“25 Ways to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Dog” E-Book

Sharing What I Learned as a Guardian to Help Your Dog Thrive

  • Do you want to improve your dog’s health?
  • Do you want to improve some of your dog’s behaviors?
  • Do you want to deepen your bond with your dog?
  • Would you like your walks with your dog to be safer and more peaceful?
  • Would you like some dietary recommendations for your dog?
  • Do you want to know what supplements to purchase for your dog’s health?
  • Do you know the proper vaccination protocol for your dog?
  • Do you know what to look for in a veterinarian?
  • Would you like to learn about holistic ways of helping your dog feel better?
  • Would you like to learn more about advanced energy modalities to help your dog heal?
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What is this E-book about?

This e-book is my way of sharing some of the most important ways I know to maintain a happy and healthy dog. It has been a labor of love to write and record this book and is my gift to all those guardians who will read this book and whose dogs will benefit from these ways I have found to keep my own dogs happy and healthy.
If you have a dog, you are probably someone who loves your dog deeply and wants to be the very best guardian you can to help your dog live a very long and healthy life. This book is my way of being in service and sharing some very important ingredients that can create a recipe for a happy and healthy dog.
What I share reveals some of what I have learned on my own journey with my two dogs, Harry, age 5, a black-and-white English springer spaniel who is with me and my husband now, and Socrates, my first dog, a liver-and-white English springer spaniel, who passed in July of 2011. They both have taught me so much about how to be a better guardian. And every day, I continue to learn and improve.
These tips are just a basic guideline for actions you can take to help your dog live a happier and healthier life. Socrates lived until he was almost 14 years old. He taught me so much in the time we were together. And Harry continues to teach me every day as well.
To better Socrates’ life and my own, I was and have been on a course of learning and searching, reading, taking many classes, both in-person and online, on canine health, diet, behavior, animal communication and healing, among other topics.
Best Guardian

We all love our dogs and want to be the very best guardians we can be, so our dogs can live happy and healthy lives. Photo by Alfred Borchard from www.freeimages.com.

He helped me become a better healer, guided me to Tellington TTouch® work, and continued to teach and guide me every day until his death. As I was writing the e-book, I heard “our song” called “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol come on my Pandora internet radio. To listen to it on YouTube, click here. It is his and Spirit’s way of letting me know that he is still right beside me, helping me and inspiring me to help other dogs.
From how best to build the foundation of your relationship with your dog, to being a good leader, this e-book tackles many important issues involving health, such as what you should know about the vaccination issue and titer testing for your dog, to what food and supplements I recommend and use. From sharing ideas about how to help your dog feel safe and calm, to suggestions about what equipment you should use to walk your dog, this e-book is chock full of information.
In addition to covering a wide range of issues and topics, I provide an array of additional information in each of the ways, from articles on the dangers of flexi-leads to discussions about dog parks and what you need to know before you decide to bring your dog to your local dog park.
I also address ways to help your dog heal and how to be a good health advocate for your dog.
I share my own experiences and stories of what went right and what went wrong on my journey with my two dogs.
Socrates and Harry

Harry came into my life in early July of 2011, so Socrates could leave my heart in Harry’s very good paws. This was the day of their first meeting. Three weeks later, Socrates made his transition. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2011. All rights reserved.

Socrates and Harry

Both Socrates and Harry continue to inspire me to be a better guardian and to help other guardians and their dogs. Photos by Donna El Haber and creative photo composition by May Taylor, 2011. All rights reserved.

If you are not interested in holistic modalities, products or services, then this book is probably not for you. While honoring traditional medicine for the good it can do, I always like an integrative approach where veterinarians can integrate other modalities into the mix of their medicine. I have come to seek out alternative ways of keeping my dog healthy and I want to encourage others to do so as well.
For those of you too busy to read, I have created an audio book for you. The information is too important not to be read or heard. You can click here to purchase both the e-book and audio book for $19.97.

What Will You Learn?

Within each of the ways, I included additional resources. So in addition to what I share about my personal experiences and choices, you will be reading the thoughts and opinions of many others on a variety of subjects.
In the relatively small number of 25 ways, I have packed in an array of important information and resources. My audio e-book is over 3 hours. And my e-book, with its beautiful pictures, is over 200 pages long.
Tellington TTouch® Work

Tellington TTouch® is one of the holistic ways to help your dog feel calmer and so much better in a variety of ways. Pictured above is Linda Tellington-Jones, the creator of The Tellington TTouch® Method, with Pearl, who attended one of the TTouch® trainings in New Jersey. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2009. All rights reserved.

Here is just some of what you will learn:
  • Important information about vaccinations and what many veterinary experts are sharing on this controversial subject
  • Titer testing instead of vaccinations
  • How to build the foundation of a good relationship with your dog
  • Important supplements for your dog’s health
  • The diet I recommend and use for my dog
  • What you need to be safe when you go on a walk with your dog
  • What equipment you should be using
  • Recommendations about veterinarians
  • Alternative modalities to help your dog heal
  • What to do if you have to go away
  • Suggestions for activities you can do with your dog
  • How to calm your dog
  • Tellington TTouch®
  • And so much more!

You will learn in my e-book how I helped Murry, this very handsome Australian shepherd dog, and shifted some of his very fearful behaviors. I always called him my Mr. Murry Miracle dog. Photo by Judie Paterno-Skolnick, 2007. All rights reserved.

Sharbel and Harry

In my e-book, you will learn what you need to have safe and peaceful walks with your dog. Pictured above is my husband Sharbel with our dog Harry on a peaceful walk. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2016. All rights reserved.

This book is written to help those guardians who want to do their best, but just might not know “what they don’t know.”


Who You Are?

