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Are you struggling with issues that keep repeating in your life? Has life become more of a battle and an uphill climb rather than something you want to enjoy and celebrate? Perhaps you might be ready to play, shift and transform your current reality in the beautiful, grace-filled and heart-centered M-Joy Fields. When you set the intention to connect with these fields, they respond immediately and listen to all that your heart wants to share and manifest. Your intention to connect sets these powerful and wise fields in motion.
Dancing in Joy

Are you ready to drop into your heart and set the intention to connect with the magical M-Joy Fields? When you do, you can play, allow, have fun and tap into the power of your True Authentic Self (TAS) that is connected to the Source of all that is.

Melissa Joy Jonsson’s “M-Joy Integrative Seminar”

I recently learned much more about these intelligent and responsive fields at Melissa Joy Jonsson’s “M-Joy Integrative Seminar” in San Diego. In prior years, I attended a number of Matrix Energetics seminars co-taught by Dr. Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy. I enjoyed both the material they taught with wisdom, humor and fun, and the positive synergy always flowing between them.
Over time, Melissa received a series of channeled downloads that have catapulted her forward on her path into her next evolution as a teacher of the M-Joy Fields.  The science of quantum physics, mathematics and holograpic theories of the Universe, among other advanced concepts, serve as a foundation for her  teachings about these fields.  Each of the 24 M-Joy Fields offer ways to shift perspectives and current realities while opening to new ways of thinking and being. They also offer a positive path for those who connect with these fields to advance in their lives with more joy, love and abundance.
Melissa Joy Jonsson

Melissa Joy Jonsson shares the wisdom of her M-Joy Fields on her YouTube channel. Photo from

Melissa Joy loves the wisdom she finds in quantum physics, mathematical formulas, torsion fields, electromagnetic frequencies, and scientific theories and experiments. They provide portals for the rich wisdom she channels so eloquently. She has a special gift of being able to take very complex mathematical and metaphysical concepts and transform them into pearls of very understandable wisdom.
The scientific theories that underlie the magic of the M-Joy Fields provide a brilliant and logical way to understand how miraculous shifts and synchronicities can effortlessly occur. She often shares, however, that you don’t ever need to understand the math and physics behind the magic. All you need to do is set the intention to connect with the fields, expressing what you want to shift and what your heart would like to manifest. Staying open to possibilities, you can just drop into the field of your heart and relax. Feeling grounded and grateful, you can then allow for shifts and miracles to show up and for your current reality to transform in positive ways.

The Power of Quantum Energy

I truly understood the power of quantum energy when I took a fork and spoon-bending class. The teacher shared a number of different quantum techniques we could use to bend seemingly unbendable spoons and forks through the power of our thoughts.  Seeing and experiencing what is possible using only our thoughts, intentions and imagination was inspirational. I watched even young children easily bend strong, solid silverware that just moments before could not be budged. That experience provided the proof I needed of the unseen power of quantum physics at work.
Spoon and Fork

Solid spoons and forks could easily be bent when we used the power of our intention and thoughts to change their structure in a spoon-bending class I attended. This class showed me the incredible possibilities for healing using the concepts of quantum physics. Photo by Ronen Ijansempoi from

Similarly, in a dowsing class I once took, the teacher showed us how to use dowsing rods. As we walked through a certain area, the rods would either stay parallel or close together or turn out to the right and left sides. When they separated and turned out, it meant that there were some lay lines below that were adversely affecting the energy of that area. The solution was to take a few steps back, then say a prayer, asking for the space to be cleared and freed from any negative energy. The Universe responded immediately to the request. When I walked past the same space where my rods had previously separated, they stayed straight, reflecting that the issue had been instantaneously resolved.

M-Joy Fields for an Abundant, Joyful and Heart-Centered Life

Melissa Joy’s light was shining very brightly during the seminar. As she shared with enthusiasm the science behind the M-Joy Fields and their power to reshape our reality, she was on fire talking about the many ways the M-Joy Fields can help change lives for the better.
Using language to illuminate and intention to direct morphic M-JOY Fields, Melissa Joy has created an interconnected and magnificent system to help with all manner of problems in our often challenging human existence. It is her intention for the channeled information that has flowed through her to help others live more positive, abundant, joyful, heart-centered lives.
From “Receivership and Intuition” to “Synchronicity” and being “Perfectly Imperfect,” the 24 fields I learned about in the class are like friends stepping forward to help with whatever problems you are facing. By calling upon them, you are asking them to help you shift what is going on for the better. They can help you return to a more heart-centered way of gratitude and appreciation and to the grace that is always flowing into your life.
Heart in the Sand

