Call Upon Ooniemme, the Angel of Gratitude, to Shift Your Mood and Raise Your Vibration

Ooniemme is the Angel of Gratitude. Listen to this meditation to help shift your focus and mood to one of gratitude. When you do, you always lift your vibration and invite the Universe to gift you with so much more grace in your life. Gratitude can become a powerful force to help all the good that awaits you in your metaphysical vortex to manifest more quickly. Gratitude is a way to give thanks to all the blessings, both simple and grand, that are already in your life. Shifting to gratitude is just a way to begin seeing your life anew as though you put on new glasses with a different focus. What you see can raise your vibration and help shift your mood and emotions as well. To read more about the blessings of gratitude, you can read one of the first blog posts I wrote about it here.

When you shift your heart to gratitude, blessings begin to flow into your life. Call on Ooniemme, the Angel of Gratitude, to help you open to more gratitude in your life. Photo by Bill Davenport from

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