on it and any dark spaces waiting for this healing light.

How are you different from other ministers, counselors, healers and intuitive lightworkers?2017-01-01T16:51:55-08:00
What separates my work from other ministers, counselors, healers and intuitive lightworkers is that I have a rich array of advanced energy healing and other modalities I can use to help someone, depending on their unique circumstances. Some clients, especially those in the healing field, have called me “the healer of healers” because of the high-caliber, advanced quantum energy healing work I do. I also have the privilege of working with both people and pets, using my skills of counseling, healing and intuition to bring more peace and balance into the hearts and lives of those I serve.
Because of this, I am able to help people and pets heal physically and emotionally, as well as on other levels. I can provide comfort and clarity for those seeking guidance in their lives and help with life-changing decisions. I can also provide an array of advanced energy healing modalities, along with prayer, that enables me to channel love, healing and miracles from God and the angels to help others transform and experience miraculous breakthroughs.
As an ordained interfaith angel minister, I have cultivated a deep connection with the angelic realm. As a minister in The Angel Ministry, I am recognized as having within my essence the lineage of the Seraphim angels, those angels who sit closest to God.
My ministry is to let every person know what a miracle his or her life is and to provide compassion, comfort, solutions and transformational breakthroughs wherever I am and whenever I can, no matter how challenging the situation is. My husband calls my ministry “The Walking Ministry” because wherever I go, I am ministering to others and helping them heal, release, move forward, and always encouraging them to transcend old belief and previous ideas of lack and limitation.
Seraphim Angel

As a minister in The Angel Ministry, I am recognized as having within my essence the lineage of the Seraphim angels, those angels who sit closest to God.

Energy Healing

Some clients, especially those who are in the healing field, have called me “the healer of healers” because of the high-caliber, advanced quantum energy healing work I  do.


Hand of Light

I can also provide an array of advanced energy healing modalities, along with prayer, that enables me to channel love, healing and miracles from God and the angels.

What happens if you haven’t yet worked with people in my field?2015-05-12T23:47:22-07:00
I would schedule a 30-minute free get-acquainted call with you to see if I could be of service. And if I am not the right match for you, I would see if I could recommend someone who might be a better match for you.
Who are your typical clients?2017-01-01T16:53:15-08:00
I have worked with a variety of clients, including women from their 20s to their 70s, as well as some men of various ages. They are all bright, creative, gifted and spiritual. They are seeking to move forward on their paths to reap more success, joy and fulfillment in all areas of their lives, but feel stuck, frustrated and unable to move forward.
They struggle with any number or combination of issues, including abundance, weight, health, healing, clutter and those involving relationships, the pursuit of love and career fulfillment. For younger women, they are often struggling with career and relationship issues. Some have been deeply affected by painful break-ups. For spiritual men, the issues they are struggling with involve health, career, finances and love.

Many of my clients want to move forward on their paths to reap more success, joy and fulfillment.


But many feel stuck, frustrated, and unable to move forward.

How did you become involved in wanting to work with and heal pets and for how long have you been doing this?2016-12-01T02:01:05-08:00
When I received my first dog, Socrates, an English springer spaniel, in February 1998, I didn’t know then what I know now about the dangers of vaccinations (see my blog post about this subject). Socrates was over-vaccinated and became ill with a number of autoimmune issues, as well as with something called the rabies miasm. His health and my deep love for him led me on a path of learning ways to help animals heal and feel better on many levels. I have attended many seminars on canine health and behavior over the years. I have also attended seminars about vaccinations with Dr. W. Jean Dodds and Dr. Ronald Schultz. I also learned so much about helping dogs heal and feel better in my many Tellington TTouch® trainings.
How did you become an animal communicator and how long have you been doing this kind of work?2017-01-01T16:55:09-08:00
I took an animal communication class in the late 90s and felt as though I just didn’t understand how this was possible. I just didn’t get it. However, my interest and my intuition became stronger with each passing year, so I read many books on the subject. I took a second class and got some good hits that day. And then in 2006, I took a two-day class with a gifted animal communicator and psychic. All my readings those two days were very accurate. So I continued practicing with friends and others interested in having their animals read. I received validation after validation and was encouraged by my teacher to become a professional animal communicator.
How did you become an advanced energy healer and for how many years have you been doing this kind of work?2016-12-01T02:01:05-08:00
My journey into the world of energy healing began in 2001 when I attended a grief group led by a Roman Catholic chaplain in a local hospital. She told me to register for a Reiki class being taught by a nurse at the hospital. I went from Reiki I to becoming a Reiki Master in two years. Then throughout the years, I was guided to different classes and teachers. I kept on learning more and more and received a variety of activations that have led me to become an advanced energy healer, working with energy and healing on the quantum level, working with angels, ascended masters, and with a variety of light beings in different dimensions.
Some of you may be searching for work that makes your heart sing. For many years, I was searching for work that would make me deeply happy. Joseph Campbell called it “finding your bliss.” I took many classes on this subject while I was a writer and editor and as a corporate communications and public relations professional. It wasn’t until I began doing my healing work and later began working with animals and with the spiritual realm that I found my true calling. It all came together step by step as one class and teacher led to the other. I am so deeply grateful to be doing the work I love. It is a beautiful gift from God and the angels.
Donna and Harry
How did you get to be an interfaith angel minister and how long have you been ordained?2016-12-01T02:01:05-08:00
I was ordained by Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney, President of Gateway University, on April 25, 2012, at a sacred retreat center amidst the beauty of the majestic sequoias in Ben Lomond, CA. I went through a very rigorous nine-month academic course of study that included online classes, readings and writing assignments. The program involved three segments. In the first I was certified as an angel reader, in the second, an angel counselor, and in the third, an interfaith angel minister.
The choice for me to become a minister was something that just happened very naturally. I loved doing angel readings for myself and others and saw Kimberly’s email about becoming a certified angel reader. I shared this with my then fiancé, and soon after, there was an email confirming my enrollment into the class. It was a gracious gift from my fiancé.
I loved the curriculum, learned so much and decided to continue on. It was just a natural progression. All was divinely orchestrated. I would never have thought of myself as a minister, or of becoming one, but it has over time become so much of who I am and what I do: ministering to so many beautiful hearts and souls.



To learn more about Rev. Donna, her “Break Through to Break Free Process™,” and which of her services would best help you, you can send an email to info@lovehealingandmiracles.com. Click here to schedule a free 30-minute get-acquainted phone session with her to see if she can help you or your pet.


I invite you to download for free the first 10 ways from my “25 Ways to Attract More Love Into Your Life” e-book. I wrote this e-book in response to what my clients and friends most wanted to attract into their lives. It provides a wealth of information to help you heal, move forward, open your heart, and take positive action to attract more love into your life. For more information about my love e-book that can help your heart open to so much more love, click here.


I invite you to download for free the first 10 ways from my “25 Ways to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Dog” e-book. I wrote this e-book to help guardians and pets develop deeper, more positive relationships, and to promote the health and well-being of so many beloved dogs. As guardians, we owe our dogs the best quality of lives we can offer them. As Maya Angelou once shared with Oprah Winfrey, “When we know better, we do better.” For more information about my e-book to help guardians and their dogs, click here.
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