Do You Want to Know What Your Pet is Thinking?

Animal Communication Can Provide Important Insights

Do you ever wonder why your pet does something and you wish you could just ask him and get an answer? Do you ever wonder what’s going on in your pet’s mind and why he responds and behaves in a certain way?
In addition to scientists who study dog behavior and experts in dog behavior and training who understand so much about dogs, you can get some revealing answers very particular to your pet when you work with an animal communicator. If you are open and begin practicing listening in new ways to your pet, you might also be able to get some answers yourself. Animal communication, at the very least, can be fun, and at the very best, can provide invaluable information and help deepen the bond between you and your pet.

All of our pets have thoughts and feelings, just the way we do. They also have their preferences and would love the opportunity to tell you what they are thinking and what is in their hearts. Photo by Karen Feher from

Working with an animal communicator can help address emotional, behavioral and health issues, among a variety of other possibilities. Your pet may have a lot to tell you about things you are not even aware of. Chances are, however, you are very in tune with your pet and are already communicating with your pet on a very deep level.
There are many benefits that result from having an animal communication session. Here are just a few:
  • Learning more about your pet’s health issues
  • Understanding and changing unwanted behaviors
  • Getting your pet’s point of view on issues
  • Strengthening your relationship with your pet
  • Improving relationships among pets
  • Improving relationships with other friends and family members
  • Making your pet more comfortable physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Shifting your own behavior as your pet shines a light on some of your own tendencies
To learn more about animal communication, click here. There are a several articles there, including some that share how to get started doing your own animal communication work.
I took several classes and workshops in animal communication and initially did not really find I had a gift for it. Indeed, I wondered if anyone else actually did either. But despite my own skepticism, something kept calling me back to it. So I continued pursuing the subject by reading more books and taking more classes.
The truth is that we can all connect with our pets and learn what they are thinking and feeling. I have come to learn that our pets seem to understand us more deeply than we understand ourselves. They always know when we are hurting and will strive to comfort us and uplift our hearts whenever possible. Our pets are experts at cheering us up and making us laugh. Sometimes they even try to take on whatever stresses we have in an effort to help lighten our challenges.
Girl with Cats

I have come to learn that our pets seem to understand us more deeply than we understand ourselves. Photo by Andreas Krappweis from

My Progress in Animal Communication – Step by Step

In 2006, I was guided to take a workshop with a very gifted psychic named Pamela Saylor in a very intimate setting at the home of one of the students who was the guardian of several Shetland sheepdogs. The workshop, organized by Donna Colletti, president of the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Northern, NJ, also helped support a Sheltie rescue organization. It was at that fateful workshop that my gifts as an animal communicator blossomed. Time and again gasps were uttered as I shared information that was validated by those in the class.
Donna Colletti and Pamela Saylor

Donna Colletti, organizer of the animal communication class and president of the Northern NJ Sheltie Club, left, and animal communicator and gifted psychic Pamela Saylor share a moment with Oliver, a Shetland sheepdog puppy during a class in 2006 where my gifts as a communicator blossomed. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2006. All rights reserved.

I can recall one assignment where I had to look at a photo of a dog that had died and ask the dog what the cause of death was. Looking at the picture of a precious white Miniature Poodle, I shared that she had died of a heart attack. I was as surprised as everyone else when I learned that she had taken a treat, walked outside and then collapsed. Her heart had just given out. How did I know that? Why did I not say she had died of cancer or during a surgery or that she had liver disease or was hit by a car? How did I know?
I was not sure, but I recall another very strong validation that weekend. I did a reading for an older Sheltie who been adopted by the host of the class. I intuited he was from a family that was often fighting, especially the husband and wife. The children and wife all came to him for emotional support during this difficult time, putting a great strain on him.  It’s interesting how many animals’ stories stay with me and are still vivid. When I shared about Harley, there was an audible gasp in the room as Harley’s guardian confirmed much of what I had shared. “Another validation,” our teacher said.

At the animal communication class, I also received a big validation that Harley wanted some attention and liked to be massaged. So everyone pitched in and granted his wishes. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2006. All rights reserved.

I Am Just Making Up Stories…

I once attended a metaphysical conference where the keynote speaker was a gifted psychic named Carol Ann Liaros. Her psychic gifts, she said, had been tested scientifically.
Of all she shared that day, one thing has always remained with me deeply in my heart. I feel it every time I set out to communicate the pictures, thoughts and just the “knowingness” of what I am getting when connecting with a pet. She said, “I have been making up stories for over 40 years now. Most of them just happen to be true.”
Those who are intuitive can get information in a variety of ways. You can be clairaudient and hear messages or clairvoyant and see visions and pictures of what’s going on. Those who are clairsentient have intuitive emotions and feelings. When you are claircognizant, you just have a direct knowing of what’s going on. To learn more about these “clairs” and others, click here.
I have a mixture of all of these, but am predominantly claircognizant and clairvoyant. I just seem to know and can also intuit visions and pictures of what a pet is thinking. Additionally, when connecting with pets, I get a strong sense of their personalities and emotions. I am also good at understanding them emotionally and helping them feel better.
Henry Swimming

I had a very sweet connection with Henry, a young Labrador retriever, who told me he was worried about drowning when he went in the water. When his guardian bought him a life jacket following our session, he felt much safer and swam so happily. He left the world way too soon, but those whose lives were touched by Henry still hold a place for him in their thoughts and hearts. Photo by Jeanne Heil. All rights reserved.

