The Importance of Forgiveness

The Importance of Forgiveness

How it Can Help Heal and Change Your Life!

We all have been hurt and may have people in our lives who have harmed us or treated us unfairly. How we respond to those negative events and experiences and how long we nurture or harbor hurt and anger in our hearts can affect everything in our lives, including our health, relationships and abundance.
In my e-book, “25 Ways to Attract More Love Into Your Life,” one of the ways (number 6) is to cultivate forgiveness for others. Forgiveness is so important not just for attracting more love into your life, but for paving the path for much more health, joy and abundance to easily flow into your life.
When you are holding anger and hostility in your heart, you are blocking so much good that awaits you in your vibrational vortex. All the good you desire in your life cannot manifest until you are willing to release whatever negative feelings you are holding on to and forgive everyone you need to forgive. The list may even be a long one. However short or long it is, each person needs to be forgiven and what they did needs to be set free from your thoughts.
When you are holding anger and hostility in your heart, you are blocking so much good that awaits you in your vibrational vortex. All the good you desire in your life cannot manifest until you are willing to release whatever negative feelings you are holding on to and forgive everyone you need to forgive.
Blossoming Path

Your path ahead will blossom with so much more love, health, joy and abundance when you open your heart and release anger and let forgiveness flow in. Photo by Steve Knight from

Many think that forgiving others is for the other person. And in a sense it certainly is. But much more importantly, the forgiveness is really for you. It is a way to release many negative thoughts and feelings that may be holding you hostage to the past or to unpleasant experiences. When we are angry at someone who has hurt us, we can harbor grudges and resentments that pollute our thoughts and those feelings can even affect our beliefs and how we interact with others going forward.
How can you become a welcoming place for love when your heart is holding onto the past and is filled with anger and maybe even vengeful feelings? I met a young and very hyper-energetic woman recently who is a trainer at a work-out facility. Surprisingly, she told me she was a two-time cancer survivor. She looked so strong, vibrant and physically fit. Her young, handsome son was there in the facility helping her clean up. She pointed at him and shared that she had to make it for him.
Many think that forgiving others is for the other person. And in a sense it certainly is. But much more importantly, the forgiveness is really for you.
Running Lady

I met a young, hyper-energetic woman who, surprisingly, told me she was a two-time cancer survivor. She looked so strong, vibrant and physically fit. She told me there was someone in her life she definitely needed to forgive. Photo by Ariel da Silva Parreira from

I told her about my background as a minister, counselor and healer and said I wanted to share something very important that I often share with those who have cancer or have survived cancer. I told her to check and see if there was anyone in her life, living or dead, that she needed to forgive.
I asked her to check if she was holding on to any feelings of anger or resentment for anyone. She told me, “Oh, that’s a tough one.” And then she revealed there was a relative close to her who pushed all her buttons and was very ungrateful for many positive things she had done for this woman.
She asked me if she really had to forgive this person even if this person was being so mean to her. I told her, “Absolutely! You can forgive the person without forgiving the behavior.” She thanked me for this insight. I know if she is able to clear these feelings of anger and disappointment, her health will have a much better chance of continuing to thrive and of beating the negative odds her doctors had shared with her.
It is always easier to be able to tell someone else to forgive someone in their lives. But when we think of the person who caused us so much heartache and pain, it is so much harder to begin to “walk our own talk.”
My husband, Sharbel, who is a very kind, gentle, caring and compassionate man, and perhaps one of the purest souls I have ever met, always helps counsel and encourage me towards the path of love and forgiveness, especially when I am closing my heart and being judgmental about someone.

When Dr. Wayne Dyer forgave his father at his father’s gravesite in Biloxi, Mississippi, so much transformed in his life. Photo of Dr. Wayne Dyer from

The renowned author, Wayne Dyer, who has since passed from leukemia, often shared his compelling life story of how his father abandoned him and left his mother and the rest of his siblings to fend for themselves. His father was an alcoholic and never contacted Wayne or apologized to him, his mother or siblings for his negligent behavior that had caused so much hurt and heartache. His childhood included orphanages, foster homes and poverty, and for many years he was understandably very angry – perhaps even enraged — at his father. And who could blame him? He tells the story of how he learned that his father had died 10 years earlier and subsequently went to his father’s grave in Biloxi, Mississippi.
After he had vented all his anger, releasing it at his father’s gravesite, he was able to transform that hate into love. And then so much in his life changed for the better after that crucial and courageous act of forgiveness. On his 72nd birthday, he shared about this pivotal turning point in his life on his blog at On the website,, you can read more about this event. On that site, you can also learn more about the healing nature of forgiveness at At the bottom of the page, there are links to more articles and exercises on forgiveness.
Louise Hay

Renowned author Louise Hay understands well the importance of how holding onto to anger, resentments and hatred can deeply affect not only your love life and the abundance in your life, but also can seriously affect your health. Photo from

In her seminal book, You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay, author and founder of Hay House, shares the emotions behind many ailments and diseases. For cancer, she writes this: “Cancer: Deep hurt. Longstanding resentment. Deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatreds.”
Author Iyanla Vanzant, talks about three tools to help you forgive someone at
In my E-book, I share additional insights about forgiveness and how it can help you attract more love into your life. I also share a number of other resources to help guide you on a course of forgiveness. In my e-book, I also encourage you to forgive everyone in your life needing your forgiveness — and that includes yourself (that is Number 8 in the e-book!).
Stamera, the Angel of Forgiveness, is always there to help you. Just call on her to help your heart heal and open to the blessings of forgiveness. In “Angel Blessings: Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration” by Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney, Stamera shares some important thoughts about forgiveness:
When forgiveness is complete, you will feel serene, kind, happy and loved. Your life will change to reflect your healing, ceasing the endless repetition of the same old patterns, and freeing you to pursue your Divine Plan. More and more, you will realize that you are in Stamera’s tender embrace. Even though you still live in the world of suffering and pain, your perception of it will have changed. You will no longer be overwhelmed by your own anguish. Instead, you will be filled with compassion and a desire to help when you feel the pain of others.”

Stamera, the Angel of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a gift that you are giving yourself. It is a way to help set you free from negative thoughts and feelings. It is also a way to empower yourself and disengage from hurtful experiences. You can grieve and accept whatever lesson has been offered from the experience. And then you can move forward, feeling lighter and happier. Pastor Joel Osteen has many sermons on forgiveness and its power. My husband and I regularly watch his sermons on Sundays. You can watch one of his inspirational sermons on forgiveness here.
Joel on Forgiveness
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So start forgiving today anyone in need of your forgiveness and watch how so much will shift for the better as you release resentment and anger and look forward to more joy, love and abundance in your life. Only by keeping your vibration high, staying positive and focusing on all the good that you want to flow into your life can the Universal Law of Attraction deliver to you what your heart desires. If you are locked in hurt, negativity and emotional pain, you will be vibrating at the wrong frequency and will not be an appropriate vibratory match for all the abundance awaiting you.
Sending you not only love, healing and lots of miracles, but oceans of forgiveness too…
Rev. Donna
Ocean Waves

Sending you oceans of love and forgiveness… Photo by Donna El Haber, 2017. All rights reserved.

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