Blessings during COVID-19, Strength of the Human Spirit and Recap of Recent Posts

You Always Have a Choice to Rise above Circumstances

Blessings during COVID-19 and the Strength of the Human Spirit

We always have the choice to maintain as high a vibration as we can and to stay in our joy no matter what’s happening. Of course, it is not always easy. Sometimes, however, our souls have signed up for some significant growth lessons. And we have to go through certain challenges to reap the rewards of the growth that can bring more joy and future fulfillment.

Despite the challenges that may cloud your reality, it is so important to maintain your perspective and your joy and do whatever you can to rise above the fray of the drama and emerge victorious. Photo by Nghia Le from

I have come to learn after going through so many challenges in my life that there are always blessings in the challenges. I wrote a blog post about it that you can read here. My husband Sharbel and I have experienced many blessings amidst this “new normal” of being careful when out in public in a world of masks, physical distancing and caution to maintain our health and well-being. We have eaten out much less and enjoyed cozy candlelit dinners together. We wear masks when shopping and keep safe distances when talking to people in our neighborhood.
When lockdowns began, we got to spend much more time together, sharing both lunch and dinners and walking our dog Harry every day in our neighborhood. We also got to work together in our lovely office. It’s quiet where we live in the mountains of Vista, CA, on a private street that ends on a steep hill. So there is very little through traffic. And the weather, although very hot recently, is mostly mild, sunny and wonderful.

My husband, our dog Harry and I get to spend more time together and enjoy our evening walks on our quiet street as the sun begins to set. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2020, all rights reserved.

The COVID-19 crisis also enabled many workplaces to begin to embrace telecommuting as a permanent way of life for employees. So when my husband recently interviewed for a new job in a location over 60 miles north of where we live, he was able to accept the positive offer because his boss approved for him to work permanently from home and to just come in to the office on an “as-needed” basis. That was such a blessing for us both.

My husband Sharbel enjoys working from our home office. Having him at home during the week is a big blessing for me and for our dog Harry too in this COVID-19 crisis. He is also happy that he no longer has to commute and is working in a very peaceful and quiet environment. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2020, all rights reserved.

I know there have been very difficult hardships for so many – illnesses and deaths, financial downturns, job losses, isolation, alienation, and so much more. But in the darkness, there is still always so much light.
Even Victor Frankl, author of Man’s Search for Meaning, wrote about the strength of his dignity, character, courage and attitude that could not be shaken or diminished even in the midst of the horrific Holocaust. It was a choice he made. Finding meaning and purpose in his life no matter what the circumstances was uppermost to him.
For those of us with pets, I know so many dogs and cats have been very happy to have their guardians spending so much more time at home with them. Our English springer spaniel Harry has been delighted to have both of us home with him so much of the time. Now he has two guardians to bother when his stomach alarm bell goes off telling him it’s time for his dinner and his walk. And he always has two places of unconditional love to seek when he wants some affection and attention. He enjoys sleeping peacefully in our office when we are working and is such a beautiful blessing in both our lives.

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl. Photo from

Sharbel and Harry enjoy a sweet moment together on our back patio during the work week. Harry loves that Sharbel is now working from home! Photo by Donna El Haber, 2020, all rights reserved.

