Helping Animals in Hurricanes and Other Disasters

Tellington TTouch and Body Wraps to the Rescue

During this very active hurricane season, those in the path of the storms, who must evacuate or find alternative shelter for themselves and their pets, may be wondering what they can do to help their pets feel better in the midst of so much turmoil and stress. Those who work in animal shelters and rescue organizations may also be feeling overwhelmed as traumatized animals are admitted in large numbers or transferred out to other locations.

Be as Prepared as Possible – Anticipate All You Will Need

Of course you can try to be as calm and optimistic as possible because our pets always read our thoughts and pick up on our energy and emotions. You can also be as prepared as possible to keep your pet safe when there is any kind of natural disaster. Below are some links to articles that detail best ways to prepare your pet in an optimal way when there is an impending disaster in your area. Some of the links take you to sites that also will help you be better prepared for what you may have to do and know such as when a fast-moving wildfire ignites in your area:

Talk to Your Pets – Let Them Know What’s Going On

As an animal communicator, I know that talking to your pets and telling them what’s going to happen and what you plan to do and why will also be very helpful. On the one hand, it’s hard to believe that our pets truly understand what we are sharing, but I have had too many validations showing me that straightforward communication is important to them. Sometimes when we are not sharing and they know something difficult is going on, they will go straight to your thoughts to get the answers they need. That may be confusing for them because when we are stressed, we often have many thoughts racing through our mind. Why do you think your pets can bolt or hide when you are going to bathe them or take them to the vet before you even move a single step?
Animal Communication Blog Post Photo

Our dogs have their own thoughts and preferences. They also understand everything we say to them and often read our thoughts. Photo by Hamza Gergeley from

I once did a reading for a woman who had a very special service dog who passed. His younger protégé was his best friend and became very depressed when his friend left and never returned. It wasn’t until I did a reading that learned from him that his guardian never told him about his friend’s death. When I shared what I learned, it confirmed her feelings about his uncertainty and depression. She was then prompted to have a talk with him about his friend’s passing. Although he was still sad, he was able to move forward. He also knew it had become his time to fill his friend’s big paws and help his guardian with her service work.
Another time a woman at a training was so upset because her dog at home wasn’t eating. She had not told her dog where she was going or when she would return. The pet sitter shared that her pet was moping and not eating his food.
At the lunch break, I checked in with her dog telepathically and told him where his guardian was and when she was returning. I also told him she was having a good time and that he should have a good time too. About three hours later, the woman called home and found out that her dog had eaten and was out playing and having fun with another dog.
Our pets like to be kept in the information loop of our lives. It is our job to let them know what’s going on and what they can expect.

Use Soft Music Whenever Possible to Help Soothe and Calm Animals

You can also bring some calming music with you loaded onto your iPhone or other device that plays your favorite soft music. Animals respond so beautifully to gentle music that affects their central nervous system and helps them relax. Indeed, some animal shelters have speakers that play soft music in their kennels to help the animals there calm down.
In the book Through a Dog’s Ear, by Joshua Leeds and Lisa Spector, which also comes with a DVD, they explain how and why music helps calm animals. Click on the picture below to watch the video where you can learn more about this phenomenon:

Tellington TTouch® Works Wonders to Help Calm Animals in Disasters

How else can you help your pet in a disaster or emergency? Tellington TTouch® is always a wonderful way to calm animals and help them feel so much better. In my e-book “25 Ways to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Dog,” Tellington TTouch is one of the ways. Another one of the ways is to use Tellington TTouch body wraps.
If you have to evacuate an area, a few hours before you leave you should wrap your pet to help calm his nervous system. You can also use a TTouch wrap before and during a big storm or before and during any stressful event, whether it involves a visit to your veterinarian, fireworks or a noisy party in your home.
Socrates with Wrap

My dog Socrates, an English springer spaniel who made his transition in July 2011, always enjoyed wearing a TTouch wrap. It helped him feel so much calmer. Photo by Donna El Haber. All rights reserved.

TTouch wraps can be used regularly to positively affect your pet’s central nervous system and help them feel calmer. You can also purchase several non-adhesive ace bandages and die them a color of your choice.
The Thundershirt®,, can also be used to help calm your dog. You can also put a T-shirt on your dog to help calm him, tying any extra material off to the side.

Tellington TTouch® Ear Work and Mouth Work

Doing both TTouch ear work and mouth work on pets and other animals has a very positive effect on emotions and the central nervous system. Both ear work and mouth work involve using your fingers to do some very gentle circles on the upper part of the ears where they meet the head and then gently sliding your fingers either up or down the ear, depending on the breed or type of dog you have.
Mouth work involves doing gentle circles with your index finger first on the outside of a muzzle from front to back and then going under the lip to do some gentle circular touches on either side of the gums. Dipping your finger in water before doing mouth TTouches helps to moisten your pet’s gums.
What I have shared is just a brief overview. Below is a list of Tellington TTouch videos that offer a more detailed explanation of this TTouch work. I recommend viewing them before you begin doing this work with your pet.

