The Transformative Power of Love

Experience Life Through the Zero-Point Field of Your Heart

Whatever difficulties or challenges you are having in your life, from health and finances to career and relationships, one of the most powerful answers to solving your problems is within the Field of the Heart where all is pure positive potential and love.
Last year, I  completed an online class titled, “Creating new Heart Prints: Change Your Blueprint – Change Your Life,” with Melissa Joy Jonsson, author, creator of the M-Joy Fields, and co-teacher of Matrix Energetics. The class was about creating new blueprints from the Field of the Heart to transform our lives using the brilliant magic and physics of the M-Joy Fields.
What I especially like is that some complex laws of physics and other scientific concepts form the foundation of this work. These holographic morphic fields contain vast stores of information. When we interact with them through our intention, they have the potential power to help transform anything and everything in our lives for the better. With just a thought to connect with them, they can travel faster than the speed of light and faster than scientists’ abilities to measure this kind of speed. When calling upon them to help us shift, these unique holographic fields and morphic grids of information can begin to rewrite our stories, creating powerful new paradigms that can transform old patterns into more positive ways of being.
When the heart opens and drops down into a sea of infinite love and light, then so much healing can occur. And from that healing can come so many miracles.
Torsion Fields of the Heart

There is great power in torsion fields and the holographic Zero-Point Field of the Heart where all is possible and so many miracles can occur. Photo by Dean Neacsu from

During the five “Change Your Blueprint” webinars, Melissa shared some very rich scientific material about torsion fields and the holographic universe where linear time is only an illusion. She speaks clearly about the physics of miracles and the transformative power of love, joy and grace. When seeing life through the lens of these morphic fields, all is already perfect and we are exactly where we should be. M-Joy Field 114, True Authentic Beauty, is about being okay with being perfectly imperfect.
From our childhood experiences, cultural, religious, social and other influences — and even from our ancestors and the historical aspects of the areas where we are living — the internal programs we are running too often are not being run from the heart or from a place of love. When we are seeing life and the world through only our past programs, our limited beliefs and our minds, rather than through the Field of the Heart, much can be distorted and lead to self-criticism, dissonance and suffering.
Whether creating a love sphere for ourselves (M-Joy Field 101) or others, or dropping down into the Field of the Heart where so many miracles can occur, using these powerful fields is always about aligning with love. It is about embracing your highest and best self and being in integrity with the frequency of love. That is where all is possible. Melissa often shares that the “all is in the small” and the “small is in the all.” Love is in both the “all and the small.” To learn more about M-Joy Field 101, go to
Heart Sphere

When you connect with M-Joy Field 101, you drop down into your heart and create your own personal “love sphere.” Photo by Flavio Takemoto from

Love has the power to heal in miraculous ways. That is why I chose Love Healing and Miracles as the name of my business. I believe love is the most powerful of all medicine and forces. When the heart opens and drops down into a sea of infinite love and light, then so much healing can occur. And from that healing can come so many miracles.
I will be using these powerful M-Joy Fields in my own life and will integrate them into my counseling and healing work with clients. There are so many programs running subconsciously that need to be healed and overwritten by more positive ones filled with love and joy. Joy is our birthright. Somewhere along the way, in the midst of so many life experiences, this message was lost. To learn more about M-Joy Field 109, the Field of Joy, and to bring more joy and grace into your life, click here.
When the heart opens and drops down into a sea of infinite love and light, then so much healing can occur. And from that healing can come so many miracles.
So many spiritual teachings are about finding the joy within no matter what’s going on in your life. Those feelings of joy and a heart filled with love, gratitude and appreciation will help lead you out of the darkness and into the light. I enjoy working with quantum energy in my sessions with both people and pets. It’s instantaneous and can offer some miraculous possibilities.
These powerful fields can work on my behalf and for others’ just by my signaling an intention to connect with them. The way they work and what’s happening behind the scenes on the quantum level have been explained by a number of scientists like Rupert Sheldrake (morphic fields) and Nickola Tesla (scalar waves), among many others. Scientists have only begun to tap into the extraordinary potential of these morphic fields. Melissa believes that all morphic fields are torsion fields.
Here’s how Melissa explains how the M-Joy Fields can bring more joy and love into your life:
  • Connection to these Fields of information creates resonance with Grids, and resonance creates experience.
  • All 24 Fields create clear signals for love as information to express as energy.
  • As a result, we may create, manifest, and experience more coherence, flow, joy and well-being.
For me the science of quantum physics is like the science of electricity, the way radio signals invisibly and magically travel through the air or the way energy powers the motors of cars. I don’t see the electricity, the radio frequencies or what’s happening in my car’s engine. But I know something very powerful is clearly happening even if I can’t see it. I just experience lights going on, music being heard and my car heading down the road. When using these fields, you just have to notice some subtle or sometimes not so subtle shifts going in within your life and in your circumstances.
These fields are a way of clearing out anything not serving you and helping you return to a state of grace, joy and love, seeing the world through the eyes and heart of love and envisioning your life as a work of art where you can create what your heart desires most.
These are important principles that so many spiritual teachers share. When you invite the unseen forces of torsion/morphic fields and grids to work on your behalf, using the laws of physics and the holographic universe or multiverses, you can work with some powerful tools to clear blocks preventing you from living the life of joy and abundance that is your birthright.
If you would like to “play with me” using the M-Joy Fields as part of a counseling and healing session, let me know. You can schedule a free half-hour get-acquainted session by going to to see if working with these powerful fields is right for you.

