Flying Bicycles and the Unexpected Magic of Grace

Have you ever found yourself at a time in your life when you felt as though you were hanging onto a cliff and about to fall off? Or have you felt as though you had run out of options for whatever dilemma you found yourself in and your survival was at stake? Or perhaps you may have found yourself in an extremely unpleasant work situation or a negative relationship where you saw no way out because, again, your survival seemed to be at great risk. What happened for you? Did you fall or were you rescued? Are you still in that oppressive work environment or negative relationship or have you miraculously made it out?
Hanging onto a Cliff

Have you ever felt as though you were hanging onto a cliff and about to fall off? Photo by David Reyes Palacio from

As I have shared in several blog posts, my husband Sharbel and I have been swimming in a sea of challenges since we moved to California. We came here in surrender, trust and faith, understanding it was our destiny to be here. Unfortunately, when you surrender to the will of the Divine, there can be many twists and turns and many lessons learned along the way before you can fully understand why a shift has occurred and how you can reap the benefits of that change.

There can be many twists and turns and many lessons learned along the way when you surrender to the will of the Divine. Photo by Michelle Ho from

Our challenges actually began long before our move to California. We were a very unlikely couple with so many obstacles to overcome. We hope in future workshops that our story will inspire many others. You can read about it here. It wasn’t until more than three years after our first connection that we celebrated our nuptials on June 21, 2014.
Sharbel and Donna Lighting Unity Candle

During our wedding ceremony, my husband Sharbel and I lit a Unity Candle, symbolizing our Twin Flame love. Photo by Joseph Mendez, 2014. All rights reserved.

Ours was a love story that defied logic, but the Divine was always intervening and showing us the way forward. There was no denying the bond we had that we later recognized as the connection of Twin Flames. To learn more about Twin Flame Love, click here.
We were finally united in May of 2014 when Sharbel made his sixth visit to see me in the United States. As we looked forward to and prepared for our wedding, we thought the major challenges we had so often faced would mostly be behind us. But it was not to be. Probably there are not many couples who walk happily off into the sunset with rainbows glowing and fireworks bursting in the sky after their weddings. Life will always have contrast, the light and the dark, and we found ourselves treading water, trying to stay afloat in another sea of challenges.
Happy Couple

There are not many couples, if any, who walk happily off into the sunset with rainbows glowing and fireworks bursting in the sky after their weddings. There will always be ups and downs and contrast. Photo by Aneta Blaszczyk from

Before Sharbel came to stay in the United States, I recall sitting in my back yard in NJ, meditating and getting a strong message from the angels about how I had been “Walking on Water” for a number of years and just trusting that all would work out. If you read my story, you will learn in more depth about the three swords that hung over my head and all that I faced. And if you click here or on the play button below, you can hear my beautiful “Walking on Water” meditation that I channeled at an angel healing circle.
– Background music by Dr. Wayne Dyer,  from “Introduction to OM Meditations,” from Meditations for Manifesting 

I received a strong message from the angels about how I had been “Walking on Water” for a number of years, just trusting that all would work out. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2014. All rights reserved.

Challenges will always come and some may knock us down for a bit. I met a woman recently who courageously moved from Florida to California, expecting to land a great position, only to find herself struggling for survival because she cannot find a job that pays at an appropriate level for her professional expertise and for the high cost of living here. She said what she has been going through feels as though she has been caught in a tremendous ocean wave, causing her to just tumble about like a ragdoll in the ocean. She has emerged from that tumble, but is still reeling a bit from the effects of fighting for her survival.
Just like the image of “Walking on Water” channeled to me years before, a new image kept on emerging as my husband and I continued to bump up against so many challenges. I am not sure why, but my heart harkened back to the sweet story of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster hit movie “ET the Extra Terrestrial.” I think I may have seen some scenes from it as I was switching channels and several of them stuck in my mind.
Giant Wave

Have you ever felt that some circumstance in your life was like a giant wave coming at you, feeling like it could toss you about and leave you weak and broken like a limp rag doll?  Photo by Gavin Mills from

