The Wonders of Reconnective Healing®: How Can it Help You and Your Pets Heal?

In September of 2010, I became a certified Reconnective Healing® practitioner. Each day I am amazed at the brilliance and power of this extraordinary work. I feel so truly blessed to have been guided to it.
As someone traveling a very spiritual path, I am keenly aware of when the Universe, my angels and guides are trying to get my attention or send me an important message. I am continually being directed to what I next need to pay attention to regarding my healing practice for people and animals and other important issues in my life. I pay attention to signs and symbols and inner nudges and repetitive thoughts. I get very strong intuitive thoughts about certain things that I hear or see. And if I don’t pay attention, then Spirit usually sends me the message again and again until I take note and then take action. That was the case for me with The Reconection®.

Dr. Eric Pearl and “The Reconnection”

I first heard about Reconnective Healing® in the spring of 2010 when I listened to an interview with Dr. Eric Pearl on Blog Talk Radio. For those of you who know Eric or have heard Eric speak, he is a very strong personality with an incredible sense of humor. He not only speaks very frankly and directly, but also very forcefully. And he has a sharp wit and feisty sense of irony.  During that interview, I was not alone in laughing out loud at his inimitable recounting of how he came to discover Reconnective Healing® and “The Reconnection®” and all the miraculous twists and turns on his most fascinating journey to becoming a world-renowned teacher and healer.
Dr. Eric Pearl

Dr. Eric Pearl, Author and Creator of The Reconnection. Photo from

I found him also to be magnanimous and open-hearted in sharing the secrets of his high-powered healing gifts within his book The Reconnection. When I heard that he offered weekend certification classes where I could learn to do exactly what he does at the same level at which Eric practices his work, I knew immediately it was something I should do not just for me, but for my clients — for the people and animals in need of a higher and more powerful kind of healing.
Energy by Flavio Takemoto

The Healing Power and Potential of Reconnective Healing Frequencies. Photo by Flavio Takemoto from

Following that fateful interview, I read Eric’s book. It was about a month or two before I attended the Reconnective Healing® weekend intensive. When I came to the chapter that described what to do and how to tap into the Reconnective Healing® “frequencies,” I began practicing on my then 12-year-old English springer spaniel, Socrates, who is now 13. I was amazed at how he responded when I held my hands over him, offering him this new kind of healing.
Usually when I would start doing healing work on my dog, a combination of Tellington TTouch®, Reiki and acupressure, he would begin to gently lick his forearms. It was as though my physical and healing work with him became a trigger for him to get busy helping me by doing his own form of healing work.

Socrates’ Response to Reconnective Healing®

But with Reconnective Healing®, it was different. When I put my hands a few inches from Socrates’ head, each on either side of him, within moments he stopped what he was doing, looked up and stared straight ahead. Then he seemed to take note that something very different was happening.
I was simultaneously amazed and delighted at his direct and honest response. One of the things I love so much about animals is their honesty. They don’t say, “Oh I didn’t really feel anything” or “that didn’t affect me at all.” And they don’t say, “I’m sorry, but that’s not part of my belief system.” They just let you know right away what’s going on and whether they like what you are doing or not.
Socrates Under the Covers

Socrates hides under the covers. Animals are honest. They will tell you if they like what you are doing or if they want to run and hide. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2007. All rights reserved.

Shortly after taking note of the new healing “frequencies” I was accessing, Socrates lay down on his side, took in a big breath and relaxed totally. It is always so beautiful to witness this total relaxation response whenever I do this kind of healing work either on people or animals. There is almost always a sense of such total and deep relaxation. I can do Reconnective Healing® work either in-person or remotely. The sensations and potency of the healing work remain the same.
Socrates Rest with Pink Pig

Socrates and his stuffed pig relax together. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2005. All rights reserved.

I find that the combination of Reconnective Healing® and Tellington TTouch® is very powerful. Doing some Reconnective Healing® work prior to doing TTouch® can be so helpful with animals who are fearful, stressed or insecure and who sometimes exhibit some kind of distracting behavior known in Tellington TTouch® classes as “fool around.”
In Tellington TTouch® there are a number of ways to help calm a dog down so a practitioner can begin to do the work. And if they can’t get a dog to feel secure enough to be touched, then Tellington TTouch® practitioners can work on a stuffed demo dog to show guardians what to do.
With Reconnective Healing®, I have added another powerful way to help animals relax and feel safe. In addition to being a powerful way to help animals heal, it can help pave the way for some fabulous Tellington TTouch® sessions.

