Valentine’s Day Blessings

Stay Open to Love and Grace in Your Life

This year’s Valentine’s Day was a very hectic one for me and my wonderful husband Sharbel. We were in the midst of our fourth move since July 2015, bringing boxes back and forth from our old home to our new one before our big move in mid-March. Although it was a very busy Valentine’s Day, it was also a very blessed one filled with so much grace and abundance as we packed and surrendered to this next phase of our divine destiny.
On Valentine’s Day, my husband took me out to eat at a local Japanese restaurant in San Marcos that always has music playing. When we walked in, our wedding dance song, John Legend’s “All of Me,” was playing. Then in the middle of our meal, a server handed me a red helium balloon that said “I Love You.”
Donna and Sharbel Dancing

This photo was taken during our first wedding dance to John Legend’s “All of Me.” That was the song playing as we walked into the restaurant. Before being seated, I hugged my husband and started dancing just a little. Photo by Joe Mendez, 2014. All rights reserved.

God and the Angels Love Surprising Us with Grace

Even though we didn’t even exchange cards this year because we were so busy, the angels found a way to make Valentine’s Day very memorable. The song and the balloon let me know how loved I am not just by my husband, but also by God and the angels. They are always busy planning delightful surprises not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day if we can stay open to the magic that awaits us.
I Love You Valentines Balloon

This “I Love You” balloon was like my Valentine’s Day message from God and the angels.  Photo by Sharbel El Haber, 2018. All rights reserved.

“All You Need is Love – Love is All You Need”

During this busy time, I was thinking of all of you and what inspirational message of love I could share with you to uplift your hearts. An old Beatles song from the “Magical Mystery Tour” album came to mind and I started singing it in my mind.  “All you need is love, love. Love is all you need. Love is all you need.”
Love is needed almost as much as the air we breathe. It makes life worth living and enriches it in ways we never imagined or thought possible. It’s why Valentine’s Day is such a sweet and special holiday. It is a day that acknowledges the importance of love in our lives, its beauty and its majesty. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the Beatles’ song about love is on an album titled “Magical Mystery Tour.” Those in love can often find themselves on a marvelous and mystical “magical mystery tour.”
All You Need is Love

My husband and I have been on a kind of “magical mystery tour” since the time we first began connecting back in November 2011. You can learn more about our special Twin Flame Love story here. Photo by Nick Benjaminsz from

Donna and Sharbel at Dancing with the Stars

This photo was taken at night on my birthday in August when we had just seen a “Dancing with the Stars” Tour show in downtown San Diego. It was a magical evening for us. Photo by Donna and Sharbel El Haber, 2017. All rights reserved.

Valentine’s Day 2012 – The Beginning of our Romantic Connection

On Valentine’s Day 2018, I was recalling a time back on February 14, 2012 when I received a bouquet of small colorful roses from my husband Sharbel. At the time, he was still only a friend. Sad about the anniversary of his mother’s death, he took off work and wound up connecting with me online for quite a while.
I was so grateful for his beautiful gift of flowers and that someone so sweet and special was thinking of me on Valentine’s Day. I can still recall the smile on my mother’s face and the one on her aide’s face too when I told them what had just arrived for me.
My husband, although a very logical and analytical mechanical engineer, is also very creative and poetic. He even wrote a  spiritual e-book of peace poems you can access here . That’s why the beautiful message that accompanied his flowers was no surprise to me. It read:
“Divine Queen Donna! Sent you flowers to mirror your beauty and love. Though they wither, your love keeps glowing eternally. With infinite gratitude and love for the sacred love that you are. Sharbel”
Valentine Roses

These are the lovely Valentine’s Day roses I received from my husband four months after we began connecting online. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2012. All rights reserved.

I can recall my mother’s social worker also visiting that day. When she saw the flowers, she asked who had sent them. I told her a friend from abroad. She smiled at me and said that “friends” don’t usually send those kinds of flowers. I assured her that we were only friends and she seemed to already know otherwise.
A few months later Sharbel sent me on a beautiful vacation retreat with a group of spiritual seekers to Sedona, AZ. By then it was clear that our connection was very deep. We slowly began to understand that we were more than friends and even much more than soulmates. Our Twin Flame Love meant that we were actually two halves of the same soul.
Sedona Rocks

A few months after I met him online in a spiritual community, my husband sent me on a vacation retreat to Sedona, AZ. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2012. All rights reserved.