One was the scene where ET, thought to be dead, began awakening and coming back to life. Then another miracle occurs and the children are able to transport him out of the government’s building covered in a blanket with only his face peering out. The children enlist the help of their friends to try to get ET back to the spot in the forest where a spaceship is scheduled to retrieve him and bring him back home. One of Elliott’s friends asks, “Can’t he just beam up?” And Elliott replies forcefully, “This is reality, Greg!”
When the authorities realize ET is missing, they take off after the children in hot pursuit of ET. The children are riding on bicycles, led by Elliott. They are having the adventure of their lives as ET sits in the front basket of Elliott’s bicycle and watches with trepidation all that is unfolding.
They zoom up and down hills, split up and come back together, trying to elude the authorities. At one point, they think they are successful and are enjoying their victory when a number of officials show up on foot right behind them. Then in front of them are two police vehicles and officers with rifles awaiting their arrival. Elliott shuts his eyes tightly as ET surveys this seemingly insurmountable scene.
And then the magic happens. Through his supernatural powers, ET lifts all the bicycles up over the heads of the authorities as the children continue pedaling in the air, flying to their destination in the forest, far above the fray below. Cornered from every side with no place to dodge the authorities or hide from them, the cavalry of magic and grace arrives to uplift them right into the sky. You can check out this wonderful scene here.
Flying Bicycles in ET Movie
This image of the surprising and delightful escape from capture through unexpected magic kept occurring to me. I have come to know and experience that kind of magic many times since I began having a life where I have been guided to “walk on water.”
Recently, we experienced nothing short of pure grace when my husband received a phone call from a company that researches talent. They were so impressed with him and asked if he would speak with one of their clients. After a very positive phone interview followed by a successful in-person interview with some top executives of the company, my husband received a wonderful offer to join the kind of company he had always envisioned working in – one that cares about its employees and is always seeking to develop, educate and reward them.
We thought we were heading back to NJ and it didn’t feel right to us, but it was our only choice before that call of pure grace manifested. Not only did my husband get a great new job, but its location is among the most beautiful in the country in the North County of San Diego, CA. And then we found a great development with a wonderful peaceful and spacious townhome.
Prior to that call, we felt as though we were hanging off a cliff and had but one choice and didn’t even know how we would accomplish the expense of it. And then grace came and our bicycles began to fly. It has happened time and time again, when we thought we were at the edge of our financial situation and others when grace found, rescued and uplifted us.
Flying Bicycle

Just when you think you are facing capture or a great fall off a cliff, your bicycle begins to fly and you are being uplifted and rescued on the wings of grace. Photo by Cedric Aellen from

Sharbel’s entrance into my life 15 months before my mother died was also pure grace. There was no coincidence in my mother passing away a week before Sharbel was coming to meet us in NJ. If the timing were different, we would have spent most of that first visit in the hospital. By the grace of divine timing, he was there to comfort me on my deep loss. And three days after meeting me in person, he proposed to me.
My mother knew well the power of unseen grace. When I was her caregiver, she would tell me that I was going to meet my prince charming. I never understood how since I wasn’t on any dating sites and was not going out to meet anyone. She would say, “He will find you.” I asked if he would ring my bell and announce that my prince charming had finally arrived. Instead he came in through the door of an online spiritual community. The week before she died, when I asked her what she thought about us, she shared, “You will get married and be with each other through eternity.”
And my dog Harry’s arrival three weeks before my beloved dog Socrates made his transition was also pure grace and so divinely orchestrated. Grace seems always there to catch us when we are falling. I am not sure how I could have made it through such a tender loss without Harry’s love.
Divine grace, that always seeks the best for our highest good, can also rescue us from bad decisions. When I first came to San Diego, I heard about a great doctor and scheduled an appointment with him. I had to wait months to get my first appointment. But the day before my appointment, I had some serious reservations about all the possible out-of-network testing and the potential for a very costly bill. So I canceled my appointment with him. I had to find another doctor and none seemed like the right one.
Socrates and Puppy Harry

Harry’s arrival three weeks before Socrates’ transition was pure grace. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2011. All rights reserved.

Then a short time later a woman in my classical homeopathy class told me about this same doctor and said he was brilliant and had saved her life. The next week she escorted me to his office where I made an appointment for the very next week. I was very grateful to have been redirected back to this doctor with the power of grace.
Sometimes it seems as though we have nothing to do with the grace that shows up in our lives, but I have learned that most often we do. The Law of Attraction and pure Divine grace are co-creating with us all the time. Our thoughts, hopes, dreams, visions, gratitude and so much more all go into the equation of what shows up in our vibrational vortexes and in our lives.
I sometimes think of the scene from one of the Harry Potter movies where Harry, Hermione and Ron are on a ledge and have to jump as there is no other way out. When they begin to go into their freefalls that could potentially end their lives, they figure out that they have to laugh and have fun and shift from believing they are in extraordinary danger and about to die. When they do, they all begin floating easily down as though invisible parachutes had opened to escort them safely down to the ground. Our thoughts are like parachutes that help us land easily and open the way to more grace. If we choose, however, to dwell on the negative, our thoughts can lead us to more treacherous situations of lack and limitation.