What Socrates Wanted to Share with Me

In an animal communication session I once had at a fundraiser, Lillie Goodrich, of, talked to my dog Socrates, who passed in July of 2011. At the time, he lay down on the floor by my side with his back to her during almost the entire session. After I had finished asking my questions, I was about to leave, when she asked me to wait a minute. She wanted to know where Socrates slept. At the time, he slept on a bath mat that I put down next to my bed on my bedroom carpet.
She said, “He’s telling me that the mat is too rough and itchy and he wants something softer. He’s very sensitive to anything that’s too rough to the touch.” At the moment she finished telling me this, Socrates got up from where he was, walked over to Lillie and gave her a lick on her cheek. It was an amazing moment of gratitude for sharing what he had wanted to tell me but had no way of doing so until then.
Socrates Sleeping on a Soft Sheet

After my animal communication session with Lillie Goodrich, I always put a soft sheet and pillow with soft pillowcase down for Socrates who was so grateful. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2009. All rights reserved.

I became an animal communicator following the last animal communication class I took in January 2006. My teacher Pamela encouraged me to do so. I am grateful for the variety of ways I have helped guardians and their pets using this process. Click here to read some testimonials from grateful guardians.
Before an animal communication session, I will send guardians a form to fill out and ask them to return it to me via email before the session. Along with the form, they send me pictures of the pets they want me to connect with. They also send some basic information about the pet and household members, along with questions they would like answered.
I often combine animal health consults within my animal communication sessions, because very often guardians want to know why their dogs are not feeling well. Animals can tell you how they are feeling, but, in most cases, they don’t know what they need to help them feel better.
During a session, I can talk with guardians and share resources and suggestions to help find out what’s wrong. I can also offer some alternative health suggestions for improving physical health and mental and emotional states of mind.
Animal Power Card

Here is one of the Power Animal cards I might choose from a pet to a guardian. If this card is pulled, perhaps your pet wants you to stop doubting your decisions and to stop letting anyone push you around or affect your choices. Your pet would be letting you know that he trusts in your wisdom and that you should trust in that too. The card is from Power Animal Oracle Cards by Stephen D. Farmer, Ph.D.,

In an animal communication session, if there’s time, I will also select a card from my Power Animal Oracle Card. That card is meant to be from the pet to the guardian. It contains information about what the pet wants to tell its guardian.
And since guardians and pets are so closely connected, I sometimes pick an angel card for the guardian to see what the angels want to share to help the guardian. When guardians feel better, often their pets do too. We are all in resonance with one another and with our pets. Both good moods and bad moods can be infectious. Our pets can also resonate with us regarding our health issues.
During a session, I can also send advanced energy healing to both guardians and pets. Sessions are recorded and sent via email, so guardians can listen to them as many times as they like. I also scan and forward the power animal card that a guardian’s pet has selected, along with its message. I will do that as well with any angel card I select.
Healing Light

I can also send healing energy for pets and their guardians during an animal communication session. Photo by Flavio Takemoto from

To learn more about how my animal communication sessions work, you can go here where I explain in more detail what happens during a session and answer several frequently asked questions.
I offer single animal communication sessions and also incorporate animal communication work into the packages of sessions I offer for guardians and their pets. To learn more about my packages for guardians and pets, click here.  You can schedule a free half-hour get-acquainted session to see if I can help you and your pet.
Happy & Healthy Dog E-book
I invite you to think about having an animal communication session with your pet. You never know what might be on your pet’s mind and what important issues your pet might want to share with you.
In my e-book, “25 Ways to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Dog,” scheduling an animal communication session is one of the ways.
In this section of my e-book, I provide additional resources for learning about animal communication, including a list of my favorite animal communication books. I also write about a wonderful farm in Upstate New York called Spring Farm Cares, where the animals are all gifted masters at teaching human beings how to understand what animals are thinking. To read some of the beautiful messages from their hearts that they want to share with the world, click here. To learn more about my e-book, click here.
May you begin to start listening to your pet in new ways, staying open to what your pet might want to tell you. May you also open to receive answers to the questions about your pet you have been yearning to know. When you have a better understanding of your pet, you will deepen and strengthen your bond with your pet. You may also provide your pet with a better quality of life when your pet lets you know what he is thinking and what would make him feel so much better.
Wishing you love, healing and miracles, and deep love and understanding between you and your pet,
Rev. Donna El Haber
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