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Sage Advice from My Beloved Mother for You on Mother’s Day


On this Mother’s Day, I’d like you to take my mom’s advice. Know that you have the inner strength of a Viking that will see you through the challenges you face. Give from your heart because it will bring you so much joy. Take time to be creative and do what you love to do whether it’s hiking, dancing, singing, sewing, going to the ocean or sharing time with those most precious to your heart. Stay open to your intuition and take a long vacation from any worry, doubts and fears that have been blocking your light and creativity. If you are seeking a love relationship, just know that your beloved will always find you no matter what you do or do not do. It is already written and your soul will know how to find your beloved. I encourage you to select a song that you want to be your special song with your mother whether she’s here or has already made her transition. After she passes, when you hear it, you will know she is around. My song with my mother is “Wind Beneath my Wings.” She loved Bette Midler's version. My mother was indeed the "wind beneath my wings" as I was hers. Now my fiancé has so gracefully taken on that dynamic as we support and champion each other. Know also, as my mother so often affirmed, that someone is always watching over you, caring about you, protecting you, guiding you and loving you. On Mother’s Day, perhaps you might like to buy your mother an angel card reading or angel counseling session or an Akashic Records reading. Or perhaps your mother would benefit from the advanced energy healing work I do. Just click here to book a session.

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Share Your Gifts Now Before It’s Too Late


In my crowd funding campaign, I am hoping to inspire others to take a deeper look into their lives and see whether they are using their gifts to fulfill their life missions and to be of greater service in the world. That is what I am seeking to do by sharing my gifts with others, because I have witnessed the effects that sessions have on my friends and clients. You can read, listen to and see various testimonials on my crowd funding page. It uplifts my heart when I am in service to others, the way Frank Hall’s heart is uplifted when he is helping children at his school or in his family. Please click on this link to access my crowd funding page:

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New Study Shows How Dogs Are So Tuned In to our Emotions


Many guardians also understand well that our dogs not only process the sounds and tones we make and respond accordingly, but they are also incredibly tuned in to our every breath and movement. They read our body language better than we could ever begin to read theirs. They are geniuses in knowing just what we are feeling and thinking. As an animal communicator, I have long come to believe that they indeed not only interpret our sounds and read our body language, but also are telepathically tuned in to our thoughts. Recently challenged by my business coach to crowd fund my tuition for the class, I created a crowd funding page with a number of perks for people and pets. The crowd funding page is a way for me to get the word out about my work so I can help more people and animals and be of greater service in the world. In addition to a variety of perks for people on the page, I also included some for your pets as well. I invite you to take a look at my crowd funding page, where you will find a lovely movie which includes a segment on Harry and how he stepped out of his comfort zone. Please feel free to share this blog post and all the links with others. Perhaps you may even see a perk that you want to buy for someone else. One of my friends is buying an animal communication session for her friend who recently lost her beloved dog.

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The Importance of Sharing Your Unique Song and a Message from the Angel of Love


It is the same for you and for all of us, each in our own ways. We all have our special “music” to share with the world. It would be my pleasure to help you share who you are in a bigger way. And in doing so, you will help me shine my own light more brightly. I look forward to working and “playing” with those of you called to connect with me and to those who contribute to my crowd funding campaign. Please feel free to share this blog post, this gift of love from Hadraniel, and my crowd funding page and movie with others. I so hope I get the wonderful opportunity to share my gifts with you. Perhaps I can help you pave a smoother way for you to share your magic and music with the world. My ministry is about letting people know what miracles they are. And you truly are a miracle and blessing.

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To learn more about Rev. Donna, her “Break Through to Break Free Process™,” and which of her services would best help you, you can send an email to Click here to schedule a free 30-minute get-acquainted phone session with her to see if she can help you or your pet.


I invite you to download for free the first 10 ways from my “25 Ways to Attract More Love Into Your Life” e-book. I wrote this e-book in response to what my clients and friends most wanted to attract into their lives. It provides a wealth of information to help you heal, move forward, open your heart, and take positive action to attract more love into your life. For more information about my love e-book that can help your heart open to so much more love, click here.


I invite you to download for free the first 10 ways from my “25 Ways to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Dog” e-book. I wrote this e-book to help guardians and pets develop deeper, more positive relationships, and to promote the health and well-being of so many beloved dogs. As guardians, we owe our dogs the best quality of lives we can offer them. As Maya Angelou once shared with Oprah Winfrey, “When we know better, we do better.” For more information about my e-book to help guardians and their dogs, click here.
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