Watch Rev. Donna talk about the packages she offers for pets and their guardians.

Listen to the heartfelt testimonial of Karen Collier Arbel, one of Donna’s former clients, talk about her experience.

Packages for Pets and Guardians

Welcome to my Packages for Pets page.  Take a look at the different packages I offer and see which one resonates most for you. My best hope is that I can be a channel of healing and  light for you and your beloved pet.
If you have a pet you want to understand better and bond more deeply with, there is a package for you. If you have a pet in need of healing, or you would like a holistic health consult to help your pet feel better, there is a package for you. For those of you with senior pets or pets who are very sick, there is a package to support you and your pet on your challenging journey together. And for those of you who have a lost pet, there is also a package to help calm your heart and  reach out to your pet to help bring your pet back to you.
I have created three levels, gold, silver and bronze, for each of the packages to help meet your individual needs. Please review these packages so you can decide which one might best suit your needs. That way, if you want to have a get-acquainted session with me, you can prepare questions for me based on what you’ve read.
Additionally, if you don’t find what you need for your pet in the packages I have created, we can work together to customize a package for you based on the unique needs and circumstances of you and your pet (or pets). We can also talk about this in a free 30-minute get-acquainted session.
You can go to and book your free half-hour session to see if I can help.
I appreciate you taking the time to review the material here. If it is divinely orchestrated for us to work together, it will be my joy to help you and your pet feel so much better and bond more deeply.

Healthy Pet and Guardian Packages

Health consults, energy healing, and animal communication can help your pet.


You can get a health consult and recommendations, have resources about health emailed to you and check in through animal communication to see how your dog is feeling physically, mentally and emotionally. Click here to find more.

Pets in Transition Packages

Get support for your senior pets who are facing many health challenges.


I will provide guidance, love and support for you and your pet through counseling, health consult recommendations and referrals, animal communication, advanced energy healing, prayer work and other offerings. Click here to find more.

Lost Pet

Get guidance at this challenging time to help bring your lost pet home safely

Receive assistance to support you and your pet during this challenging time

I have a wealth of resources to share with you. Using my intuitive and dowsing skills and connection with angels, guides, and other animals in your home, I can help bring your pet home safely. Click here to find more.

Tellington TTouch® Packages

Bring your pets back into balance physically, mentally and emotionally.


I will help your pet feel better physically, mentally and emotionally, deepen the relationship between you and your pet, teach you about Tellington TTouches, and discuss equipment that offers greater ease for you and your pet. Click here to find more.

Animal Communication

Deepen the bond with your pet, and help solve physical, mental and emotional issues.

Receive valuable information about your pet

I can communicate with your pet on a very deep level and help address emotional, behavioral and health issues, among a variety of other possibilities. Click here to find more.


Combine elements from different packages to meet your pet's needs.


We will work together to customize a package that best suits your needs and budget, and decide on the level of your package based on your situation and speed of desired results.

Benefits of Working with Me

Click here to learn about the many benefits I can offer your pets, from animal communication and health consults to Tellington TTouch® and a variety of advanced healing modalities, among others.

What Clients Are Saying

“I was feeling very frustrated because my Whippet Paley was doing all her “business” in my home. When we had our second session, I was so delighted to report that despite the cold, snow and ice, Paley was now going outside to do her business. After working with Donna, Paley and I had a deeper connection than ever before.”
Deborah Cooper Roberts
“Donna has brought to light so many amazing concepts to me and
my family. Her spiritual intuitiveness has been a healing presence
and I am so grateful. Donna has done animal communication
readings for both of my dogs. She has been on target during their
lives and beyond.”
Elaine Berg
“Your readings for me provided the healing and closure I desperately needed. In my opinion, if you can help one person to heal the emotional wounds from the loss of a pet, then you have done your job.”
Kimberly Carnevale
“What is really great is the lightness I now feel – in my heart, my soul, my body, my mind. I don’t think I realized the heaviness I was carrying from unexpressed emotions and feelings of guilt. Being in touch with my beautiful dogs, including all those rescues who joined in the chorus, really made my heart sing.”
Marge Piatak
“Donna was of tremendous help when Tango, a beautiful young
Sheltie I recently placed, went missing. I thank Donna for her help
and we all thanked God and the angels for his safe return. I would
highly recommend Donna for her many skills, but to me the most
important one is what she can do for you in a terrible time.”
Donna Colletti
“Donna’s Tellington TTouch® method is very effective and the
animals responded to her as if they were drawn to a magnet.
It was very impressive to watch her gentle and soothing style
as she won the hearts of my two cats.”
Harriet Leff
“Zuni and I both are feeling better today — thank you so much for
your healing efforts and prayers!! Zuni is visibly more comfortable
this morning after your Reconnective Healing work.”
Jana Socha