Donna with Harry

Rev. Donna and her dog Harry share a deep bond. Through animal communication, you can deepen your bond with your pet too.

Animal Communication

An animal communication session can help deepen the bond with your pet, and help solve physical, mental and emotional issues. At the very least, animal communication sessions can be fun, and at the very best, they can provide valuable information.
Working with an animal communicator can help address emotional, behavioral and health issues, among a variety of other possibilities. Your pet may have a lot to tell you about things you are not even aware of. Chances are, however, that you are very in tune with your pet and are already communicating with your pet on a very deep level.

My Work as an Animal Communicator

I often do animal communication work as part of the packages I offer for guardians and their pets. To learn more about my packages for guardians and pets, click here. I also can do a single animal communication session if you want to understand your pet better and have some questions you would like answered. To purchase a single animal communication session with me, click here. To purchase a more cost-effective animal communication package of two sessions, click here.
Dog in Thought

Our pets have their own thoughts and preferences. They also understand everything we say to them and often read our thoughts. Photo by Hamza Gergeley from

I often combine animal health consults within my animal communication sessions, because very often guardians want to know why their dogs are not feeling well. Animals can tell you how they are feeling, but, in most cases, they don’t know exactly what they need to help them feel better.
That’s when, during a session, I can talk with guardians, and share resources and suggestions to help find out what’s wrong. I can also offer some alternative health suggestions to improve your pet’s physical, mental and emotional health.
In an animal communication session, if there’s time, I will also select a card from my Power Animal Oracle Card Deck. That card is meant to be from your pet to you and what your pet wants to tell you. You and your pet are deeply connected. I have often found that guardians and pets share some of the same health and emotional issues. My husband often shares how much my dog Harry and I have in common.
Sessions are recorded, so you can listen to them as many times as you like. I will also scan and forward your power animal card and its message that your dog selected for you.
If the questions you want answered are related to more serious, ongoing chronic disease or deeper behavioral issues, then I will recommend the more beneficial value of investing in a package of sessions with me that will include animal communication work, among a variety of other helpful ways, to bring your pet back into a more balanced state. I can share medical and other resources, recommend practitioners, show you how to do Tellington TTouch work and also do some advanced energy healing remotely to help your pet feel better.
You can schedule a free half-hour get-acquainted session to see if I can help you and your pet at
Before our session, I will send you a form to fill out. You will be asked to return it to me via email, along with a picture of the pet or pets you would like me to speak with, their names, ages, breeds, among some other questions and information (all of these are contained on the form I will email you). The pictures should clearly show your pet’s eyes and face.
Calvan, Harriet

Working with an animal communicator can help address emotional, behavioral and health issues, among a variety of other possibilities.

FAQs About My Animal Communication Work

How do I communicate with your pets?

I say a prayer, ask permission to talk with them, and then I will start to receive thoughts, feelings, emotions and pictures from your pet telepathically. In addition to my clairvoyance, seeing images of what is being communicated, I also have something called claircognizance. It is just an inner knowing.

Can readings be done for deceased pets?

Yes, I can just as easily connect with pets who have crossed as I can with pets who are here with you now.

What are the benefits of doing a reading?

  • To help with your pet’s health issues
  • To understand and change unwanted behaviors
  • To get your pet’s point of view on issues
  • To deepen your relationship with your pet
  • To improve relationships among pets

All of our pets have thoughts and feelings, just the way we do. They also have their preferences and would love the opportunity to tell you what’s on their minds and what’s in their hearts. Photo by Ira Kurnia Santoso from

How does a session work?

You can prepare questions that you want answered. You ask your question and then I share what I am intuiting from your pet. Sometimes information is also channeled to me from my guides about a situation. We can also discuss health and behavioral issues and I will offer help and make suggestions to improve your pet’s health and any unwanted or negative behavior patterns.

What else happens in a session?

I also like to share power animal card messages from your pet to you. And I sometimes will also pull an angel card just for you. When I am helping you feel better, I know I am also helping your pet feel better because you are so deeply connected to your pet.
All sessions are recorded, so you will have the opportunity to listen to what your pet shares as many times as you like.
I prefer to do sessions on Zoom with video, but I can also do phone sessions. I will ask you to email me some recent pictures of your pet (or pets) and I will email you a form to fill out and send back to me before our session.

Should I Consider a Package of Sessions With You?

If your pet has some longstanding issues involving health or behavior, then I would ask you to take a look at my packages for pets and consider signing up for a package of sessions. If your problem is resolved and all your questions answered in an initial session, you can always use the remaining sessions for issues that come up in the future or for another one of your pets.
To find out what clients have shared about their animal communication work with me, click here.
White Dog

An animal communication session can help you better understand how your pet is feeling on many levels. You will also be able to connect with pets that have passed during a session. Photo by Guenter M. Kirchweger from

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