Our thoughts are like parachutes that can help us land easily and open the way to more grace or they can lead us to more treacherous situations of lack and limitation. Photo by Renaude Hatsedakis from

I have been listening almost every day to the teachings of Abraham, channeled in workshops by Esther Hicks. Abraham is always telling us to watch our thoughts and not to let our negative thoughts gain any momentum. That is not always easy to do and Abraham understand this well. That’s why this collective consciousness is always so gentle with us, helping us to even take small steps to change our habits of thought.
When you shift from thinking that the worst is likely to happen to the thought that everything is always working out for your highest good, then grace and blessings in your life start showing up more and more.
According to Abraham, we all have a vibrational vortex chock full of all that our hearts would love to see manifest, everything from financial abundance to the grace of flying bicycles. You can only begin to see evidence of all that is there when you relax and allow and shift to a kind of certainty that all is possible, including extraordinary grace that seems to come from nowhere, but that has been part of all the escrow in your vibrational account.
Vibrational Vortex

We all have a vibrational vortex chock full of all that our hearts would love to see manifest. Photo by Flavio Takemoto from

On my website, in the Resources for People Section, under spirituality, I have a number of links to some Abraham Hicks full workshops. You can find the links at the bottom of the page here. Sometimes some are taken off because of copyright infringements, but you can always find others to listen to. Before writing this blog post, I was listening to the 2014 Vortex of Attraction workshop that you can access at this link.
Abraham often affirms how we can begin shifting to a more abundant life filled with limitless possibilities by changing our thoughts and beliefs and by relaxing and allowing. The collective consciousness that is Abraham also tells us how all our thoughts, actions and desires are known by Source energy, who, along with so many unseen others, loves us so much and wants the best for us.
We often have to be in surrender, trust and faith and know that all is always working out for our highest good. We have to have the confidence that we will never drown when we walk on that water and that we will never fall off that cliff. Sometimes, however, if we do fall or experience a tragedy, it can turn into our life’s purpose or our greatest gift of service to the world. All is so divinely orchestrated, but we must do our part in this art of co-creation. That part often involves staying positive, feeling good, seeking joy and staying as aligned as we can with Source whose essence is love.
Something else that Abraham shares always resonates with me deeply. Abraham often points out that it is not about working hard to get what you want. It is more about shifting our beliefs and relaxing into the knowing that the essence that created galaxies and universes and that whipped planets into orbit knows who we are, what our hearts desire and why we came here. It is more about relaxing and enjoying and the art of allowing what is possible to manifest and not to block any of the abundance that awaits us. We are always co-creating for the highest good and for continued expansion of consciousness.
Ananchel, the Angel of Grace, along with Amarushaya, the Angel of Blessings, and Hamied, the Angel of Miracles were the angels who showed up most for me during the time I was studying in an academic program to become an angel minister. I called these angels my personal angelic trinity. You can also call upon them to help you manifest the grace, blessings and miracles you desire for yourself and others.
Angel of Grace, Ananchel
Don’t ever doubt that grace awaits you. I encourage you to expect unseen magical miracles and to know you are a very deserving child of the most high God.
It is interesting that the main theme of “ET the Extra Terrestrial” is for ET to get back home. From the moment we come here, we, too, are all seeking a place that feels like home and to ultimately return home to the pure positive energy we came from. While we are here, we also need to make our thoughts and feelings a gracious space and home for positive expectations so we can vibrate at the right frequency to allow our desired manifestations and all sorts of grace to flow easily into our lives.
Beautiful Home

From the moment we come here, we, too, are all seeking a place that feels like home. Photo by Alison Hinch from

I am always seeking the flying bicycles of grace, ones where my husband and I won’t even have to pedal as the children of ET did so furiously. I like the simplicity of the image. We don’t need a luxury car or a rocket. All we need is that sweet flying bicycle of grace where we are gently lifted up and out of any unwanted situations and offered something so much better than we ever could have imagined for ourselves. When grace comes so swiftly and purely, as it has for me on so many occasions, it is a magnificent blessing that feels completely effortless.
Flying Bicycle

All we need is that sweet flying bicycle of grace where we are gently lifted up and out of any unwanted situations. Photo by Alex Woodhouse from

Here’s to flying bicycles, the art of allowing, and for so much grace to enter your life. May it come in on the gentlest of angel wings and the most quiet of little cat feet. And may it completely take your breath away and delight you in ways you never thought possible as your soul is totally surprised by the force of grace and your own strong and resilient powers of co-creation.
With gratitude, love and light,
Rev. Donna
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