Packages for People

My Packages for People have been crafted to address some major life issues and offer comfort, healing and support for those facing an array of challenges. The packages have also been created to help you move past blocks and old ways of thinking so you can move forward, breaking free from whatever has been holding you back and breaking through to more health, joy, and abundance, along with a deeper connection to Spirit.
  • “Time to Awaken to Abundance and Joy” Transformational Packages with Archangels Remliel, the Angel of Awakening, Fortunata, the Angel of Prosperity, Ramaela, the Angel of Joy and Micah, the Angel of Divine Plan, can help you shift from  sadness and negative thinking to gratitude and awe of all the blessings in your life.
  • Angelic Love and Heart Healing” Transformational Packages with Archangel Hadraniel, the Angel of Love, can help you break free from former heartache and heartbreak and break through to opening up to so much more love in your life.
  • “Vibrant Health and Healing” Transformational Packages with Archangel Rafael, the Angel of Healing, can help you feel so much better on all levels. What you think and feel is so deeply connected to your physical health. When your thoughts and emotions begin to change, so will your health. I have a rich array of tools and wisdom to help you move forward on a path of love, healing and miracles.

Hear the heartfelt testimonial of Shohreh Ghorbani who talks about her transformational experience.

  • “Soul Purpose and Arcturian Blueprint Activation” Transformational Packages, with the support and guidance of so many angels, can help you get clear on your life purpose and your career path. If you know you are not doing what you came here to do, and if your soul feels stifled and weary, it is a sign that you are seeking higher guidance to enable your soul to fulfill its divine destiny. I am here to help you “break free” from your old comfort zone and look ahead to new ways of being in the world as you open to the divinely guided destiny you came here to fulfill.
  • “Embraced by Twin Flame Love and Wisdom” Transformational Packages, supported by so many loving angels, are offered with my husband Sharbel and our dog Harry. We invite you and one or some of your family members into our home as our special guests. Together we work on illuminating and healing issues involving love, partnership, health and career, or whatever other issue you are facing that needs attention, love and healing. Whenever my husband and I work with clients together, there is always the possibility for alchemical transformation, magic, mystery and so many miracles. Although we prefer that this work is done in person, we can talk about the possibility of working with you via Skype Video for this package.
I have created three levels, gold, silver and bronze, for each of the packages to help meet your individual needs. Please review these packages so you can decide which one might suit you best. That way, if you want to have a get-acquainted session with me, you can prepare questions for me based on what you’ve read.
Additionally, if you don’t find what you need in the packages I have created, we can work together to customize a package for you based on your unique needs and circumstances. We can also talk about this in a free 30-minute get-acquainted session.
If you know what package you want, we can talk about it in your free get-acqauinted session. You can go to and book your free half-hour session to see if the chemistry is right for us to work together. I appreciate you taking the time to review the material here. If it is divinely orchestrated for us to work together, it will be my joy to help you feel so much better.

Angelic Love and Heart Healing Packages

Heal your heart and open to more and more love that is waiting for you


Heal your sad and broken heart as you release past issues, open to forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others and gently begin to receive more love than you ever thought possible. Click here to find more.

Time to Awaken to Abundance and Joy

Take the leap to awaken to joy and abundance and dive into your divine destiny!


Begin to open up to a life of infinite possibilities and miracles, as you blossom and shine in magnificent ways. Click here to find more.

Vibrant Health and Healing Packages

Feel better on all levels -- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually


Embrace a new way of looking at your life as you release negative thoughts and allow health and joy to flow into your life. Click here to find more.

Soul Purpose and Arcturian Blueprint Activation

Find out what your soul purpose is and align with your Divine Plan


You will get guidance and counseling to help you “break through” to a deeper understanding of your soul’s purpose and begin to align with your heart’s desires and your divine life mission. Click here to find more.

Embraced by Twin Flame Love and Wisdom Packages

Bathe your soul in the sweet energy of Twin Flame love


You will get an angel reading, counseling and advanced healing from Rev. Donna, and coaching, healing, and deep wisdom from Sharbel, who is a certified life coach. Click here to find more.


Create a unique custom package
for you!


We will work together to customize a package that best suits your needs and budget, and decide on the level of your package and how many hours together we will schedule for your custom sessions, based on your current situation and speed of desired results. Click here to find more.

Benefits of Working with Me

Click here to learn the many benefits I can offer you, from Reconnective Healing and Arcturian Healing Light to Matrix Energetics and Access Consciousness’s “Running the Bars,”  among a variety of other advanced healing modalities.

What Clients Are Saying

“Donna, just wanted to let you know what it was like to wake up
this morning without that brick in my heart. I DANCED to Glee
last night, not once, but 4x!!! My entire body and being is so
much lighter!!! I feel like Ebenezer Scrooge on Xmas morning.”
Margo Mateas
“My reading was so divinely guided. I thought my question might be a little cryptic, but all my prayers were answered. Donna and her Angels and Guides will help you with life issues and shine a light in places where you may not have even looked for guidance.”
Tina Kerkham
“My session with you went straight into the heart of the questions
I was facing and revealed the essential keys to help me meet those
challenges with confidence and clarity. I had a heart-opening cry
and felt much relief as truth always seems to provide. I also gained
the inspiration needed to navigate tough crossroads and come out
safely and victoriously on the other side.”
Andreea Petruse
“The session really calmed me down and helped my healing begin.
She helped clarify what I needed to learn from this situation
and also helped me validate other areas in my life I need to
focus on. I would highly recommend her because of the depth
of her knowledge, the strength of her healing powers, as well
as her compassion and kindness.”
Irina Benedict
“Our session was so amazing, so great, so real. It showed me how
I have built a big armor over my heart over the years and how it
will dissolve as I shift to hold a space for positive thoughts. I will
listen to the recording of our session many times because it
has taught me a lot. Oh how I am grateful. I will do my best to
shift… I am so grateful for everything and for this session.”
Sana Chebaro
“I felt my body healed immediately after the session with you.
It was obvious that my chest congestion was gone right after
the healing. I felt all the symptoms that were bothering me for
more than a month were gone. I felt vibrant, happy, and
healthy. Indeed, you are a gifted person with strong connection
to angels. Thanks for sharing your gifts with others.”
Shohreh Ghorbani
“Donna creates a sacred space to allow for spiritual expansion and
the healing of wounds. She made me feel totally at ease. I found our session very uplifting and inspiring and I felt so peaceful after we had spoken. This was a most empowering experience and I can’t recommend you highly enough.”
Rev. Saxon Knight