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When I find products I love, especially ones that are beneficial for health, I get very excited. And if it’s possible for me to become an affiliate to spread the word about a product I love, then that’s even better for me. I get even more excited when I know I am helping others.
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My husband Sharbel and I were looking for the best quality air purifier we could find. We had an old air purifier that also produced ionization. It lasted many years, but it was time to upgrade. We had other air purifiers in our home, but none that also included ionization, something I really like and appreciate. It’s such a great feeling when you walk into your home and it smells like the air after a purifying rain.
We first learned about this air purifier on the Stew Peters show when he interviewed a company representative from Triad Aer. It had a memorable URL, That URL comes from the fact that with Triad Aer air purifiers, you don’t have to clean filters. Instead they have ceramic plates that you clean once a month.
We had a great conversation with Roger, who knows the history of the company and all its products very well. He told us that the Alpine Air purifier I still had and still liked so much was a very old version of the new Triad Aer purifiers. When we found out all the positive features and benefits of the Triad Aer Pro, the one that is also used in medical and dental offices, we bought two of them, one for the upstairs level of our home and one for downstairs.
We love them. There is always a fresh, clean ionized smell when we enter our home, like the smell I love to inhale after a purifying rain. We know that the advanced technology of this purifier is removing dust, mold, odors, allergens, viruses and more from the air in our home.
It is fairly priced for the great value it offers. We feel better knowing that we are not only protecting ourselves and providing cleaner air for us to breathe, but we will also be protecting guests who visit our home and healing center. And we will also be protecting our beloved dog Harry, a senior English springer spaniel.

With the Triad Aer Pro, there is always a fresh, clean ionized smell when we enter our home, like the clean smell after a purifying rain. Photo by Enrico Mantegazza on Unsplash

Triad Aer Pro

I liked this air purifier so much that I became an affiliate of the company. If you use my promo code, miracles222, you will receive a 10% discount on any of your Triad Aer purchases. Click here to check out this very effective and multi-feature air purifier from Triad Aer.
Here are some of its major features:
  • Electrostatic Filtration
  • Needlepoint Ionization
  • Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation
  • Pulse Ionization
  • Scalable Air Purification
  • Purifies Air Up to 3,000 sq. ft.
  • Energy Efficient (45 Watts)
And here are some of its major benefits:
  • With electrostatic filtration, it purifies every corner of your home.
  • The advanced photocatalytic oxidation and pulse ionization collect all harmful matter and provide you with pure air.
  • The needlepoint ionization technology purifies the air by electrically charging the air molecules in your home.
  • The Triad Aer Pro air purifier is energy efficient, saving you from the expense of costly electric bills.
  • It will remove all the dust and allergens from the air inside your home.

I find the Triad Aer Pro to be very sleek and modern and easy to operate. Photo of Triad Aer Pro air purifier from Triad Aer at

To learn more about the Triad Aer Pro, click here. And again, to receive a 10% discount on your purchase, put in the promo code: miracles222

Triad Aer IQ Mini Purifier

We also love Triad Aer’s IQ Mini Purifier. This small space plug-in air purifier is a great way to purify air in small bathrooms, closets, laundry rooms and more. It is also wonderful to take along with you when you travel so you can plug it into one of your hotel room outlets.
We put ours in the bathroom that guests use when visiting our home healing center.
Here are some of its benefits described by Triad Aer on its website:
To learn more about this purifier or to purchase it, click here.
To receive a 10% discount on this product, enter the promo code: miracles222.

Compact and easy to take with you when you travel, Triad Aer’s Mini Purifier leaves a small room smelling fresh as it eliminates odors and bacteria. Photo of Triad Aer’s Mini Aer Purifier from

Triad Shield Aer

I love this very portable air purifier that can be clipped onto your shirt or worn as a necklace, whichever is more comfortable for you. Since I purchased two of these air purifiers, I have become something of a Shield Aer addict. I even wear one around the house. Who wouldn’t love to be continually breathing in a fresh stream of purified and ionized air, especially if you have any respiratory issues? Its primary purpose is to protect you when you go out.
You can wear it in your workspace or when you go shopping. For instance, I wear it when we go out shopping or to any medical or dental offices. I recently found it to be a relief to have it when we had to take our dog to several veterinary hospital visits in small rooms with little ventilation.
Happily, it lasts up to 28 hours and is easily rechargeable. By having two of them, I never have any down time. One is always there if I need it.
When you click the button to put it on, a blue light comes on and you can immediately feel a delightful stream of fresh air flowing.

Photo of Triad’s Shield Aer from Triad Aer’s website at

Here are some of the features and benefits of the Shield Aer:
  • Creates a 4 ft. clean-air zone (bubble)
  • Comfortable breakaway lanyard
  • You can attach your own lanyard
  • Lasts up to 28 hours
  • Recharges in 3-5 hours
  • Supports those who must wear masks
  • Produces an ion density of 50 million per cubic cm
  • Creates ion wind of 90 feet per minute
Here is what the company shares on its website:
“Triad Aer brings to you Shield Aer. This amazing new product is our latest technology in personal protection. Wear it like a necklace or clip it onto a shirt or apron. Particles will bounce off of you creating a shield protecting your breathing space for up to 4 feet! It is rechargeable and easy to use. You can also interchange the necklace with one of your own to create your own style.”
I never want to be without my Triad Aer Shield, either outside or even in my own home. I find it helps with sinus and breathing difficulties. Having strong allergies to dust mites, I find the Shield Aer to be a great blessing in my life.

Triad’s Aer Shield protects your breathing space for up to four feet, surrounding you in a kind of protective bubble of clean air. Photo by Raspopova Marina on Unsplash

To receive a 10% discount on this product, use the promo code: miracles222. I think you will really like and greatly appreciate this convenient and lightweight product, especially with so many people getting sick. Click here to find and purchase Triad’s Shield Aer. Stew Peters is featured on the page smiling and wearing his Shield Aer around his neck.
On his show Stew Peters interviewed Mike Dillon, the creator of the Triad Aer products. Here is Stew Peters’ interview with him as they both praise all the Triad Aer products, especially the Triad Shield Aer. Check it our here.
If you have any questions, check out Triad Aer’s FAQ page at
I am so excited to be an affiliate of this company and to help spread the word about Triad Aer’s awesome technology that can make a big difference in the lives of all who use these products in their homes, when they go out and when they travel.
Here again are the links to buy the Triad Aer products. Remember to use the promo code: miracles 222 to get your 10% discount!
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