Open your Heart to the Light of Hope

Call on Phanuel, the Angel of Hope for Inspiration

Hope is such an important ingredient in all our lives. It is the spark that can ignite the fire of desire. When you are hoping, you are always looking forward to something better manifesting in your life. Recently, the Powerball lottery had the second largest jackpot in the history of the game, a figure well over $700,000,000.
I texted my husband to make sure he bought a few tickets on his way home from work on the evening of the drawing. I didn’t want us to miss out on the opportunity to “be in it to win it.” Every single person who purchased a ticket did so with some hope in his or her heart. And one very lucky and blessed woman from Massachusetts was the only one who had all the winning numbers.
I Hope

Every single person who purchased a Powerball lottery ticket did so with some hope in his or her heart. Photo by Len Nguyen from

Hope always provides an opening, even in the darkest of circumstances. Those fighting for their survival always have hope they will be rescued or find a way against all odds to move past a challenge whether through their own persistence, the help of others or through spiritual intervention and miracles. When someone has a serious illness, there is always hope of finding a way forward to health. Those who are longing for love relationships also have hope that their perfect soul mate will one day enter their lives.
Opening in the Clouds

Hope always provides an opening, even in the darkest of circumstances. Photo by Cheryl Empey from

Hope and Desire

Hope is often accompanied by trust, faith and surrender. It is like the wind that helps fan the fire of all your desires. When you express your hopes and think about what you are hoping for, you can almost feel your heart chakra opening as you give expression to a longing and desire you have. Expressing that hope and feeling it fully with your heart sends out, as Abraham Hicks often shares, “a rocket of desire.” Those rockets of desire can arrive in physical form if you do not block them or doubt that they are on the way even though you cannot see them.
Rockets of Desire

We are always launching rockets of desire. With those desires come new hopes of all we want to manifest and become. When hope is alive, it banishes fear and paves the way for expansion. Photo by Miguel Ugalde from

Beautiful Balloon of Hope

Hope is like a big balloon that holds your longings and desires, and all the good that you want to manifest in your life. Airborne and sailing on high, they are just waiting to land and manifest into physical form. That balloon of hope also keeps your heart chakra open to receive blessings.
Sometimes, however, when you are thinking negative thoughts and doubting that good can ever happen in your life, or that you could ever manifest what you are hoping for, then that balloon will burst. Your hopes will remain in vibrational escrow and you will once again have to begin the process of launching that desire and maintaining your trust and faith following your expression of hope.
Colorful Balloon

Hope is like a big balloon that holds your longings and desires, and all the good that you want to manifest in your life. Airborne and sailing on high, they are just waiting to land and manifest into physical form. Photo by Jurgen Eixelsberger from

Hope vs. Despair

For those in deep despair, hope can be the gateway out of emotional darkness. Feeling hopeless is a dangerous place to be emotionally. I sometimes wonder how the blessing of hope escaped those who decided to commit suicide. How, for instance, could hope have eluded someone as charismatic and brilliant as the actor and comedian Robin Williams?
With his intelligence and so many who loved him, didn’t he know that hope would always be there to lead him back on the path to better days ahead and to wholeness and love? We can never know what is in the heart of someone who wants to leave this physical plane and who has lost all hope for a better tomorrow.
I can recall being so sad when I found out many years ago that the actor and comedian Freddie Prinze had committed suicide. I was inspired at the time to write a poem about it called, “An Unexpected Suicide.” Here is what I wrote in the final three stanzas:
As I sorrow for the loss of your life,
I ponder the helpless hopelessness
That so drowned your will
    to laugh – to love
    ever again…
That destroyed your will
    to live.
May your spirit rest peacefully
    in death’s dreamless sleep.
And may all of us –
Secret sharers in life’s sufferings
find strength to survive
     the deep darkness
that so often shadows our lives…
Find the courage to endure
the despondency of today
for the hope of tomorrow
when we may once again
be renewed by the miracle
          of human love.
For once it is shattered
Life is irretrievably lost
on the unknown ocean of vast eternity.
From “An Unexpected Suicide” by Donna El Haber
Sharbel and Donna Lighting Unity Candle

At our wedding, my husband Sharbel and I lit a unity candle that represented our Twin Flame love and connection. It also was also a symbol of lighting the way forward for our hopes, dreams and aspirations. Photo by Joe Mendez, 2014. All rights reserved.

Whenever suicide is possible, hope cannot be found. The darkness that destroys someone desperate for relief from pain and who sees no light of hope also takes with it pieces of the hearts and souls of others who love and who will miss this precious soul.
When we are going through challenges, at times it can be so difficult to believe that circumstances will change. Sometimes there are important lessons we need to learn. Other times there are certain divine appointments we might have. Or we might be kept waiting because the divine timing is not right.
During all the challenges my husband and I have faced since the start of our relationship, we have had to keep our hopes and dreams alive and well and our vibrations as high as possible. We have learned and grown so much especially since moving to California. What we have been through has only strengthened our love. When hope was beginning to fade for one of us, the other became a cheerleader of hope, expressing certainty that the best is yet to come.
I love the song “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips. You can watch the video of the group singing it below. It is the inner strength of hope that allows you to “hold on for one more day.”

Phanuel, the Angel of Hope

Call on Phanuel, the Angel of Hope, when your hope is fading and you feel darkness approaching. Phanuel will shine a beautiful light of hope on whatever challenges you are facing. This powerful angel also hears and understands all your positive hopes and desires.
Phanuel steps in to provide the energy and expansion that can change the course of your thoughts and decisions and help you fulfill your destiny by opening up a new pathway of hope and light. When hope finds its way into your heart, suddenly what seemed impossible now becomes possible. So let Phanuel shine his angelic light, help open your heart to the hope of a better tomorrow and show you how hope can transform your life. You can access this guided meditation where I channel a message from Phanuel below.
Angel of Hope, Phanuel
Pastor Joel Osteen has a strong sermon called “Anchored to Hope” that you can access below. He uses the metaphor of hope as an anchor that you put down to help you stay steady and on course for all the good awaiting you in your life. Whatever you are going through, he affirms that “God has beauty for those ashes.” Although you may not see a way, he shares, “God always has a way.”
People or circumstances in your life may encourage you to pull up that anchor and toss hope from your heart. If you do, Joel says, you will “drift into bitterness and unhappiness.” However, if you stay anchored to hope, he promises, “you will feel that explosive blessings are on the way.”
Offering biblical examples like David and Goliath and Joseph and his brothers, Joel cautions not to put your hope in circumstances because they may change. He also cautions against placing your hope in people who might let you down and disappoint you. Hope in your career or the job you now have are both subject to change and may one day also be just a fleeting memory. Instead he encourages you to put your hope in God.
“When you put your hope in God, you won’t be disappointed.” He even recommends being a “prisoner of hope.” As a prisoner, you can never get away from hope. It will always be by your side. “If God is for you, then who can be against you?” he asks.  It was the hope of Joel and his family that helped inspire his mother to have the courage to beat her dire cancer diagnosis.
Let Phanuel transport you to a place where hopes are encouraged, blessed and answered. As you keep your heart open to hope, may it be the anchor that grounds you unshakably to all the good coming into your life. May the hope in your heart be like a balloon that rises to new heights as it continues to expand and fly high, inspiring you and others in miraculous ways.
When you open your heart to hope, you open the door to your dreams and desires that are waiting to manifest into physical form. Hope and joy are the radar system that can help guide so many beautiful blessings into your life. Please share this post with others, especially those in need of a strong dose of hope and joy.
Wishing you love, healing and miracles and so much hope in your heart and joy in your life,
Rev. Donna
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