Robin Bonner does some gentle ear work on her Cockapoo Ginger during a Tellington TTouch session. Photo by Donna El Haber. All rights reserved.

Articles and Videos on Tellington TTouch® Body Wraps and the Thundershirt

Tellington TTouch for Dogs and TTouch Ear Work

Tellington TTouch for Cats

TTouch Body Wrap for Horses

TTouch Mouth Work for Horses

Benefits of TTouch for Horses

Tellington TTouch Work, Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations

Tellington TTouch work, especially during disasters, can be so helpful for those animals brought to shelters. It is helpful as well for those employees and volunteers who find themselves dealing with traumatized animals who may have separation anxiety and other issues, or who may be completely shut down from all the trauma they have experienced.
An extra-added benefit for those using TTouch on dogs is that they will also relax while doing the touches. There is scientific evidence to show why this happens and how the brain and its waves shift to a more relaxed state. You can read about the many scientific studies done on TTouch and its many benefits for those giving it and those receiving it at
Dog in Shelter

TTouch work can help animals in disasters as well as animals in shelters waiting to be either reunited with their families or adopted into new ones. Photo by Donna El Haber. All rights reserved.

Murry in TTouch Wrap
During a severe thunder storm, Murry, an Australian shepherd dog, pictured in his TTouch wrap and with a TTouch calming band on his mouth, was able to relax with his guardians, Judie and Josh, and his sister Amber, a Golden retriever. It was something he was never able to do before his Tellington TTouch sessions. Photo by Donna El Haber. All rights reserved.
As Linda discusses in the video below, she has seen so much success when TTouch is used with animals recovering from traumas that have affected them adversely on many levels. TTouch work can help calm, center and ground them even in the midst of severe storms and other disasters.
In this video created by Animal Ambassadors International, Linda shows how TTouch and TTouch ear work can help calm, stabilize and positively affect animals. This video offers animal shelter employees, those in animal rescue organizations, volunteers in disaster areas and others some important tools to use when animals are stressed or traumatized. It is especially important for those animals suffering in disaster areas. Click on the picture below to access the video.
In an email Linda sent out regarding “Hurricanes and Animals,” Linda affirms the many benefits of Tellington TTouch work with animals rescued from hurricanes and other disasters:
“Tellington TTouch for animal rescue is especially applicable in the aftermath of any natural disaster like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma where so many people and animals have been traumatized.
TTouch alleviates fear and has a calming effect for animals and their people. Ear TTouch can prevent shock and support recovery of animals who are injured or weak from exhaustion and confusion.
Animals may be confined in temporary disaster shelters for long periods of time while awaiting reunion which is very stressful.
TTouch can be learned and applied in a few minutes.
Approved FEMA rescue coordinator, Marnie Reeder, is Director of Greyhound Rescue Austin and a TTouch Equine and Companion Animal Practitioner. Her team is providing help and TTouch education to animal shelters and rescue organizations.
This special video is produced by Animal Ambassadors International and will be donated to shelters, along with the book, Getting in TTouch with Your Dog, by Linda Tellington-Jones, Ph.D.
For information on the Tellington Method, you can go to or call the TTouch Santa Fe office at 800-854-8326.”

Offering Five Free Sessions for Guardians and Their Pets

In an effort to help animals involved in the hurricane disasters,  I will donate my $150.00 fee per one-hour session to an animal shelter or rescue organization of your choice. I will do this for the first five pet guardians to book and confirm a session with me. You can send me an email at with “Please Donate My $150.00 Fee to Help Animals in Hurricanes” in the subject line.
To see if you would be interested in having a one-hour session for your pet with me, you can check out my services for guardians and pets. From health consults and animal communication readings to Tellington TTouch work, Akashic Records readings and various advanced energy healing modalities, there are many ways I can help your pet feel so much better.
Via Skype video, I can work with anyone in the United States or around the world. All you need is a computer and the ability to download the free Skype program.
Let’s send our thoughts and prayers to all those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and keep them in our hearts. You can also say a special prayer while doing a Tellington TTouch heart hug. To find out how to do the heart hug, which can also be done on animals to help calm them, click on the picture below.
TTouch Heart Hug Video
May all the animals and guardians affected by the hurricanes stay safe and well. My best hope is that they can either return home safely or be able to rebuild their homes and lives as quickly and effortlessly as possible. My wish is for all of us to always find ways to help our pets feel so much better.
With love, healing and so many miracles for you and all the animals and guardians affected by these challenging storms,
Rev. Donna El Haber
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