The Angel Ministry – Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney

The Angel Ministry
Ordained by Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney, I attended nine months of online classes through Gateway University to become an angel minister.
Here is a description of the program on the ministry’s website:
“The Angel Ministry is an accredited curriculum of Gateway University® A School for the Study of Higher Consciousness specializing in spiritual psychology, consciousness studies, and philosophy religious studies.
The Angel Ministry is a brilliant blend of academic learning and spiritual experience, Angelology, Intuitive and Mystical Skills development, Consciousness and Wisdom Technologies, Essential Spiritual Practices, and Ministerial Leadership Training with special guest speakers who are world leaders.”
To learn more about The Angel Ministry, go to www.theangelministry.com.
Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney anoints my heart at angel ministry ordination ceremony

This is a sacred moment when Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney anointed my heart at my angel ministry ordination retreat on April 25, 2013 at a beautiful retreat center in Ben Lomond, CA. Before she anointed me, she asked me what vision I had for my ministry. I told her it was to let people know what cherished miracles they are and to remind them of their magnificence. Those in The Angel Ministry are part of the Seraphim lineage of angels — those angels who sit closest to God and beam God’s love out into the world. I feel so blessed to be part of this special ministry and honor Rev. Kimberly Marooney for her work in ordaining ministers to go out and be such miraculous lights in the world. Photo by Winnie Schouten, 2013. All rights reserved.

Padre Pio Prayers of Devotion

Padre Pio Prayers of Devotion
This website contains some beautiful prayers that can be used to help yourself and others. I include clients in my powerful intercessional Padre Pio prayers. To learn more, go to http://padrepiodevotions.org/prayers-of-padre-pio/.
To learn more about the National Center for Padre Pio in Barto, PA, a very sacred site, go to www.padrepio.org.

Sathya Sai Baba

Satya Sai Baba Organization
This website shares the teachings of the avatar Satya Sai Baba and the locations of centers around the world. Satya Sai Baba is a guru who helps guide and protect me on my spiritual path.
“I have come to light the lamp of love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added luster. I have not come to speak on behalf of any particular [religion]… I have not come on any mission of publicity for any sect or creed or cause; nor have I come to collect followers for any doctrine. I have no plan to attract disciples or devotees into my fold or any fold. I have come to tell you of this universal unitary faith, this [divine soul] principle, this path of love, this… duty of love, this obligation to love.”
Sathya Sai Baba (Sathya Sai Speaks, vol. 8, no. 22)
To learn more about Sathya Sai Baba Organization, go to http://us.sathyasai.org/index.html.

Era of Peace – Teresa Cota-Robles

Era of Peace
A visionary who channels prophetic and other information, Teresa Cota-Robles is a vibrant channel for remarkable wisdom from God, saints, angels and other dimensions. To learn more, go to https://www.eraofpeace.org/.

Ho Oponopono

Ho Oponopono
In an interview with Deborah King, Morrnah Simeona, the Kahuna who brought this ancient practice into the modern world, shares:
“The main purpose of this process is to discover the Divinity within oneself. The Ho’oponopono is a profound gift which allows one to develop a working relationship with the Divinity within and learn to ask that in each moment, our errors in thought, word, deed or action be cleansed. The process is essentially about freedom, complete freedom from the past.”
“The purpose of Ho’oponopono is to: 1) Connect with the Divinity within on a moment-to-moment basis; 2) To ask that movement and all it contains, be cleansed. Only the Divinity can do that. Only the Divinity can erase or correct memories and thought forms. Since the Divinity created us, only the Divinity knows what is going on with a person.
“In this system, there is no need to analyze, solve, manage or cope with problems. Since the Divinity created everything, you can just go directly to Him and ask that it be corrected and cleansed.”
Ho Oponopono is also about forgiveness and taking responsibility for not only helping yourself, but for helping others too. “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” That is the hallmark statement that affirms this powerful philosophy. Those words petition God to bring you back to a zero point field of purity and light.
To read the many articles on this site that further explain this healing and cleansing process, go to http://www.self-i-dentity-through-hooponopono.com/articles.htm.
For Morrnah’s powerful prayer, go to http://www.eftabundance.com/morrnahsprayer.htm. For another version of her prayer read by Joe Vitale, the author of Zero Limits, who helped popularize the practice of Ho Oponopono initially by an email he wrote about Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, and then in his Zero Limits book. Here is the link to hear Joe Vitale read Morrnah’s prayer: http://www.morrnahsprayer.com/.

YouTube Audio Links of Esther Hicks Channeling Abraham

Abraham-Hicks Webpage
I have been listening very attentively to the deep wisdom offered by the collective consciousness named Abraham that shares important and often uplifting information about the scientific “Law of Attraction” and about Source energy. What is shared is for everyone — from every kind of religion and from every culture or socio-economic status. For all of us, it is about feeling the best we can emotionally.
It is from that place where we feel blessed, grateful and inspired that so much good can so naturally come to us in waves of miracles. When we dwell on what isn’t going right or what doesn’t feel very good, we are vibrating on the wrong frequency where all that we want cannot reach us.
When we are in gratitude and joy, or feel the way someone does who sees a beautiful sunset, reads a magnificent poem or holds a precious puppy in his or her arms, we are channeling Source energy and vibrating at a high frequency. Abraham talks about how to shift when we are vibrating at lower frequencies.
There is just so much wisdom shared at the beginning of every talk and also within every question subsequently posed by those attending the workshops. Abraham not only shares wisdom, but has a great sense of humor. In addition to the deep wisdom shared, I find the workshop discussions fun and engaging. I hope you will too.
I have found an array of audios on YouTube and a video of Dr. Wayne Dyer, who has since passed, asking Abraham questions. Oprah, a few years ago, also interviewed both Esther Hicks and Abraham. I feel when I listen to these workshops that my own vibration is elevated and that my spirit moves into a positive vortex of energy. These teachings are part of the work I do when I am encouraging clients to shift their thoughts and invite all that is waiting for them in their vortices to begin manifesting into physical form.
I hope you will take the time to listen to some of these recordings. Perhaps like me, you will become addicted to the wisdom that points the way to the shifts needed to live a happier, more fulfilling life, and for helping you attract what you desire as you move up the ladder of frequencies to resonate with more gratitude, joy and excitement about the miracles that await you once you are vibrating at the right frequency.
When I go to YouTube to find another one, I feel like a child in a candy shop. I hope you will enjoy these teachings as much as I do.
Here are some links to get started. If you go to YouTube and do your own search, you will find a wealth of material. If you have a particular subject you are wrestling with and Google it with Abraham Hicks’ name, you will probably find a talk with wisdom about it. Sharbel and I listened to one about making decisions, since we have so many of them to make.
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