  • You are a kind, loving and caring guardian who always wants to do what’s best for your dog to keep him happy and healthy. You are always searching for new ways to help your dog feel good and stay healthy.
  • If any health issue arises, you are someone who tries to find optimal solutions for your dog. You are interested in learning more and are open to new ways of working with your dog if you know that it will improve his health and emotional well-being.
  • You are probably someone who more easily invests in your dog than in yourself. You are someone who is very closely connected to your dog and may not even realize just how emotionally interconnected you are.
  • You are someone who feels so blessed that your dog has graced your life, providing unconditional love, laughter and joy. You are a wonderful guardian who “does better” when you “know better.” And you are always learning and seeking new ways to strengthen the bond between you and your dog, while supporting your dog’s health and well-being.
Lady with Dog

You are a kind and loving guardian who is always searching for ways to help your beloved dog stay happy and healthy. Photo by Jason Nelson from www.freeimages.com.

Jack Jack

When JackJack, a beautiful Shetland sheepdog, was rescued, those in the rescue group had to go back to the basics of building a foundation of trust, love and mutual respect. I had the privilege of helping this wonderful dog remember the miracle that he is. Photo by Amy Cook, 2016. All rights reserved.

What Do You Need Most to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Dog?

  • The best information from professionals and others
  • An open heart and an open mind
  • The desire to always do what’s best for your dog to the best of your ability
  • To build a solid foundation of trust, respect and love
  • To be the best leader you can be, coming up with the right solutions for any problems presented
  • To give the appropriate amount of time, love and care to your dog
  • To come from a place of love, compassion and strength
  • To seek cooperation in your relationship with your dog
  • To create a space and an environment where your dog can feel safe
Man with Dog

You are someone who is very closely connected to your dog and may not even realize just how emotionally interconnected you are. Photo by Carin Lundblad from www.freeimages.com.

Open Heart

You need an open heart and an open mind to become a better guardian. Photo by Beate Paland from www.freeimages.com.

Why I Wrote This E-Book

I wrote this book because I wanted to help dogs and the guardians who love them so deeply. I wanted to be able to say to the next guardian I saw doing something I knew might be damaging to his or her dog, “Please go to my website and check out my e-book. You may find you have some new and better choices after reading what I have to share.”
I saw a big beautiful white dog named Leo, who was one-and-a-half years old, being walked on a prong collar. I stopped his young guardian to talk with her and pet her dog. I shared with her a little of what I share about walking your dog in my e-book.
I will feel so blessed if even one person who buys this book gets just a single golden nugget of information to help his or her dog. I wrote this book to help shift perspectives and have guardians open to new ways of seeing and doing things.
When I was a new dog guardian, my sister and brother-in-law, who bred my dogs, gave me some initial advice. I also read books and attended many workshops and seminars, and enrolled in classes with my dog, sometimes, unfortunately, with the wrong trainers.
There were so many ways in which I let my dog down. Before he incarnated, he knew it would be his mission to challenge me and show me all the ways I could become a better guardian. I was told that having my dog Socrates was like giving a Maserati to a new driver. It can be an explosive combination.
There were two publications that I found invaluable as a new dog guardian, and still find so valuable every month and every quarter. I share both of these with you in one of the ways in my e-book. However, neither of them had the most important elements of caring for  a dog grouped together in a single issue.
Puppy Leo

Like this precious puppy, Leo, the big white dog I met, is a beautiful white Boxer. I encouraged his guardian to read my book to learn about alternatives to the prong collar he was wearing that was pinching his neck. Photo by D. Carlton from www.freeimages.com.

I thought it would be a good idea to help other guardians by providing the best of what I know in one e-book. Of course there are many other ways to maintain a happy and healthy dog. I will be adding to this e-book or creating a second e-book in the future. For now, though, I just wanted to get out these important ways. For even just with these 25 ways, there is so much information to digest and so many suggestions for improvement.

My dog Socrates had a mission to challenge me and teach me all the ways I could become a much wiser and more loving and compassionate guardian. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2006. All rights reserved.

How is This E-book Different from Others?

This e-book is about my own personal experiences and what my dogs and others have taught me in 18 years of living with two wonderful dogs. All that I write comes from a place of deep love for dogs and the guardians who are doing their best to provide all they can for their dogs to be happy and healthy. I know that it is only when we “know better” that we can “do better.” It is also written by someone who is an animal communicator and Tellington TTouch® practitioner, who has listened to the thoughts and hearts of many dogs and who has “met them wherever they were,” seeking to always help them feel better on all levels.
 I wrote this book to help those guardians who want to do their best, but just might not know “what they don’t know.” This is the case for all of us. That’s why anyone who is the guardian of a beloved pet should be on a continuous journey of discovery to find out what works best for his or her pet.
As someone who has a Master’s degree in English and has been a professional writer for many years, the book is written in a style that I hope you find both informative and heartfelt. I share my experiences with my dogs, both the good ones, and the mistakes I have made, so others can learn from my mistakes and not have to repeat them.
As someone who loves photography, this e-book also has some of my beautiful photos as well as the beautiful photographs of others taken from www.freeimages.com. I am so grateful to those generous photographers who made the decision to share their talent for free with the world. I think the photos will speak to your heart as my words sink in to help you make some changes to benefit your dog.
I have many more ways to share with you, but for now, I have made a great start in helping others to deepen their relationships with their dogs, while they can simultaneously work on a variety of ways to help their dogs stay happy and healthy.

I wrote this book to help those guardians who want to do their best, but just might not know “what they don’t know.” In it, I share recommendations and resources to help your dog live an even better life. Photo by Andreas Krappweis from www.freeimages.com.


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I wish you and your pets a wonderful journey together on your life path.