Boosting Your Immune System – Part 1

Help Protect Against COVID-19

During this very stressful time of the COVID-19 pandemic and unrest within our country, we all can be feeling a little stressed, frustrated, sad and angry. This kind of ongoing stress can have a very adverse effect on our immune systems. The best offense is a good defense. That’s why it is so critically important to do whatever you can at this time, and even in calmer times, to support your immune system. In addition, so many around the world are dealing with long-term chronic health conditions that stress the immune system. And those patients are the ones who have a very high risk of getting very sick if they contract COVID-19.
In all the scientific meetings and briefings I have viewed on television, not once have I seen any doctor or scientist talk about the importance of boosting your immune system. They argue about drugs and talk about vaccines, but they never offer recommendations to help boost your immune system and enable it to put up its best defense against any viral or microbial attacks.
That’s why I always believe in being your own best health advocate. It is what I have had to do in my more than 15-year journey with autoimmune issues. I have learned so much with each doctor I have seen, book I have read, event I have attended and online material I have researched and read.
The good news is that there are many others who are talking about the importance of boosting the immune system. Functional medicine doctors, integrative medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, homeopaths, nutritionists, advanced energy healers and others have all been sharing information on what supplements and lifestyle changes can best help boost the immune system.
I will be sharing some of what I have been using to help boost my immune system, along with the recommendations of other doctors, sharing links to their knowledgeable and helpful articles.

Supplements to Boost Your Immune System

Here is a list of some of the supplements I have taken over the years to help boost my immune system:

1. Vitamin C

This is for me one of the most basic and most important supplements on my list. I currently take American Health’s Ester – C – 500 mgs. non-acidic capsules. I take 4,000 mgs. daily, 2,000 mgs. in the a.m. (4 capsules) and 2,000 mgs. in the pm (another 4 capsules).

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Check out these articles to learn more about the many benefits of Vitamin C:

2. Echinacea and Goldenseal

This is a very good immune boosting supplement to use for a while and then take a break from before starting up again when you feel your immune system needs help. The two herbs combined in one pill are more potent in helping boost the immune system than when one is taken without the other.
Here is an article by Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D., explaining why these two herbs work so well together to support immunity:

3. Ashwaganda

Reducing inflammation and boosting immunity are just two of the positive effects of this herb. To read about this herb and its many benefits, check out these articles:

4. Elderberry Syrup

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I have begun taking elderberry syrup for a few months now. It tastes very good and can help build up the immune system and work to fight against colds and infections. People have used elderberry, which contains antioxidants, for its health benefits for hundreds of years. To learn more about elderberry, click on the links below.

5. Astralagus

This herb has many different benefits. One of them is to boost your immune system. Click the links below to find out more about this very versatile herb that can help the body in a variety of ways, including helping fight colds, allergies and lowering blood pressure:

6. Wellness Formula Herbal Defense Complex and Wellness Formula Resistance Drops

My yoga teacher first told me about these products. I began using the resistance drops in my morning cocktail of liquid supplements when I started feeling sick and continued using them to support my immune system.
To learn more about this Source Naturals product, click the link below:

7. Sovereign Silver

I have been taking Sovereign Silver for about a year. I take one teaspoon daily to prevent illness and help boost immunity. When I feel I am coming down with something, I increase my daily dose to two or three teaspoons. One day, while shopping in the supplement aisles of a major supermarket that features products for a healthy lifestyle, I talked with several employees who recommended using this product to help boost immunity. I now recommend it to others.
To learn more about Sovereign Silver, check out the link below:

8. Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms can help boost immunity. There are various products that combine several of these. My integrative vet even recommended a blend of medicinal mushrooms for my dog to help boost his immune system. So we are both taking them every day. I put a teaspoon of my medicinal mushroom formula into my green tea and it tastes great. If you don’t like the taste of mushrooms, then you can put it into your shake or buy capsules.
To learn more about the benefits of medicinal mushrooms, click the links below:

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9. L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine is a supplement that has a variety of benefits, including support of the immune system.
To learn more about it, click the links below:

10. Vitamin D

Many doctors, nutritionists and health experts recommend having adequate levels of Vitamin D for so many reasons. It affects mood and overall health and supports immune function. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many doctors have recommended taking walks and getting out in the sun to get some natural Vitamin D.
To learn more about this vitamin and its positive effects on the body and mind and on immune support, click on the links below:

Getting out in the sun is a great way to help boost your Vitamin D levels. To further enhance your Vitamin D levels, you can take a good supplement to insure you are getting a big enough daily dose of Vitamin D. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2019. All rights reserved. 

