“Soul Purpose and Arcturian Blueprint Activation Packages” with the Archangels Micah, the Angel of Divine Plan, Paschar, the Angel of Vision, Jamaerah, the Angel of Manifestation, and Raziel, the Angel of Knowledge

These packages are for those people who are longing to know what their soul purpose is here in this lifetime. They may be searching for the right career path and seeking a sense of fulfillment in their work. Their souls may feel burnt out because they have been working in jobs and fields that their souls have long outgrown.
They are seeking deeper fulfillment in their lives and in ways they earn a living. They are spiritual seekers yearning for clarification as to what paths they should travel and what their next action steps should be to set them on a track aligned with their highest and best vision of their lives in service both to themselves and others.
With this package, you can get clarity on what your soul purpose is and learn the deeper reasons why you are here, what your passions are, what career path you should follow, and how to take action steps on that path. We will also work on healing any blocks to greater satisfaction both personally and professionally, gaining more harmony in all relationships, and opening to greater joy and abundance when you align with your soul’s purpose.

Listen to Rev. Donna El Haber talk about her Soul Purpose and Arcturian Blueprint Activation Packages.

These packages will offer angel counseling, a Divine Plan Angel Sacrament reading, a Career Cards reading, a birth chart reading based on Dan Millman’s book, The Life You Were Born to Live, advanced energy healing, and a full Arcturian Blueprint Activation that will help you gain clarity about your soul’s purpose and help you align with what your soul most longs to do in this lifetime.
Archangels for Soul Purpose Package
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