At the time Sharbel came into my life, I couldn’t envision the possibility of falling in love or getting married. It had been a long time since I had dated. My mother had often shared that my “prince charming” was waiting for me and that he would arrive. I jokingly asked her if he would show up one day and ring our door bell. She told me, “Just be patient and he will come.”
The week before she died, when I visited her in the hospital, I asked her what she thought about me and Sharbel. He was scheduled to visit us for the first time the following week. She thought just a little about it and said, “You will be happily married and be together until eternity.” She died a few days later and just a few days before his arrival in New Jersey from Beirut, Lebanon.

Wise and Witty Wedding Toast

In his wonderful wedding toast, my brother-in-law Rabih gave a witty account of his family’s failure to put pressure on Sharbel to find a wife. Until he met me, Sharbel mostly had no interest in getting married. He was not looking for someone to marry. His brother and others in the family would urge him to get proactive and begin searching for his beloved. They encouraged him to stay open to suggestions from friends and family.
Sharbel would tell them that God would send someone to him. His brother said, “That’s fine, but sometimes you have to help God out and begin taking some action.” But Sharbel remained resolute and declined to actively look for his future wife. In his toast, Rabih said Sharbel believed that God would send him his future bride. And Rabih affirmed, “That’s just what happened. The right woman for him to marry magically showed up in his life.”
As I look back on the miraculous unfolding of events that still continues, I wanted to share with you that Spirit can surprise us in any way at any time with such miraculous and unexpected grace.
Rabih Giving His Toast

My brother-in-law Rabih made his beautiful, wise and witty toast at our wedding. Photo by Joe Mendez, 2014. All rights reserved.

The Blessed Surprises of Grace in Our Lives

I love being surprised by God and the angels’ Grace in my life. There is just something so special about unexpected joy and miracles — about feeling the love of God and the love of so many angels through the surprise of Grace.
As we were running around and going back and forth from our former home to our new one, Sharbel wanted to take some time to get me a Valentine’s Day gift. So we went to Pier One Imports to buy an angel I had admired the week before. We weren’t sure whether to get the tall one that has a bird feeder or the smaller one that was in a more contemplative position. The young man helping us, Patrick, just picked up the tall angel as if he knew it was the one. And indeed, it was the one we both preferred.
Then as I was wandering around the store, I found a beautiful lamp that perfectly matched the chandelier in the great room of our new home, but it was expensive. My husband said that there could be a miracle. We saw only a sign for 20% off on lamps that had mosaic in them. And the one we liked had no mosaic.
Patrick said maybe we could get 20% off these lamps because there was a flash sale that day for rewards members. Then he checked and found out we could get 25% off. My husband’s face lit up when he heard this and found out that there were two fresh ones in the back waiting for us. It was just such sweet Valentine’s Day grace.
Valentines Angel

This beautiful angel who graces our new home was my Valentine’s Day present from my husband.  Photo from Pier One Imports.

Valentines Lamp

Two of these lovely lamps from Pier One Imports were the added bonus to my Valentine’s Day gift from my husband. Photo from Pier One Imports.

Love and Grace Go Hand-in-Hand

Love and grace often go hand-in-hand and both can come in so many different ways and manifestations. Wherever you are right now in your life regarding relationships and love, know how loved and guided you always are.
As Pastor Joel Osteen often shares, “You are a child of the most high God.” God loves each of us as a parent would love a most cherished child, a parent who can give fully from an unceasing fountain of unconditional love and light.
I channeled a message from the Archangel Hadraniel, the Angel of Love. You can click here to listen to it. You can also click here to watch it on YouTube. May it inspire you to feel how loved you are. Love has the power to heal in miraculous ways.
That is why I chose Love Healing and Miracles as the name of my business. I believe love is the most powerful of all medicine and forces. When the heart opens and drops down into a sea of infinite love and light, then so much healing can occur. And from that healing can come so many miracles.
Angel of Love, Hadraniel

Call on Hadraniel, the Angel of Love, to help heal your heart and to help you give and receive love more freely. Hadraniel can also help you attract more love into your life. Photo from “Angel Blessings: Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration” by Rev. Kimberly Marooney.

