Soul Purpose Counseling and Healing Session


“Soul Purpose” Counseling and Healing Session

This 1.5-hour Skype video session is designed to explore what your soul purpose here might be. You may be someone who is searching for the right career path and seeking much more fulfillment in your work. This session will help you get more clarity about what steps you can take to best align with what gives you the most joy.
We will also discuss any blocks you may have to achieving greater satisfaction both personally and professionally, so you can open to greater joy and abundance in your life when you align with your soul’s purpose. You came here to serve an important purpose. It is part of your Divine Plan.
When you are misaligned and not doing what you love, what fuels your soul or what you came here to do, it can affect your health and well-being. You will know because you might not enjoy your work or feel any passion for it. If you are not living your soul purpose either in your personal or professional life, it can take its toll on your energy and also affect your attitude and how you see the world. You may even begin to feel defeated and lost. In this session, we can discuss ways to get you back on track and identify what might bring you the most joy.

This session will help you get more clarity about what next steps to take on your path to aligning with your soul purpose. Photo by Maxim Norland from

The Archangel Micah, the Angel of Divine Plan, will help oversee the session. I will do an angel card reading that will offer divine guidance to help you gain clarity.
One of the goals of this session will be to help you gain clarity about your soul’s purpose and to help you align with what your soul most longs to do in this lifetime.


“Soul Purpose” Counseling and Healing Session

I will offer some advanced energy healing to help you feel better and gain more clarity about what next steps to take on your path. The session will also include prayers, a meditation and possibly some music to inspire you and your soul.
This session will include:
  • An opening prayer
  • Calling in the Angels Meditation
  • Listening to you share what’s in your heart
  • Counseling and guidance
  • An angel card reading or a career card reading
  • Some action steps you can take to align with your soul purpose
  • Advanced Energy Healing (including Arcturian healing)
  • Quantum Prayer
  • A downloadable recording of your session
  • Scans of the angel cards or career cards and messages emailed to you
  • Other resources and advice that can help you with whatever issues you are facing
You are a child of the most high God and deserve nothing less than to be excited and enthusiastic about the work you are doing in the world, whatever that is. From being a mother, father, volunteer, to being an entrepreneur, someone working in non-profit or a top executive, you deserve to be happy. Whether working indoors or outside, in an office or at home, whether working in the United States, abroad or online, you will know what feels best for you and what makes your heart happiest.

Heading down the highway of your life, you deserve to gain clarity about your soul’s purpose so you can align with what will both make you happiest and also be of greatest service to others. Photo by Marcello eM from

Whether working with children, adults, senior citizens, immigrants, top executives or struggling youth, your heart will know what feels right.
Most often your heart will feel best when you are in service to others and sharing your finest gifts and talents with the world.
If you find this single session helpful and inspirational, you can decide whether you would like to continue working with me to help uncover your soul’s purpose and your next steps on your path to deeper fulfillment.
To learn more about my “Soul Purpose and Arcturian Blueprint Activation” packages, click here.


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