Wolf Creek Ranch Diatomaceous Earth

Wolf Greek Ranch
Using human grade diatomaceous earth in your pet’s food or sometimes externally can help protect your dog from parasite infection and attack. You can order it directly from Wolf Creek Ranch or check with your local holistic pet shop to see if they carry the product. To learn more, go to

Willard’s Water

Willards Water
Willard’s water offers a number of positive benefits for both people and pets. You can add it to your dog’s drinking water or to his food. You can read C.J. Puotinen’s “Whole Dog Journal” article about its benefits here at To learn more, go to

Nature’s Farmacy

Nature’s Farmacy provides excellent information on diets and supplementation:
You can call and talk to a Nature’s Farmacy representative to have a free consultation regarding diet and supplementation. It also has several diets you can download for free on its website. For more information, go to
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