Families have been able to spend so much more quality time together. The comedian Jim Gaffigan has had some interesting thoughts about this. He has been simultaneously enjoying and  going a bit crazy with his five very vivacious children spending so much time at home with him and his wife in their Manhattan apartment. To check out one of his funny videos about his time spent at home with his wife and children click here or on the image below.
Those working from home have been able to save some money on commuting expenses. In addition to sleeping a little later, they can dress much more casually and comfortably, meditate more often, get more fresh air, take more breaks, and possibly reflect more deeply on their lives and the direction they want to go in during and after this “new normal.” Many shifts and opportunities have occurred as a result of the pandemic. One waiter we know took on a second job at a local supermarket chain and has quickly been promoted to the manager of curbside deliveries. Despite the physical distancing and separations, some have gotten even closer to friends and family and made new online friends with countless Zoom gatherings and Facebook Live talks and meetings.
It has also been a time for creativity and reinvention for many. You can see it in just the ways that television talk shows and other shows have pivoted to doing them from home or having online gatherings. Several local theater groups here in Northern San Diego have created online streaming performances.
And the rich variety of movies and television series streaming from so many different sources has also been a great blessing. I recently had a lot of fun watching Netflix’s “Cobra Kai” and encourage those who enjoyed the original “Karate Kid” movie to check it out. The music used in the series is also wonderful. You can view a great Cobra Kai trailer here with a fabulous remake of the song, “Cruel Summer” playing in the background, sung by Kari Kimmel, with the original song by Bananarama.
Despite all that has been going on around us and throughout the world that has been alarming and distressing, the human spirit continues to evolve and is emerging victorious, displaying so much creative pivoting, innovation, positive energy, compassion and generosity.
The key that we so often forget in the midst of so much turmoil is that we really have a big part in the co-creation of our reality. We all have sparks of Source energy within us, motivating and guiding us. We also all came here bundled with our passions and life purpose. In a Portland, OR, gathering on July 14, 2004, Esther Hicks, channeling the wisdom of the collective consciousness Abraham said:
“Let your alignment (with Well-Being) be first and foremost, and let everything else be secondary. And not only will you have an eternally joyous journey, but everything you have ever imagined will flow effortlessly into your experience. There is nothing you cannot be or do or have – but your dominant intent is to be joyful. The doing and having will come into alignment once you get that one down.”

Being in you joy is what is most important. All else will follow. Photo by Austin Schmid from

Whatever you are or have been going through, I wish for you much brighter and more vibrant and happier times ahead. I also wish for you and your family healthy immune systems to easily fight off any viral attacks. Click on the images below to read my two-part blog post series on “Boosting Your Immune System”:
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And if you or others you know are having a hard time and may need some counseling and healing to boost your health and spirit, you can check out the individual sessions I offer here. For those who may be interested specifically in having an angel counseling and healing session, click here to learn more. Our angels always want to support you and share their love and wisdom with you.

Our angels love us and always want to help and support us. Just reach out, ask, and you shall receive. Photo by Marek Studzinski from

Maybe some of you are wrestling with what’s next on your life path, which direction you should head in and are trying to figure out what it is that your heart is really longing for. I offer several sacraments that involve a two-session, eight-card angel reading on a specific topic. One of them is on revealing your Divine Plan. Click here to learn more about this important sacrament.
Some of you may be facing difficult decisions that you need help with. When my husband and I have some important decisions to make, we use certain processes that are very helpful and offer us increased clarity. I wanted to share these with others so I created a “Decision-Making Counseling Session.” You can learn more about it here.
You can check out all of my sacraments and individual sessions here. If you think any of these sessions can help you, please don’t hesitate to book your session. And if you would like to talk to me first about a particular session or sacrament, you can email me at or schedule a time to talk with me for a half-hour at
I encourage you to also share this message with others you think would appreciate the information about ways to boost not only your immune system, but also your spirit. I always appreciate referrals and would be grateful for any friends or relatives you can recommend. They are welcome to have a free half-hour get-acquainted session with me to see if I can help them. You can share this message with them, forward any of my blog posts you think might be helpful or give them my scheduling link at
May the information I have shared prove helpful as you boost your immunity and tend to the garden of your soul to bring you more health and happiness no matter whatever else is going on around you. Remember that there are always so many blessings in the challenges, that your soul may have signed up for some important assignments so that you could learn, grow, emerge victorious and be in service to others.
And also remember to claim or to reclaim your joy. It is your golden ticket to brilliant manifestation and it is the unstoppable key to all the seen and unseen riches here on Earth.
With love, healing and so many immune-boosting miracles and blessings,
Rev. Donna
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