Love Yourself Unconditionally

In addition to God, the angels, ascended masters and so many other beings of light, there is someone else who can love you unconditionally. And that is you. Valentine’s Day is also a reminder to love and cherish ourselves.
How wonderful it would be if you could treat yourself like a beloved child or pet. Be kind and loving to yourself. Find some ways to treat and pamper yourself. And let your inner talk be kind, caring and even inspirational. So much time is wasted on negative inner dialogues.
Listen to your self-talk and stop when any of it becomes negative and critical. Raise your vibration to one of self-love and become your own Valentine. Call upon the Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of Adoration, to help you do this. When the Archangel Chamuel shows up in an angel reading, it is a message about self-love and how to be kinder, gentler, and more loving and compassionate with yourself. Chamuel also encourages you to foster a closer relationship with God and the angels. To listen to what happened when I called upon Chamuel to bring this message of self-love and compassion into a client session, click here.
If you are hurting and are having trouble attracting more love into your life — or if you want to attract even more love into your life — you can download for free the first 10 ways from my e-book, “25 Ways to Attract More Love into Your Life.” Just click here to sign on to my subscriber’s list and download the first 10 ways for free. You can also go to the page to purchase the entire e-book.
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Call upon Chamuel to help you be more loving to yourself and others and to connect more deeply to Spirit. Photo from “Angel Blessings: Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration” by Rev. Kimberly Marooney.

Angelic Love Sacrament

Angel Love Sacrament
Having an Angelic Love Sacrament reading can also be very helpful for understanding patterns and what may be holding you back regarding love and relationships. It consists of an eight-card intuitive reading with Angel Blessings or Angel Love cards. This sacrament can be done in two 1 to 1.5-hour sessions.
If you want to chat to see if I can help you with any issues surrounding love in your life, you can schedule a free half-hour session by clicking here . If you are interested in receiving a two-session  Angel Love Sacrament reading to help with blocks in your relationships and in giving and receiving love, we can discuss that in your free half-hour session.

The Kid Goats of Jamil

Goats of Jamil

Stay open to the transformative healing power of love. Let love wash over you the way the beauty and grace of “The Kid Goats of Jamil” in a poem by Taja Muhammad Ali positively affected so many with their most precious life-affirming energy. Photo by Loretta Humble from

During this Valentine’s month and going forward, try to open your heart as much as you can to the power of love. One of my favorite poems is by a Palestinian poet named Taja Muhammad Ali, who has since passed. He wrote a powerful poem called “The Kid Goats of Jamil.”
It tells a poignant story about the way some baby goats opened so many sad and hardened hearts in the small Middle Eastern village of Jamil. The beauty and grace of these precious baby goats enabled hearts to open to the transformative power of love. You can click here to listen to my reading of it that I did during an online Easter gathering of angel ministers and others.

Open Your Heart with Appreciation and Love

May your life be filled with joyful and blessed experiences. If your thoughts are descending into the negative, think of something that opens and even melts your heart with love. It can be a new baby, child or a puppy, some other baby animal or whatever makes your heart sing.
My heart always opens when I am watching animals. I recently saw a preview of a documentary about elephants that touched my heart. I just wanted to play with the baby elephant!
Baby Elephant

Baby elephants can open my heart to love. I just want to hug them and play with them. Photo by Ned Benjamin from

I also recently saw the Westminster Dog Show. My heart always open with love when I see so many beautiful breeds and the love that flows between dogs and their handlers and the fans watching them perform. I loved the connection between a Giant Schnauzer named Ty who placed second in the Best in Show competition there.
When he won the Working Group and the chance to compete in Best in Show, the connection between Ty and his handler was so heartwarming. He almost knocked her off her feet with his enthusiasm and love. Their heartfelt embrace was so sweet. They clearly are a very tight team. Click here to check it out.
I am extending a big Valentine’s hug and wishing you so much love in your life. Stay open to the grace and miracles of love. Let them surprise you and even sweep you off your feet with wonder and awe at just how loved you truly are. There are so many miracles awaiting you.
With love, healing and miracles, and best wishes for a wonderful love-filled Valentine’s year ahead,
Rev. Donna EL Haber
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