Stores for Pet Products

Noah’s Natural Pet Market

Noah’s Natural Pet Market is a store in the Pacific Beach area of San Diego where I currently buy my dog’s raw food. They have an array of holistic products and tubs where you can wash your dog. Some of the products include an array of raw food choices, treats, shampoos and conditioners and toys, among others. The young women who help customers are always positive and eager to assist in any way they can. We were grateful to find this store when we moved to San Diego. For more information, go to

Dogs & Cats Rule

Dogs and Cats Rule
This is a local company that has two stores in New Jersey and two in Pennsylvania. They have a wide variety of raw food selections for dogs and cats and a wide selection of treats. It’s always fun to go to these stores where there are always so many healthy products to choose from. To learn more, go to

Online Pet Stores

  • Cherrybrook
  • Pet Edge
  • Sit Stay
  • Real Meat Treats
    Real meat offers a line of all natural jerky treats made from the finest free range grass fed meats that have no added hormones or antibiotics. According to the company, the treats are manufactured using minimal ingredients, low temperatures and lots of care to produce natural soft jerky treats.
    These are the treats that I feed Harry. I don’t have to worry about any gluten or grains upsetting his stomach. They are easy to pull apart into small pieces for training and can last a long time. I like to use several varieties to make it more interesting for Harry. To learn more, go to
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