The M-Joy Fields will always help you open to a more heart-centered way of gratitude and appreciation for the grace that is always flowing in your life. Photo by estyzesty from

Those events and circumstances in your life that are challenging, that need more love, that have knocked you off balance or hurt you are seen as markers and “place holders.” With the help of the M-Joy Fields, those “place holders” can transform, as Melissa Joy shares, into “grace holders.”
She loves to play with language and encourages all of those who begin working with these fields to engage with them in a playful way. Indeed, one of the M-Joy Fields is about inviting play into your life. M-Joy Field 117 is about “Timeless Play” and having childlike wonder no matter what age you are. It is also about “unshackling from the morphic fields of aging and anti-aging.” Field 118 is called “PLAY,” an acronym for Potential Love Awaiting You. This kind of PLAY helps move a person away from comparisons and competitions with others to friendship.

M-Joy Field 117 is about “Timeless Play” and having childlike wonder no matter what age you are. It is also about “unshackling from the morphic fields of aging and anti-aging.” Photo by Seven Bates from

In this holographic Universe, with love always at its center, Melissa Joy is an entertaining and enlightened captain of a ship that contains so much wisdom for living a more fulfilling life from your True Authentic Power (TAP) and True Authentic Self (TAS). As a passenger on that quantum energy ship of amazing insights, I got to play in the field of the heart with other students as we set our intentions to bring in M-Joy Fields to help shift our current realities.
We are all navigating our own ships, setting a course for our lives, as we strive to be happy, healthy and manifest our True Authentic Desires (TAD).
Navigating our own Ship

We are all navigating our own ships, setting a course for our lives, as we strive to be happy, healthy and manifest our True Authentic Desires (M-Joy Field 116). Photo by Kym Parry from

Come and Play with the M-Joy Fields

I am excited to begin playing with these powerful fields that have the potential to help people and pets on so many levels. When I used the energy and wisdom of these fields with my dog, Harry, he went from being very energetic to calming down and then being deeply relaxed. I knew they were working as I saw him go into a sweet space of peace. Something was shifting within him.
Harry Relaxing on Lazy Boy

Our dog Harry loves the opportunity to relax. He is also always very honest in his response to any work I do with him. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2016. All rights reserved.

I feel something loosened up for me following the weekend class. Some new opportunities began to show up and a personal issue was resolved a few days after the class ended.
I can’t wait to see how playing with these responsive M-Joy Fields will help alter my world for the better and the worlds of those I work with. If you want to come play with me to help shift the reality you currently find yourself in, go to to set up an appointment to chat to see how I can help. In my work with people and pets, many experience “break through” moments. To learn more about my “Break Through to Break Free Process™,” go to
Let us Play

I look forward to seeing if we can play together in the field of the heart where so many amazing miracles of change are possible for both people and pets. Photo by Jennifer Marr from

Melissa Joy shared that the M-Joy Fields are not a healing modality. And yet she affirmed that it is possible for them to help people and animals heal. If you want to learn more about Melissa Joy and her M-Joy Fields, go to To listen to some recent interviews she has done on spiritual internet shows, go to  To listen to her short videos, sharing about what each of the 24 M-Joy Fields can offer those who access them, go to
She is also the author of several best-selling books, including the one that includes discussions of the 24 M-Joy Fields called The Little Book of Big Potentials: 24 Fields of Flow, Fulfillment, Abundance, and Joy in Everyday Life. To learn more about this book, go to  Melissa talks about this book in an interview with Nurit Oren on YouTube at 
When you drop down into the powerful field of your heart and set your intention to improve your life, you can invite some M-Joy Fields to help transform your reality. May these amazing fields help you speak your truth, access your True Authentic Self (TAS) and manifest your True Authentic Desires (TAD).
Love Hearts

When you drop down into the powerful field of your heart and set your intention to improve your life, you can invite some M-Joy Fields to help transform your reality. Photo by miamiamia from

We are all connected. When one of us shifts for the better, we can affect the whole of humanity for the better. When you begin playing with quantum energy and morphic fields, so much that never seemed possible can transform into miracles that can occur regularly in your life.
I offer a prayer from my heart for all of us to unshackle from limitations and lack as we drop into the infinite fields of our hearts, embrace our authentic selves, and expect the shifts and miracles we all so richly deserve.
With love, healing and miracles, and gratitude for the M-Joy Fields that can help transform so many lives for the better,
Rev. Donna El Haber
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