11. Mutivitamin

There are many multivitamins on the market. Some are targeted for men, some for women and others specify a particular age group. When you take a good multivitamin, you are covering many bases. I was taking a multivitamin from Enzymatics and now I am taking one from XYMOGEN prescribed by a doctor. Your doctor may have recommendations for you regarding what kind of multivitamin he or she prefers.

12. B-Complex Vitamins

On, Jennifer J. Brown, Ph.D. writes about the benefits of B vitamins in a post titled, “8 Surprising Health Benefits of B Vitamins.” She notes that Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) helps boost the immune system. To read her analysis of all the benefits of each B vitamin, go to
In an article on, Cathy Wong writes about the various benefits of the B Vitamins. She writes that “some people take a vitamin B complex to increase energy, enhance mood, improve memory, boost skin and hair health and stimulate the immune system.” To read her entire article, go to

13. Glutathione

Dr. Amy Myers, a functional medicine doctor, based in Austin, TX, highly recommends using glutathione to help improve immune function. In an article about “boosting your immune system,” she writes:
“I also recommend optimizing your body’s production of glutathione—the number one detoxifying molecule, or master antioxidant, in our body. Our body naturally generates this free-radical scavenging molecule, which helps us metabolize and get rid of toxins such as alcohol and heavy metals. It’s also thought to support the immune system. But it’s difficult to get enough of the building blocks of glutathione in our diet.
“Glutathione itself as a supplement is typically not well absorbed orally, because it is broken down in the gut, that is, unless you take the acetylated form of glutathione. (In the latter, an acetyl group is added onto the glutathione molecule to prevent it from getting broken down.)”
You can read her full article at
On the CoreMed Science website (, Dr. Bogdan Popa wrote a comprehensive article on the benefits of Glutathione titled, “Glutathione: 14 Benefits of the Master Antioxidant [Plus Diet and Supplements].”
He writes about the relationship between glutathione and a healthy immune system:
“Glutathione helps your immune system stay strong and ready to fight infections. While vitamin C seems to get all the accolades when it comes to immunity, glutathione is the under-recognized supporting actor who deserves the starring role.”

Glutathione helps your immune system stay strong and ready to fight infections. Photo by Logan Weaver from

Dr. Popa further affirms:
Research shows that active glutathione (GSH) primes white cells such as natural killer (NK) and T cells, your body’s front-line infection fighters. GSH-enhanced T cells are able to produce more infection-fighting substances, controlling both bacterial and viral infections.
One clinical trial in particular found that GSH doubled NK cells’ ability to be cytotoxic (kill invaders) after just six months of use. Glutathione actually has a potent antibacterial effect as it helps the immune cells called macrophages fight the bacterium that causes tuberculosis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
“In another study, researchers found that GSH modulates the behavior of many immune system cells, affecting adaptive immunity and protecting against microbial, viral and parasitic infections.
“There are many chronic infections such as EBV, hepatitis, herpes viruses and Lyme, to name a few, which can deregulate and suppress the immune system. Glutathione can modulate and reverse this suppression.
“Autoimmune diseases also appear to be hallmarked by imbalanced glutathione levels.”

14. Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics

A healthy immune system is very connected to a healthy digestive system. When your gut has problems, your immune system will be adversely affected. As we age, our ability to produce enough acid to break down our food diminishes. Taking digestive enzymes and probiotics with every meal is an easy way to help promote a healthier gut and digest food more easily.
On, John Deaton, Ph.D., explains the importance of the connection between a healthy gut and a healthy immune system:
“The intestines contain more immune cells than the rest of the entire human body. In many cases, immune dysfunction begins with a “failure to communicate” in the human gut.  Considering 80 percent of the immune system is located in the digestive tract, maintaining a healthy gut is a major focal point in the pursuit to support overall health and immunity.”

Maintaining a healthy gut will help support your overall health and immunity. Photo by Travis Yewell from

