A Day of Fun, Healing, TTouch and Animal Communication to Help Raise Money for the Shelties of Tri-State Sheltie Rescue

A Day of Fun, Healing, Tellington TTouch® and Animal Communication to Help Raise Money for Tri-State Sheltie Rescue

On August 25, 2013, I had the privilege of working with some wonderful Shelties and their guardians who so lovingly rescued them. Organized by Cathy Caruso, the annual Tri-state Sheltie Rescue picnic was held at Duke Island Park, where I shared healing and channeled the thoughts and feelings of some Shelties with their grateful guardians during animal communication sessions.
Many of the guardians I worked with had rescued and adopted more than one sweet Sheltie in need of a loving home. Several had Shelties who recently came from the home of a hoarder. Some had very brief fostering stints before love overwhelmed them and they knew that their foster animals had found permanent homes with them.
A woman named Lisa with a beautiful heart rescued a very sick Sheltie named Lucky, who truly was so “lucky” to be adopted by Lisa. As he lay wrapped in a towel in a deep sleep in her arms, so much of his fur shed by a serious thyroid condition, he truly looked at peace and as though he had finally found his perfect home, a home where he would get the love he so richly deserves.

These are Lucky’s pictures featured on the Tri-State Sheltie website.

Lucky at Sheltie Picnic

And here is Lucky looking around at the picnic. Photo by Cathy Caruso, 2013, all rights reserved.

Another big-hearted couple, Alex and Fran, have a very handsome Sheltie named Shadow who wanted to know why one of their cats is so mean (they have four cats!). “What’s up with that crazy cat?” I heard him say. Shadow doesn’t like anything discordant in his home and wants to always maintain the peace in his house. He has two new siblings, Vivi and Jackson, who Alex and Fran rescued from a home where they were two of many other dogs in a house owned by a hoarder. And Alizé, their eldest Sheltie, relaxed on the ground, listening and observing, taking in all the sights and sounds around her.
Alex, Fran, Shadow, Alize, Vivi and Jackson - Tri-state Sheltie Rescue Picnic

Alex, Alizé, Shadow, Vivi, Fran and Jackson at the Tri-State Sheltie Picnic. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2013. All rights reserved.

Ellyn and her husband George are also amazing people with huge hearts who have adopted several Shelties. One of them, Sully, calmed down and felt better after wearing a Tellington TTouch® wrap and heading out onto a Tellington TTouch® confidence course that I laid out for some clients. Another one of their dogs, Sassy, is a beautiful cream-colored senior dog, very hard of hearing, who lost one eye to glaucoma and who adores George. She can sense wherever he is and she always wants to be wherever he is.
Sheba, a dog that Ellyn and George are currently fostering in their home, is a real sweetheart. I did some energy healing on Sheba who has hip dysplasia and is in need of some expensive veterinary treatment and physical therapy. Sheba’s sweet eyes and expression say it all as she relaxes in the cute wagon that Ellyn and George wheel her and Sassy around in. Those who want to make a contribution on Sheba’s behalf can send donations to Tri-state Sheltie Rescue at www.tristatesheltierescue.org. If you want to check Sheba out, you can go to http://www.tristatesheltierescue.org/available_shelties.html or see her as well in the pictures here, relaxing in Ellyn’s wagon.
Ellyn and Family - Tri-state Sheltie Rescue Picnic

Sassy, Sheba, Ellyn and Sully (behind Ellyn’s chair) at the Tri-State Sheltie Rescue Picnic. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2013. All rights reserved.

The head of Tri-state Sheltie is a remarkable woman named Julie who, despite health issues, works tirelessly on behalf of the Shelties in her rescue group. I sat with Julie and her two delightful Shelties, Petey and Bella. Petey made himself very comfortable on my feet as Bella found her right spot underneath my chair. Just being around these two loving, relaxed and sweet dogs, surrounded by beautiful trees and the beauty of Duke Island Park, made my own heart feel so deeply peaceful. They clearly adore Julie and were so happy to be spending this special day with her. They also enjoyed sharing some important thoughts and feelings with her as the four of us chatted during the animal communication session.

Here is the photo of Sheba featured on the Tri-state Sheltie Rescue website.

Petey by Cathy Caruso

Here is a picture of the very handsome Petey taken after he was groomed by Cathy Caruso. Photo by Cathy Caruso, 2013. All rights reserved.

Petey by Jennifer Hollis

Here is another picture of the very photogenic Petey who had a great time at the picnic with his sister Bella and mother Julie. Photo by Jennifer Hollis, 2013, all rights reserved.

Here in NJ, August 25 was the perfect day for an outdoor picnic. The weather was amazing and the food was plentiful. Volunteers like Cathy, Julie, Bernice, Ellyn, Lisa, Fran, Alex and so many others were working hard on a magnificent Sunday to raise some money and once again help Shelties in need of love and care.
It was a day of gratitude and grace, watching so many special dogs enjoying the pleasure of being outside on that warm, sunny day with people they love. But even more beautiful than the day was the peace in so many of their hearts because they had finally found refuge, safety and love in the arms and hearts of the volunteers who welcomed them unconditionally into their homes and lives – volunteers so dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of these extraordinary dogs.
I was blessed to share my time with them and to make my own contribution. What about you? Can you find it in your heart to make a contribution to help Sheba and other Shelties in need of medical treatment and their forever homes? If you are interested in making a donation or getting involved in this organization, you can go to www.tristatesheltierescue.org. For more information on adopting Shelties or on making donations, you can call Juliann (Julie) Canzoneri, director, at 516-574-9989 or Lisa Stornaiuolo, for adoptions, at 917-655-4821.
If you would like to make a monthly donation in any dollar amount to sponsor Tri-State Sheltie’s rescues,  or if you would like to make a one-time donation to help a specific Sheltie, like Sheba, in need of medical treatment, or if you have any questions, please contact Julie at info@tristatesheltierescue.org.  You can also mail a check to Tri-State Shetland Sheepdog, Inc., P.O. Box 422, Malvern, NY 11565.

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The dogs are all so deeply grateful for any love and support. You can check out some of the letters of gratitude that they wrote at http://www.tristatesheltierescue.org/adopted_updates.html. You will feel the reward for your contribution in the warm feeling in your own heart. And perhaps your life might be forever enriched by adopting a beautiful Sheltie. Go check out who might be waiting for you at http://www.tristatesheltierescue.org/available_shelties.html. If any one of them captures your heart, you can contact Julie to let her know at sheltielove94@aol.com.
May the Shelties who have found such loving homes light the way for the others longing for their own safe and loving environments where, once rescued, they can continue the work they came here to do, which is always to teach, share unconditional love, and rescue the people right back who have rescued them.
With blessings, love and healing,
Rev. Donna
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