Magical Session with Two Wonderful Dobies

A few months ago, I had a Reconnective Healing® and TTouch® session with two funny and fabulous Doberman Pinschers, a five-year-old male and his sister, a three-year-old female. Their guardian wanted them both to become more confident and less apprehensive. The female needed to feel more confident around people and the male needed to feel more secure around other dogs.
We met in a place where there were some dog treats for sale. Both dogs were running back and forth, trying to grab treat bags and running around. The sister, quite adorably, had a lot of fun ducking under and through the legs of her older brother. Both were very playful and were not interested in doing any TTouch® or other work. They were very interested, however, in delicious treats and fooling around.
So we moved to another room where there were no bags of treats. The brother was crated as I began to work on his sister who was standing stiffly and a little cautiously and apprehensively. I began to do some Reconnective Healing® work on her, holding my hands out at a distance away from her, and very shortly after I began, she moved toward me and began relaxing her whole body. All of the stiffness melted away. And not too long after I started sending Reconnective Healing® to her, she grabbed her pillow and began “nesting,” as her guardian, who was totally amazed, described it.
The guardian then shared that her dog would NEVER go to sleep or relax around anyone she didn’t know well. And her dog had only met me once before, a day earlier. It was as though the frequencies of Reconnective Healing® broke down some longstanding barriers, finally enabling her to just be herself and relax and trust. It had helped melt her tension and stiffness, and the good feelings of the Reconnective frequencies had allowed her to let her guard down and trust. She knew it was okay to relax. She was safe and was feeling very calm and very good.
Interestingly, too, research has shown that the greater the distance between the client and the healer, the greater the strength of the healing. So distance can work very well with a dog who doesn’t like to be touched, who has aggressive tendencies or who is very fearful of people. It can also be done with equal impact remotely, even when done from across the world.
We then invited her brother to join us on the floor. The two of them proceeded to have a total relaxation Reconnective Healing® session with an awed guardian simultaneously watching and taking part in it. With his head in his guardian’s lap, and with his eyes remaining open, the brother proceeded to relax his thighs and his long legs completely. And having brought him into this totally relaxed state, I was able then to begin doing some TTouch® body work on him.
Later both of them did beautifully in some ground exercises on what’s called the Tellington TTouch® confidence course. Without Reconnective Healing®, I think it would have taken a much longer time to get both dogs settled. And perhaps neither would have ever reached such a deep level of relaxation as quickly as they did. It is in that kind of relaxed state that the body and mind are most receptive to learning and listening. It was a magical afternoon for us all.

Reconnective Healing® Helps Agassiz and Socrates

Another client of mine has a Labrador retriever who is 13 and in failing health. After doing a remote Reconnective Healing® session with Agassiz, his guardian reported that he had much more energy and was feeling much better. He has continued to function at a much higher level since his healing session.

Relaxing here, Agassiz felt much better after his Reconnective Healing® session. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2008. All rights reserved.

Reconnective Healing® has also been instrumental, in conjunction with classical homeopathy, in the healing of my own dog from both laryngeal paralysis and the accompanying degenerative myelopathy. He always walks and moves so much better after having a Reconnective Healing® session. Again, I feel so blessed to be able to make such a huge difference in his health with this practice.

Reconnective Healing® Registers and Relaxation Response

With people, the results and effects are similar. There is a sense of very deep calm and relaxation. The experiences of people are very varied, and different kinds of what Eric calls “registers” can be present. Among some registers are sudden jerks of the legs, sensing someone is touching you when they aren’t or that someone besides the practitioner is in the room. Rapid eye blinking can manifest as can some involuntary movement. Some people report smelling perfume, seeing bright lights or a variety of colors. Some can hear music when no music is playing. There are a variety of other registers as well.
When I have had remote sessions, I have felt the energy gently moving through my body or working in a particular area of my body. I have had reduction in pain levels and once I smelled the fragrance of a sweet perfume.
I recently did a healing session for a client in Israel and she found it very relaxing. She said she could feel the energy moving and shifting throughout her body. She awakened the next day to feel more positive and relaxed. She shared that she had more of a sense of peace and possibility in her life.
Another client in Australia reported a significant reduction in her arthritic pain. When I recently did a remote session for a fellow Reconnective Healing® practitioner, when I checked in with her after the session, the first thing she said to me was, “Wow!”
I find this work to be another extraordinary gift and blessing in my life. I know it was hand-picked for me by Spirit and my guides because of its power and ability to offer such a high level of healing.
That being said, as anyone who is a healer knows, there are no guarantees or promises. I just show up to do the work and the client just shows up to receive it. The rest is between the client and the Divine. I am but a channel and a witness.
Many miracles have been reported with this work. People have experienced extraordinary healings. That is how word of Eric’s work first spread. Through word of mouth, more and more people found out about these miraculous healings and soon he had people flying in from all over the country and the world to experience this unique work.
A number of researchers have done scientific studies on what happens when practitioners access the Reconnective Healing® frequencies. Eric is also featured in the movie “The Living Matrix,” where he talks about his work.
Guardians are amazed at how their dogs and cats respond to the experience and clients, even those who receive it remotely from across the world, are struck by the power and wisdom of Reconnective Healing®.
Spring Lake

There is so much power and potential in the expansive gift of Reconnective Healing.  Photo by Donna El Haber, 2010. All rights reserved.

I am looking forward to doing much more Reconnective Healing® work with both people and animals. I’d like to work with horses as well as dogs and cats, along with any other animal in need of healing.
Horses at Alstede

I’d love to do some Reconnective Healing® work with horses. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2007. All rights reserved.

You Tube Videos of Reconnective Healing

I also invite you to learn more about the amazing healing practice of Reconnective Healing®. You can go to There are a number of wonderful videos on You Tube. To see how a team of Reconnective Healing® practitioners affected animals at The Gentle Barn, in Santa Clarita, CA, go to The Gentle Barn is a safe haven and place of recovery for abused animals and children.
There are a number of You Tube videos on Reconnective Healing®. To hear Dr. Eric Pearl being interviewed about this work, here is where you can find one of the many interviews with him: There are others as well on The Reconnection® website,
A team of Reconnective Healing® practitioners affect animals at The Gentle Barn, in Santa Clarita, CA

A team of Reconnective Healing® practitioners affect animals at The Gentle Barn, in Santa Clarita, CA

Interview with Dr. Eric Pearl

Dr. Eric Pearl, Author and Creator of The Reconnection. Photo from

If you watch some of these videos and are then inspired to either have a Reconnective Healing® session for yourself or for any of your animals, please contact me at or you can set up a free half-hour get-acquainted session with me to see if I can help at
With blessings, love and light,
Rev. Donna
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