Are you ready to open more to love, healing and miracles? Are you ready to heal on many different levels and watch grace, abundance and miracles flow effortlessly into your life?

Welcome to my website. As an angel minister, counselor and healer, I work with people and also pets and their guardians. With my “Break Through to Break Free Process™,” I have helped both people and pets heal and move forward with more ease, grace, balance, health and joy. I invite you to check out the services I offer and what previous clients have said about working with me.
I have created two special free offers for those of you interested in signing up to receive future e-zines, offers, information about upcoming events, webinars, programs and blog posts,  in addition to other information relating either to healing and spirituality or to maintaining the health and well-being of your pets.
One e-book is about attracting more love into your life. The other e-book shares some ways for you to maintain a happy and healthy dog. I will send out two different e-zines, one on spirituality and healing, and the other to help guardians and their pets. You can sign up for one or both of the e-zines after downloading one or both of the free offers below.
All is so divinely guided. If we are meant to work with one another, I know it will be a blessing for us both. I look forward to the opportunity to share my wisdom and gifts with you to help either you or you and your pets feel so much better.
Listen to Rev. Donna’s invitation to download free excerpts from her two e-books, “25 Ways to Attract More Love into Your Life” and “25 Ways to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Dog.”

Free Download of 10 of the “25 Ways to Attract More Love into Your Life” E-book

I invite you to download for free the first 10 ways from my “25 Ways to Attract More Love Into Your Life” e-book. I wrote this e-book in response to what my clients and friends most wanted to attract into their lives. It provides a wealth of information to help you heal, move forward, open your heart, and take positive action to attract more love into your life.

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Free Download of 10 of the “25 Ways to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Dog” E-book

I invite you to download for free the first 10 ways from my “25 Ways to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Dog” E-book. I wrote this e-book to help guardians and pets develop deeper, more positive relationships, and to promote the health and well-being of so many beloved dogs. As guardians, we owe our dogs, at the very least, the best quality of lives we can provide.

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Rev. Donna’s Services for People and Pets

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For People Who Want to Work with Rev. Donna

For Pet Guardians Who Want to Work with Rev. Donna

Breakthrough to Break Free from all that is holding you back!

Using my proven transformational “Break Through to Break Free Process™,” clients can experience amazing breakthroughs and “break free” from limiting beliefs and habits that have held them hostage and prevented them from experiencing more love, joy, abundance and fulfillment in their lives.
An interfaith angel minister and advanced energy healer for people and pets, I channel love, healing and miracles from God and the angels to help people and pets transform, heal and move forward with more ease, grace and balance. Although I work with a wide range of clients, I work predominantly with creative, intelligent women who are spiritual seekers struggling to break free from old patterns and who want to attract more love and abundance, joy and fulfillment into their lives. Many of them have pets they adore.
I also have had significant success working with younger women who are struggling with issues involving life purpose, career, love and relationships. I have also helped spiritual men seeking support and guidance for their career, health and relationship issues.
What separates my work from others in my field is my rich array of advanced energy healing and other modalities I can use to best suit a client’s unique needs. Clients have referred to me as “the healer of healers” because of my keen intuitive insights and the high-caliber advanced quantum energy healing I channel.
Known for my transformational counseling and healing work, I enable clients to have “breakthroughs” in my sessions. When they “break through,” they can then “break free” from past limitations and receive the guidance and healing they need to move forward and open to more love, healing, miracles and abundance.
I have created three levels, gold, silver and bronze, for each of the packages I offer to help meet your individual needs. Please review these packages so you can decide which one might best suit your needs. That way, if you want to have a get-acquainted session with me, you can prepare questions for me based on what you’ve read. Before we have our get-acquainted session, I will email you information to prepare for our call to see if I can help.
Additionally, if you don’t find what you need in the packages I have created, we can work together to customize a package for you based on your unique needs and circumstances. We can also talk about this in a free 30-minute get-acquainted session. Because of the time needed to work with clients who want to combine elements from two packages, I can only offer custom packages at the Silver and Gold levels.
If you are interested in one of my packages and would like information about pricing, I invite you to schedule a free 30-minute get-acquainted session to see if the chemistry is right for us to work together. You can go to  to book your free half-hour get-acquainted session. If it is divinely orchestrated for us to work together, it will be my joy to help you or you and your pet feel so much better.
“Break Through to Break Free™ Process

Watch Rev. Donna Talk about her Break Through to Break Free Process™.

Miraculous physical turnarounds
Movement ahead in relationshops, health and career
Guidance and clarity on major life decisions
Breakthroughs to joy, health, love and abundance
Click here to learn about the many benefits you can experience when working with me, from transformational healing to astonishing breakthroughs in all areas of your life.
Click here to learn the many benefits I can offer your pets, from animal communication and health consults to Tellington TTouch® and a variety of advanced healing modalities, among others.
Click here to learn more about my proven Break Through to Break Free Process™.
Click here to learn more about me and my work. Many of the questions you may have about working with me will be answered here.
“Donna, just wanted to let you know what it was like to wake up
this morning without that brick in my heart. I DANCED to Glee
last night, not once, but 4x!!! My entire body and being is so
much lighter!!! I feel like Ebenezer Scrooge on Xmas morning.”
Margo Mateas AvatarMargo Mateas
“My session with you went straight into the heart of the questions
I was facing and revealed the essential keys to help me meet those
challenges with confidence and clarity. I had a heart-opening cry
and felt much relief as truth always seems to provide. I also gained
the inspiration needed to navigate tough crossroads and come out
safely and victoriously on the other side.”
Andreea Petruse

“Donna was of tremendous help when Tango, a beautiful young
Sheltie I recently placed, went missing. I thank Donna for her help
and we all thanked God and the angels for his safe return. I would
highly recommend Donna for her many skills, but to me the most
important one is what she can do for you in a terrible time.”

Donna Colletti
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