Beautiful Blessings in the Challenges

Love and Grace Can Always Abound

So much has happened in my life since last spring. It’s why I haven’t shared posts very often during that time. My husband Sharbel and I were in the midst of our fourth move within San Diego since we first came here in July of 2015. All those moves in such a short time posed many challenges. They also reaped many blessings along the way. Life can become so much sweeter when we realize that there is always so much grace available in our lives and always so many sweet blessings even in the most difficult of challenges.
Sun Behind the Clouds

There are always so many sweet blessings – even in the most difficult of challenges. There is always so much light even in the darkness. The sun is always waiting behind the clouds. Photo by Matthew Bowden from

Early on after our first move from New Jersey to California, we received a message from the angels. It came in the form of an angel number that said “the transition we are going through would be very difficult, but it would all be worth it.” It also said we should be patient and that our angels and guides would be helping us through all our transitions that would lead to more abundance and that would also help us fulfill our divine life purpose.
We had quite a challenge to sell our home in New Jersey. It was on the market for six months, four of those months while we were already in California. Although there were two potential buyers, they were not offering a fair market value price. At the time, we learned the hard way that we did not have the right realtor or the right attorneys. All failed us in different ways, but they were all great teachers.
We then had to rent our home and had a year of many unpleasant experiences being long-distance landlords. The stress from that draining experience taught us that we never wanted to be landlords of any rental property ever again.
When we put our home back on the market again in June of 2017, we were older and wiser. I made sure to find both the right realtor and an attorney we could trust who would have our back during the entire selling process.
As a result of these more careful decisions, we were able to sell our home at just a little under our asking price within three months of our listing. Having supported expensive rental fees in San Diego and expensive upkeep and real estate taxes for our home in NJ for more than two years, we were so grateful when we finally closed on our home in late August.

We were so grateful when our lovely home in NJ finally sold at the end of August 2017. It enabled us to move on in our journey in Southern California.

Our rental lease in San Marcos was up in the middle of March 2018. So in November of 2017 we began looking for our next home. Our search to buy a house not too far from where my husband works in the North County of San Diego took us on a journey with lots of twists and turns. We looked at many homes, both resales and new construction.
We knew what we wanted. But ultimately, it was God and the angels who guided us to the home we purchased that was meant to be ours. It was not even yet listed on the market when we found it!
Spirit had an even grander vision for us than we could have ever had for ourselves. The good news is that we are slowly settling in and are in awe of the grace surrounding us in this new construction home set in the scenic hills of Vista. We feel our home will be a wonderful place for new dreams to be born and where our vision to counsel and heal others in bigger ways can gently unfold.
It was a very hectic and exhausting time, searching for a new home and figuring out all the details involved in a new home purchase and subsequent move. Although so many belongings were already packed in our garage, there was still so much to pack in our townhome. We made many trips back and forth from our townhome to our new home that was about 10 miles away before our ultimate moving date in mid-March.
Although feeling the stress of moving and making another big change, it was also a very blessed time filled with so much hope and expansion. We felt so much grace and abundance as we packed and surrendered to this next phase of our divine destiny. We had so many signs that Spirit was guiding all. To see how Spirit made our Valentine’s Day so special during this very busy time and the grace we felt on this sacred day of love, click here.
Until we sold our home in NJ, and until my husband was offered a position in another company in Northern San Diego, we felt so squeezed financially and were so stressed in many other ways. Our love was always the saving grace that got us through it all and our willingness to surrender and always be in trust and faith. We knew we always had a heavenly support team on our side.  Shifts began occurring when I started listening to YouTube audios of Esther Hicks channeling the wisdom of Abraham.
Angels on Glass

God and the angels have an even grander vision for us and understand what our hearts’ desire even better than we ever could. Photo by Bill Davenport from

The Wisdom of Abraham

I listened to workshop after workshop and couldn’t get enough of that wisdom. It was all about changing thoughts and beliefs and being in your joy whenever possible. It was about raising your mood, shifting your feelings to more positive ones and moving to a higher vibration where you can attract more health, joy and abundance into your life.
Abraham always affirmed not to focus on what you are currently seeing in your life. Rather focus on what you want, on what makes you feel better. When you do, you are setting the stage to attract what you want from your vibrational vortex into this physical world. On my website, in the “Resources for People” section, I have links to some of the Abraham YouTube workshop discussions. You can access them here.
Whatever challenges you are facing, know that so many blessings are awaiting you. Just look for the light coming through the darkness. Seek to raise your consciousness and vibration by focusing on what’s still working, what’s currently right in your life, what you are grateful for and how you might be of service to others.
Being grateful is a wonderful way to begin shifting to receive more love, grace and light in your life. You can check out my Thanksgiving Day 2017 blog post for tips on opening to the power of gratitude.
Light Coming Through the Darkness

Just look for the light coming through the darkness. Photo by Laszlo Honti from

As Pastor Joel Osteen often shares, “You are a child of the most high God.” God loves each of us as a parent would love a most cherished child, a parent who can give fully from an unceasing fountain of unconditional love and light. To listen to one of his inspirational sermons about receiving “favor in the storm,” click here or watch the sermon below.

Reach Out for Support

If I can support you in any way through your challenges, you can book a free half-hour get-acquainted session to see if I can help. Just click here. We are never alone. The Universe is always listening to your thoughts, to your heart and to your prayers. Whenever possible, keep your thoughts and frequency tuned to the light. Notice all that you have to be grateful for in your life.
Even when my husband and I go through tough struggles, we know that we always have the blessing of our love and the love of our precious dog Harry, who always uplifts our spirits. Friends and family are so important too.
And even if you feel very sad and alone, there are so many inspirational videos and audios to watch or listen to for free on the internet. You are always so loved and so guided even during the challenges that help your spirit grow and allow you to learn lessons that will help you in the future. Abraham often talks about the “contrast.” There must always be contrast for there to be expansion.
Harry in Camden

We are so grateful for the presence of our dog Harry in our lives. He always makes life so much sweeter and uplifts our hearts during challenging times. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2017. All rights reserved.

Seek to be in your joy no matter what is going on in your life. That’s the fastest way to turn challenges into new opportunities.
If you need help shifting to a more positive perspective, check out my “Time to Awaken to Joy and Abundance” packages.
Here’s to love, grace and so many blessings in your life. May challenges on your path lead the way to more opportunities, important lessons and to more joy and fulfillment. As always, here’s to more Love Healing and Miracles.
Wishing you all the love and blessings you so richly deserve,
Rev. Donna El Haber
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