New Study Shows How Dogs Are So Tuned In to our Emotions

I recently saw a story on the news about how there is a strong similarity between the way dogs and human beings process voice and emotions. They both have brain systems that interpret vocal sounds similarly and both are very sensitive to the emotional content of those sounds.
Many guardians also understand well that our dogs not only process the sounds and tones we make and respond accordingly, but they are also incredibly tuned in to our every breath and movement. They read our body language better than we could ever begin to read theirs. They are geniuses in knowing just what we are feeling and thinking. As an animal communicator, I have long come to believe that they indeed not only interpret our sounds and read our body language, but also are telepathically tuned in to our thoughts.
Donna and Harry

Harry is very tuned in to my thoughts and emotions.

How do I know? My dog Harry, who does not like to go into my shower, will bolt from one end of my house to the other in a flash and land at the back of his crate in a shot if he even has the slightest inclination that I am planning to take him into the shower. It is actually uncanny. And if he detects even the slightest sadness in my eyes or voice, he insists that I immediately pay loving attention to him as he pushes close against me to make me feel better.
The funniest thing of all is his response to my connection with my fiancé who lives abroad in Beirut, Lebanon. When we are on Skype and talking, if Harry senses anything remotely romantic in our discussion or hears words of love spoken, he comes very quickly to make sure I include him and offer him some love and attention too.
The other day, when he bolted into the room, which usually causes both of us to laugh out loud, we knew Harry’s radar alarm had gone off. My fiancé said that Harry comes like a fireman to quickly put out this fire of love. Luckily the two of them get along so beautifully and have become great friends.
I am so grateful for the magnificent gift of my dog in my life as I know all of you who have pets feel similarly. They are all God’s infinite grace and blessing in our lives.
Harry Relaxing

Harry relaxes at home.

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May you and your pets share the simple sweetness of understanding not only each other’s sounds and gestures, tones and emotions, but also of your very deeply connected hearts and souls.
With blessings and love,
Rev. Donna
Sharbel and Harry

Sharbel and Harry are great friends.


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