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I am affiliate of the health summits below because I have purchased these summits for myself and received inestimable value from all of them. It started with The Thyroid Summit when I received intuitive guidance to purchase the digital downloads. Each of the calls was a revelation for me and led me to find a new functional medicine doctor who understands all of the concepts shared in these calls.
I have learned so much from each of these life-changing summits. So much value is included within each of them. After I purchased The Thyroid Summit and learned so much valuable information for my health and the health of my clients, I went on to purchase The Healthy Gut Summit and The Autoimmune Summit. That’s why I also became an affiliate of each of them – because I believe the information is invaluable and I want as many people as possible to know and understand the information provided by so many experts from around the world. It can mean the difference between a life of chronic disease and suppression of symptoms and a life of health and well-being. The following summits are from 2015.

Thyroid Summit

Thyroid Summit
The Thyroid Summit is going to be more educational and more informative than any health event in the past decade. America’s Pharmacist Suzy Cohen and Dr. David Brownstein created The Thyroid Summit because they both had personal experiences with undiagnosed thyroid illness. The frustration of chronic illness and the lack of proper testing and treatment leave people sick and tired for many years. They want to stop the madness and help people, so they’re on this mission to spread the word of good health.
Why should you purchase digital downloads of the videos, audios, transcripts and PowerPoint presentations of The Thyroid Summit?
The Thyroid Summit brings together more than 30 of the world’s leading authorities on thyroid wellness. You don’t have to fly anywhere. You don’t have to wait in long lines. You don’t have to watch from the back of a room. You can just download the videos, audios and transcripts and begin watching, listening or reading.
Why conventional medicine has failed most thyroid patients
  • What are the best lab tests to order
  • Which blood test you don’t need
  • Why you’re always the coldest one in the room
  • What are the best ranges for certain blood tests (because your lab “normals” are not ideal)
It doesn’t stop there. You’ll get the most up-to-date information about:
  • Which natural remedies work for Graves’ disease, Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism, and cancer
  • The connection between thyroid hormones and pregnancy, PMS and post-partum depression
  • How to finally lose those last few pounds or more
  • What supplements can make your hair and nails grow faster
  • How to relieve anxiety, depression and other emotional problems related to low thyroid
  • And much more
Sounds amazing, right? You can purchase digital downloads of the videos, audios, transcripts and PowerPoint presentations now by clicking here.
Here are a few of the incredible presenters:
David Brownstein, MD
Holistic Options for Thyroid Disease and Cancer
Suzy Cohen, RPh
Thyroid Healthy: Lose Weight, Look Beautiful and Live the Life You Imagine
Jacob Teitelbaum, MD
Shine Program: 5 Simple Steps to Overcome Fatigue and Thyroid Disorders
Kent Holtorf, MD
Don’t Fall Through the Cracks: Safely and Effectively Treat Your Thyroid Condition
Hyla Cass, MD
A Holistic Psychiatrist’s Approach to Thyroid Disorders
Jean Dodds, DVM
Our Pets: Could Your Dog or Cat Have Thyroid Disease?
Greg Emerson, MD
Stress, Anxiety, Anger and the Relationship to Thyroid Hormone
Jonathan Wright, MD
How to Optimize Thyroid Function
Ben Lynch, ND
Folic Acid, Methylation and the Connection to Low Thyroid
Aristo Vojdani, PhD, MSc, MT
The Most Important Lab Tests You Should Take and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
With over 30 additional presenters sharing their wealth of knowledge, this invaluable resource is intended for men and women.
Click here to purchase The Thyroid Summit and begin your journey of healing today.

Healthy Gut Summit

Healthy Gut Summit
Are you one of 70 million people suffering from digestive diseases in the United States? You might be… and not even know your gut is the cause!
Discover how your digestive health is intimately linked to your immune, endocrine, circulatory and central nervous systems at The Healthy Gut Summit. This event features one-on-one interviews with 32 of the world’s most beloved and respected thought leaders and physicians. As they each share fascinating new insights and research on how gut health impacts our most basic physiological processes — including how we think and behave — a story will unfold showing that a healthy gut is the foundation for physical, mental and emotional well-being.
You can purchase digital downloads of the videos, audios, transcripts and PowerPoint presentation here.
The Healthy Gut Summit will provide you with all of the information you need to:
  • Understand the rise of chronic disease and the symptoms that signal their presence.
  • Learn how your environment affects your gut microbiome.
  • Receive practical advice about dealing with diet, stress, toxins and parasites.
How to speak with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment.

Autoimmune Summit

Autoimmune Summit
Learn how to prevent and reverse autoimmune disease. Nearly 40 experts in the fields of functional medicine, nutrition, and autoimmune disease will explain how leaky gut, genetics, and environmental triggers such as toxins, food sensitivities, infections, and stress all play a part in the development of autoimmune disease.
  • Have you, a friend, or family member been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease?
  • Do you have a family history of autoimmunity and want to learn how to prevent it?
  • Or are you a healthcare provider who wants to better treat your autoimmune patients?
If that sounds like you, or you just want to learn more about preventing, treating, and reversing these conditions, The Autoimmune Summit is for you. The information you will learn will put you on the road to better physical, mental, and spiritual health.
Join Amy Myers, M.D., author of The Autoimmune Solution, and educate yourself about more natural ways to treat autoimmunity. Diagnosed with autoimmune hyperthyroidism during medical school, her mission is to help others avoid dangerous conventional treatment and prevent and reverse autoimmune disease naturally.
You can purchase digital downloads of the videos, audios, transcripts and PowerPoint presentations here.
Here are a few of the incredible presenters:
  • Mark Hyman, MD, A Functional Medicine Approach to Autoimmunity
  • David Brady, DC, ND, The Role of Infections in Autoimmunity
  • Alejandro Junger, MD, How to Detox in the Modern World
  • Jeffrey Smith, GMOs and Their Role in Leaky Gut, Inflammation, and Autoimmunity
  • Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, The Problem with Grains and Legumes in Those with Autoimmunity
  • Stuart Nunnally, DDS, A Biological Dentist’s View of Autoimmunity
  • Jeff Bland, PhD, Why Autoimmune Disease is Not “Being Allergic to Yourself”
With nearly 40 expert presenters sharing their wealth of knowledge, this invaluable resource is intended for you or someone important to your life.
Click here to purchase digital downloads of the videos, audios, transcripts and PowerPoint presentations.
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