Divine Plan Sacrament

Divine Plan Sacrament


The Divine Plan Sacrament is a sacred way to gain information about your life and future. It will also address your life purpose with your soul purpose. Through it, you can gain many insights that can help you now with whatever you have been going through in your life.  Micah, the angel of Divine Plans, will be overseeing all Divine Plan readings. You will enjoy your journey with Micah as you dive deeply into your own life path and strengthen your connection both to your Higher Self and the Divine.
In two 1.5-hour sessions, you will learn about different facets of your Divine Plan to help you chart a positive trajectory in your life. You can find out what may be holding you back in your life, what blocks may be preventing you from achieving more love, joy, success and fulfillment in your life. Micah, the Angel of Divine Plans, will be overseeing all.

Micah, the Angel of Divine Plan, from “Angel Blessings” Oracle Card Deck by Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney


Divine Plan Sacrament

In two 1.5-hour sessions, eight cards will be selected for different areas and aspects of your life. We will divide them into four cards for each session. They include:

1st Angel CardYour Current Reality

Together we will review your current life situation. We will consider what you think is going well and what challenges you are currently having. Exploring what is happening in your life now, we will seek guidance from this angel to consider all aspects of your current life, from your relationships with family, friends and co-workers to your job, how you relax, what hobbies or projects you are involved in, and whatever makes you feel happy and fulfilled. We will also look at whatever you find unfulfilling in your life and try to come up with solutions to shift whatever is not working in your life.
We will also look at your financial picture and your family relationships. Then you will be able to reflect on how each of these aspects of your life affects your spiritual path and your happiness. Do they take you closer to or farther away from your Divine destiny? We will see how this angel can help and what wisdom this angel will offer you.

Then you will be able to reflect on how each of these aspects of your life affects your spiritual path and your happiness. Photo by Terri Heisele from www.freeimages.com.

2nd Angel CardThe Challenge

We will explore what your current major challenge in life is. With all that has happened in your life, we will look at whether there are any recurring themes that keep coming up and holding you back. Together we will see if this challenge and others have actually been blessings in your life. We will examine whether they have really propelled you forward to more awareness and greater prosperity.
Blessings often come in the form of challenges to move you forward on your life path. They can help identify “illusions.” Viewing situations in your life only one way can separate you from your full potential. Together we will open the gift this angel offers to help recognize and meet the challenge or challenges you are facing.

3rd Angel CardAngel Mind

This angel card will be selected to help you elevate your consciousness from your current way of thinking about yourself and your life to thinking more about the “eternal” you and your connection with Source. This angel will shine a light on the small issues of everyday life to help you ascend to a higher perspective, guiding you to work on becoming a beautiful reflection of gratitude and unconditional love. With this angel’s help, you can begin to recognize and overcome challenges, and begin opening your heart more to receive information about your Divine Plan.

4th Angel CardLetting Go

This fourth angel card will help you uncover whatever you are you afraid to reveal. With this angel, we can identify what might be holding you back.
This angel will illuminate whatever limitations, judgments and negative beliefs you are ready to release. For example, you might be worried about making any commitments in a relationship even if you feel you have found your soulmate. We will look at these blocks and see if they have been separating you from your desires and what might be in your very best interest. In identifying what it is that you need to let go, this angel will offer many blessings.

5th Angel CardYour Wisdom

The angel selected here will help you mine and uncover all that you already know so deeply in your heart and soul. This angel will be your champion and guide you to affirm all of the talents you have and the gifts that you bring to the world. Together we talk about wisdom from your heart, look back on all you have experienced through the eyes of love and celebrate the progress you have already made. You will be surprised as this angel guides you to reflect on how wise you already are. Together with this angel, you can strengthen your trust in your own decision-making skills and abilities.

6th Angel CardYour Talents and Abilities

This angel will help you assess your skills, gifts and talents. Together we will write down everything you are good at. Where have you succeeded most? What do you love to do most? Who have you helped? What activities have given you the most joy and fulfillment? What activities do you do where time seems to pass so quickly?
We can take an inventory of all your skills, such as what you have accomplished in your career and volunteer services, along with your technical and artistic skills. Everything from your hobbies to the athletic activities you enjoy can be included.
All that you have experienced thus far in your life has been helping you prepare for the next steps on your Divine Plan life path. This angel can also help you integrate your spiritual life with your current life in the real world. All that this angel will help you uncover will reflect a beautiful tapestry of the life you have lived so far.

All that you have experienced thus far in your life has been helping you prepare for the next steps on your Divine Plan life path. Photo by Maxim Norland from www.freeimages.com.

7th Angel CardThe Message

The angel who delivers this message will share a reminder or blessing to encourage you and will also share a challenge for you. That challenge is meant to help you clear away any illusions keeping you from manifesting all that you desire. This message will also help you connect more deeply with God and your Eternal Self.

8th Angel CardThe Gift

This angel bears tidings of a great gift for you. Together we will unwrap that gift and its important meaning. You will be asked to stay on alert to watch for it in your daily life. When you notice any synchronicities or miracles, you should begin writing them down in a journal.

This angel bears tidings of a great gift for you. Photo by gopalsamy from www.freeimages.com.


I am very pleased with my angel card reading by Donna El Haber. Donna is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. During the reading that I had with her, she was very patient, polite and positive. She spent a very quality time with me, listened to my story and questions very effectively and she did a wonderful job in connecting with me and the angels and Source.
I am really grateful for knowing Donna and will use her services in future. And I also recommend Donna and her services to you, your family and friends and even to your clients if you have a business. Certainly the guidance provided by angels and interpretation of the cards by an angel minister like Donna, you would get answers to your questions or even heal yourself and the wounds you had whether in this lifetime or previous ones.
Dr. Kamran Akbarzadeh, Founder of Dream Achievers Academy


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