Dr. Deaton further explains:
“When the digestive system is functioning properly, it serves as a barrier to bacteria, viruses and pathogens. Poor digestion leaves the body and the immune system with a lack of nutritional factors that support immune function and the function of the entire body.
“Supplement products that incorporate enzymes and probiotics can help to support digestive and immune health.”
Dr. Steven Lamm posted an article on about the importance of taking digestive enzymes and how they can help with immune function. He writes:
“Good health is dependent on a healthy digestive and immune system. Taking supplemental enzymes, especially when eating foods that are highly processed, cooked improperly or difficult to digest, reduces stress to the digestive system, supports the proper uptake of nutrients and creates an ideal environment for 70% of your immune system. But there are other compelling reasons to take them.
“One has to do with age. As you get older, your supply of enzymes begins dwindling. It’s like everything else in your body – your eyes, heart, and other organs all show diminished function with time. Studies suggest the same is true of your enzyme-making organs. In fact, by age 50 you may be making half the amount you did when you were younger. This means you may not be digesting and absorbing all the nutrients you need as you age, lowering your immune fighting capacity and actually hastening the aging process.
“Yet another reason to take enzyme supplements is the epidemic of relative enzyme deficiencies. Enzyme deficiencies are the result of genetics, too much stress, unhealthy foods, environmental toxins, and poor lifestyle habits. Signs of a deficiency can include gas, constipation, diarrhea, skin rashes, bloating, gastric upset and lowered immune function.”
To read his entire post, go to

15. Zinc

Zinc is an important supplement that can support immune function and help reduce the severity of infections. In an article by Lisa Ryan on, registered dietician and nutritionist Amy Shapiro of Real Nutrition NYC ( talks about the benefits of zinc not only for the immune system, but for other aspects of the body:
“Zinc, it turns out, has a lot of different functions in the body. Registered dietitian and nutritionist Amy Shapiro of Real Nutrition NYC told me that it’s probably best known as an immune booster (more on that later), but zinc can also help with digestion and help regulate hormone production. In fact, Shapiro says its role in balancing our hormones means that it’s important for fertility and diabetes (as in, if you don’t get enough, it can cause infertility or diabetes). But on top of that, zinc also helps with muscle growth and repair, helps to prevent aging (since it functions like an antioxidant in the body), and also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help prevent certain diseases.
To read the entire article about zinc, go to
There are many more immune-boosting supplements. You can talk to your holistic medical practitioner about which ones would be best for you. I would highly recommend finding an integrative medical doctor, a functional medicine doctor, a naturopathic doctor, a certified classical homeopath, holistic chiropractor or other holistic medical professional to consult with.
If there is any way I can support you through counseling or healing, you can email me at or schedule a free half-hour chat to see if I can help you by going to You can check out all the single sessions I offer. You can find the one on “Vibrant Health and Healing” at You can also  check out my packages of sessions.
I encourage you to think positively and listen to inspirational speakers and beautiful music. Do whatever helps you and your spirit feel better. Being in your joy is truly the very best medicine for all your cells and for your soul.

Being in your joy is truly the very best medicine for all your cells and for your soul. Photo by Preslie Hirsch from

Laughter is another potent remedy to help boost immunity and inspire cells to recover. Author Norman Cousins described his comeback from a crippling disease in his book, Anatomy of an Illness. He used lots of laughter, watching funny television shows and movies to shift his mood. And that, in turn, shifted his prognosis. On, there is a description of the book:
The best-selling, groundbreaking classic by Norman Cousins on combating life-threatening illness through humor and patient participation in care.
Anatomy of an Illness was the first book by a patient that spoke to our current interest in taking charge of our own health. It started the revolution in patients working with their doctors and using humor to boost their bodies’ capacity for healing. When Norman Cousins was diagnosed with a crippling and irreversible disease, he forged an unusual collaboration with his physician, and together they were able to beat the odds. The doctor’s genius was in helping his patient to use his own powers: laughter, courage, and tenacity. The patient’s talent was in mobilizing his body’s own natural resources, proving what an effective healing tool the mind can be. This remarkable story of the triumph of the human spirit is truly inspirational reading.”

Laughter is another potent remedy to help boost immunity and inspire cells to recover. Photo by Antonino Visalli from

So check out supplements to help boost your immune system. At the same time, find ways to boost your mood and your joy. Ramaela is the Angel of Joy. Call on her to help you generate more joy and fulfillment in your life.
Even in the midst of this COVID-19 crisis, you can find so many different ways to create, entertain, inspire, enrich and help others. When you are in service to others, it is another great way of opening your heart and uplifting all the cells of your body. Every cell has its own light. When you turn on the joy in your heart and feel happy and fulfilled, it brightens the lights in all your cells. When your cells are stronger, so is your immune system.
Here’s to finding some great supplements to help boost your immune system. And here’s to finding laughter and joy to uplift your heart and help heal your cells.
Stay safe and well. May God and the angels also help to keep you and your family in the best of vibrant health and in radiant abundance and joy.
With love, healing and so many immune-boosting miracles,
Rev. Donna
Ramaela, the Angel of Joy

Photo from “Angel Blessings” Oracle Card Deck by Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney

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