Love Yourself Unconditionally

As an angel minister, I can envision each angel embodying its own morphic field of information and light. The angels are always seeking ways to help us move forward and want us to be in health and joy and manifest our birthright of abundance. They know how easily we get in our own way and block our own paths to joy and grace.  They also know how important self-love is. If God created us and we all have the miraculous spark of divinity within, then self-criticism just dims that precious God-given light and creation. How wonderful it would be if we could talk to ourselves the way we might talk to a beloved child or pet. Seeing and experiencing life through love and the Field of the Heart has the power to help heal and transform lives.
Cute Puppy

Be loving, kind and gentle to yourself. Talk to yourself the way you would to a beloved child or pet. You deserve loving kindness no less than your beloved pet. Photo by Colin Hughes from

When you are kind and loving to yourself and in your joy, so much good can flow more easily into your life. So much time is wasted on negative inner dialogues. M-Joy Field 103 is about Compassionate Empathy, something that is so often lacking in our lives. It is also about neutrality. To learn more about this M-Joy Field, click here.
Let your inner talk be kind, caring and even inspirational. Listen to your self-talk and stop when any of it becomes negative and critical. Raise your vibration to one of self-love and become your own sweet Valentine.
If you are hurting or having resistance to attracting more love into your life — or if you want to attract even more love into your life — you can download for free the first 10 ways from my e-book, “25 Ways to Attract More Love into Your Life.” Just click here and sign on to my subscriber’s list to download the first 10 ways or purchase the entire e-book.
I also can help heal broken hearts and help you break through blockages to love with my “Angelic Love and Heart Healing” Packages. Click here to learn more about them. You can also learn more about my “Break Through to Break Free Process™” by clicking here.
Pet E-book Cover

Angelic Love Sacrament

Having an Angelic Love Sacrament reading can also be very helpful for understanding patterns and what may be holding you back regarding love and relationships. It consists of an eight-card intuitive reading. This sacrament can be done in two 1 to 1.5-hour sessions. When appropriate, I can also connect to some M-Joy Fields that align with the cards and wisdom revealed in your sacrament.
If you want to chat to see if I can help you with any issues surrounding love in your life, you can schedule a free half-hour session by clicking here . If you are interested in receiving a two-session Angel Love Sacrament reading to help with blocks in your relationships and in giving and receiving love, we can discuss that in your get-acquainted session. To learn more about my Angelic Love and Heart Healing Packages, click here. I can also include some quantum energy work within the reading to help rewrite some inner programs no longer serving you.
You can always find some ways to treat and pamper yourself, whether it’s going to the salon, going out with friends, buying something you like, taking a walk in nature, indulging in your favorite movie or television program, or just taking sacred time every day to meditate and feed your soul.
Ocean View

Pamper yourself whenever you can. Maybe a walk by the ocean will inspire you and feed your soul. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2018. All rights reserved.

Here are two short articles about Pastor Joel Osteen on the importance of speaking positively about yourself and how it can affect your life:
Raise your vibration to one of self-love and truly know the extraordinary miracle you are and have always been since you took your first breath.
M-Joy Field 107, the Field of Clarity, is all about clearing out the negative and old patterns and ways of being that no longer serve you. When you find yourself shifting into negative self-talk and thoughts that bring your energy and vibration down, you can call in M-Joy Field 107 to help you clear this pattern. To listen to what Melissa Joy shares about this multi-faceted field, click here.
M-Joy Field 121 is the Field called “Done.” You can call it in to ask that the old ways of relating to yourself and old patterns holding you back from your true authentic self and from your limitless potential be DONE. It’s Field 121 and done! To listen to Melissa Joy’s explanation of this M-Joy Field, click here.
You can also call upon the Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of Adoration, to help you shift to become more self-loving. To listen to what happened when I called Chamuel into a client session, click here. Chamuel sent so much love to this client who was too hard on herself and who was not honoring her own magnificence and brilliance.

Call upon Chamuel to help you be more loving to yourself and others and to connect more deeply to Spirit. Photo from “Angel Blessings: Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration” by Rev. Kimberly Marooney.

Open Your Heart to the Power of Love

I felt a lot of love when I watched the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in February 2018. My heart always open with love when I see so many beautiful breeds and the love that flows between dogs and their handlers and the fans watching them perform. In that competition I especially loved the connection between a Giant Schnauzer named Ty,  who placed second in the Best in Show 2018 competition, and his handler.
When he won the Working Group and the chance to compete in Best in Show, the connection between Ty and his handler was so heartwarming. He almost knocked her off her feet with his enthusiasm and love. Their heartfelt embrace was so sweet. They clearly are a very tight team. Check it out here.

The Magic of Love Opens Hearts

Our hearts can be filled with love for ourselves and others in an instant. Love can move us to tears and also move us into action. A number of months ago, I saw a poignant piece on the news about a young boy, Dakota Pitts, 5, whose father, a 16-year police veteran, Rob Pitts, was killed in the line of duty.
Dakota stayed home from school for a time to mourn this tragic death. He had one request that he shared with his mother before going back to school. He said he wanted a police officer to escort him in to the school building.
When the local police force heard about this request, 70 officers showed up and formed a double line of honor to be there as the young man entered the building wearing his father’s badge. Their magnanimous gesture and the beauty of Dakota’s sweet heart moved me to tears. There are so many ways every day to be inspired and transformed by love and its magic. To learn more about this outpouring of love for Dakota, click here .
5-year-old police escort
Throughout the day, move from your mind into your heart, dropping down into the limitless Field of your Heart, where so many miracles are possible and where you have the potential to transform anything you want for your highest good.
Here’s to the magic of love. May it continue to transform your life and the world. Let’s all work on seeing the world through our “love spheres” and experiencing more love, joy, health, gratitude and abundance in our lives.
With so much love, healing and so many miracles,
Rev. Donna EL Haber
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