What You Need Most – Guardians and Pets

  • To get guidance on being the best guardian you can be
  • To receive recommendations on health, diet, and other issues to help improve your pet’s health and longevity
  • To strengthen and deepen the bond with your pet
  • To better understand why your pet is behaving a certain way
  • To build a strong foundation of love, trust and respect with your pet
  • To work on resolving any health or behavior issues your pet might have
  • To heal your pet on many levels using advanced energy and other modalities
  • To find out what you can do differently to improve your pet’s behavior
  • To learn techniques to help calm, relax and heal your pet
  • To understand what your pet is thinking and feeling
  • To learn about the latest procedures for your pet’s health issues
  • To receive referrals for holistic practitioners for your pet’s health
  • To receive a referral for a positive dog trainer
  • To learn about some blind spots you may have in your relationship with your pet
  • To learn about holistic methods to help your pet feel better
Rev. Donna Healing Lucky

Rev. Donna El Haber uses some advanced energy healing techniques to help Lucky, a beautiful service dog who has been limping, feel better. Photo by Sharbel El Haber, 2016. All rights reserved.

Healthy Puppy

This puppy has a much greater chance of being healthy if his guardian knows about health, diet, what supplements are best for his puppy, and always stays open to learning more. Photo by Robert Badgley from www.freeimages.com.

Donna and Harry

Rev. Donna El Haber and her dog Harry have a very close bond built upon a strong foundation of love, trust and mutual respect. Photo by Sharbel El Haber, 2014. All rights reserved.