Talks and Teleconferences

On this page you can find conversations I have had with radio hosts, online classes I have hosted, and online programs that featured me as a guest speaker. What I share involves my work with people and pets, ranging from talks on Tellington TTouch® and animal communication to spiritual subjects on faith and healing. Whatever audio you listen to, may it uplift your heart and soul.

Discussion of Tellington TTouch® on WNJC-1360 AM’s Thursday’s in the Doghouse Radio Show: How The Tellington TTouch® Method Can Help Dogs Feel So Much Better on Many Levels

During this interview, I discuss some of the very positive benefits of Tellington TTouch®, how it differs from canine massage, and the many ways it can help dogs feel better through its unique body work, equipment, TTouch confidence course, and most of all through its philosophy that is the foundation for this amazing way of working with animals.


Talk on Tellington TTouch® Principles on former Blog Talk Radio show, “Inspirations of the Heart”: How the Principles of the Tellington TTouch Method Can Help People Treat Themselves and Others with More Love and Compassion

On this former online radio show, I talk about how the principles of Tellington TTouch can be adapted to help people treat themselves with more love and compassion. I also talk about my work with animals involving Tellington TTouch® and animal communication, among other topics, and conclude with a meditation.


Talk on the Principles of Tellington TTouch® for People on “Initiating the Shift” Program: How to Show Yourself the Same Love and Compassion You Feel for Your Pet and How to Use Tellington TTouch Principles to Help You in Every Area of Your Life

I gave a talk in an online “Initiating the Shift” program called “The Principles of Tellington TTouch® for People.” It is a moving and wide-ranging discussion of how the principles of Tellington TTouch® can be applied to people as well. I think you will appreciate the beautiful philosophy that is the foundation of Tellington TTouch® and how much it can teach us all and help us throughout our lives in so many special ways. May you always be as kind and loving to yourself as you are to your pets.

Teleconference on Forgiveness and Beliefs for “Power of Our Way” Online Program

During this talk, I share an array of information on Forgiveness and Beliefs and moderate a discussion with those on the line.


Teleconference on Healing and Giving for “Power of Our Way” Online Program

I read daily reflections from The Power of Our Way book and share about the importance of Healing and Giving, moderating a discussion as listeners share their insights on these topics.


Teleconference on “Balance” and “Diversity” for “Power of Our Way” Online Program

These two audios marked the first two times that my husband, then my friend, and I worked together to share our thoughts on the topics of “Balance” and “Diversity.” Our talks were among two of more than 30 talks that members of our prayer coaching class led in a journey through Anita Pathik Law’s beautiful book of daily reflections called The Power of Our Way. We share poetry, prayers and discuss each topic. It was a milestone in our relationship and a milestone for beginning our spiritual work in the world together.


Rev. Donna and Sharbel’s Teleconference on Faith

My husband Sharbel and I share our thoughts and feelings on the subject of faith, how we have been tested, and how our faith has remained strong and resilient. Just overcoming the many challenges we had before we could marry is a testament to our faith and the power of love. Our faith continues to keep us strong and filled with so much hope for so many miracles and so much grace. It is our hope that when you listen to what we share, your heart will be uplifted and your faith will be rekindled and made so much stronger.

Rev. Donna El Haber’s Discussion about her Faith

Rev. Donna talks about her relationship with faith and how she believes even though she has not had any mystical experiences to confirm all she knows in her heart and soul. She does share a very interesting metaphysical experience on the patio of a local Italian restaurant that confirmed that angels were around her.

Rev. Donna and Sharbel’s Teleconference on Gratitude

With open hearts, my husband Sharbel and I shared our thoughts and feelings about the subject of gratitude. Being Twin Flames who finally were able to unite, we are especially grateful for this grace in our lives. From major life transitions to small and quiet aspects of life, from a wedding to a flower and miraculous sunset, there is always so much to be grateful for. We hope after listening to our talk that you will reflect on all you have to be grateful for and all that makes your heart so happy.

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